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Nigeria’s Political Dilemma

By Alex Agbo

When we finally realise we are at the most critical cross roads in our political journey as a multiethnic and polilytheistic entity we would begin to face the truth. For now it is my ultimate belief we are telling lies to ourselves as a people. I seem to be fighting a lone battle as an activist and an advocate of good governance all along. It is never a time to despair. This is the time when we need all the mountain top wailings we can muster from among the many hypocritic praise singing cacophony of voices shouting down anyone going contrary to the normal trend of short term impatience and haste for solutions.

President Jonathan’s first outing was characterised by intense politicking and scheming. To the point where we were told that winning an election was a do or die affair.

This led to a lot of propaganda against the administration. Everything became a subject of propaganda. In the midst of that,salient national issues were forgotten. Now we are battling with trying to give the nation the unity that was filtered away through selfish and sectional politics.

One of the most amazing demonstration of lack of patriotism is the berating of our armed forces in their fight against the insurgent Boko Haram, calling the military all sorts of names and accusing the president of sponsoring the sect. Then the international politics added a new dimension to the security issues. Holding the country down with propaganda and malice made it difficult for us to tackle this insurgence and bring it to the halt within a few years. Now we all know that the difference is clear. The Boko Haram sect is on the run. Their militants are calling for amnesty and negotiation. With the collaboration of the Chadians and the Nigeriens we are seeing a different turn in events.

The dilemma here us why anyone would use insurgence as a campaign point. It beats me hollow that a party which wants to rule the country would be happy that fellow citizens are are being killed and they feel it is their reserved knowledge to be able to kill the ugly situation and for that they want the presidency. So sad.

Insurgence is a global issue and everywhere around the world people queue begin their government in the quest to rid their society of insurgency except their sympathisers. APC has clearly demonstrated that the lives and wellbeing of the masses isnt of serious concern to them but power is.

We have to understand that power is not an end in itself but a means to an end. Therefore if a party isn’t interested unthe people as shown by their body language,then what is?

My humble opinion is that APC isn’t the messiah party that they are presenting themselves as. Can we trust a party which showed no concern about the lives and property of the masses with our safety?

Another major demonstration of selfishness by APC is the blame game and phoney economic polices they try to sell to the masses. Promises of free feeding,allowances and so on. We can take the promises one by one for clarity purpose. First of all the promise to pay ex corps members 19,500 naira until they find a job. We may start from the moral question tothe economic questions as regards the source of funds and we see tit crumbling like a pack of cards.

How dower ascertain those who have finished service and are yet to find jobs? What year is it to begin from, 1975? Then what happens, should they come to Aso Rock and get their money monthly or there would be regional, state, local government and other such offices? Ate we going to employ more people who just sit in offices and role out social benefits monthly without contributing to income generation in an era where we talk about a bloated civil service and the Ned to cut down recurrent expenditures which aren’t really necessary?

Now to the question of the mathematics of APCnomics. Cinservatively , we have about 100,000 youths passing out every batch and we have three batches in a year. If we hold constant the fact that there have been millions before the coming of APC government, then in a year we have 19,500 times 100,000 time 3 in one year, we get 5.58 trillion naira spent in a year or dashed out. That’s minus the salaries of the distributors ofth money across the nation. The mathematics doesnt end there. Multiply the said sum by the first four years we are going to be saddled with their government.

The questions emanating from this policy is that of income generation. In a world where citizens are being helped to be self reliant, a government planning to keep people at home and pay them isn’t encouraging entrepreneurship. This is not an industrial plan but of a social spending which economist call transfer payment. They constitute leajkages to the economy and when the leakages are in the neighbourhood of trillions, it is detrimental to the economy.

Then we move to the school feeding program. There are an average of thirty million school children nationwide. Assume it takewes 250 naira to feed one child per meal, which is the average meal fee across the nation,then multiplying 250 by 30 000 000 gives 7.5 billion naira spent in a day. When we multiply that by one month by 12 the rest is a guest.

On paying 5 thousand naira monthly to the poorest families two questions arise. Will there be another parastatal of worker who do no bother job but pay out these monies? Is that going to have a budget for the sharing of money? The idea of the poorest is even a nebulous terminology. Poverty is a relative term whose parameters an benchmark vary from society to society. So by what standard are we gong to be defining the poorest?

In all of these the masses are the losers and that’s why we urge that every bad policy that’s implemented directly affects the masses.

Today because of politics of calumny even the supposedly enlightened are deceived. The sit down in their armchair and allow themselves to be led by the nose into believeing all manner of propaganda. In Nigeria today the policy of indigenous entrepreneurship is fully in forces to make Nigerian youths employers of labour instead of job seekers. Today you want to start a business all you need is a sound business proposal and you would get a grant up to 10million naira. Now the rails are back. The farmers are seeing the revolution. We now produce rice at home to he tune of 200 million metric tonnes. Cars are being produced in Nigeria. The health sector is one fvthe soundest in Africa. ┬áThe roads are wearing a new look. If anyone hasn’t travelled in the past OE r two years it is possible to deceive such a person with the porpaganda of ‘ GEJ hasn’t done anything, we want change’.

We need to start making decision on our own and not rely on jaundiced analyses of paid propagandists. We need to follow news and not depend on what enemies of progress dish out to the public.

By this we can make informed decisions.

God bless Nigeria.


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