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The Road To Scottish Independence. Part 1.

henryhunter (2)In just over one year from now the people of Scotland will be asked if they want to remain part of the United Kingdom. I am one of those people, and I can’t wait. I always enjoy going to the booths, but rarely do I feel the kind of excitement that is currently coursing through me. If you don’t feel that, stick with me as I plan to focus heavily on this subject until the moment I walk into the polling station.

Cards on the table; I am voting yes. Right now anyway. This is open to change as I strongly believe that those who vote without research shouldn’t be allowed to vote. This isn’t the X Factor. But the internet is filled with propaganda, bad blogging and those who wish to trick you out of thinking for yourself when you pull that curtain closed behind you.

The main reason I am voting ‘Yes’ is that I am a proud Scot, not a patriot because I have a brain and can think for myself without having to lay claim to the achievements of the long time dead. Patriotism is a truly repugnant trait, to me anyway. But you don’t have to be a patriot to believe your country should be free from being controlled by men and women from a different country who view your fellow countrymen as some sort of pale skinned savages on horseback, drunk & always fighting.

David Cameron doesn’t care about us up here, he made that perfectly clear. When the Scottish government freed al-Megrahi and Obama lost his mind momentarily and called for a boycott of Scottish produce, Cameron stood by him and claimed that Scotland shouldn’t have released “The Lockerbie Bomber” as he is so lovingly known amongst the more uneducated tabloid “readers”. Little did Dave know that his stance would be in direct opposition to the stance he would be forced to take when Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond announced the 2014 referendum. Cameron doesn’t care about Scotland, he certainly doesn’t care about the Scottish people, and the only thing Cameron cares about in this debate is being not the PM in charge when the union breaks up. That is the only thing going on in the head of that buffoon, he is conservative, he knows what most right minded Scots think about conservatives, we are a progressive nation and there is no place for their particular brand conservative values in Scotland. We made our voice clear in the last General Elections when they found themselves with only one seat.

However, David Cameron and his Tories have nothing to do with this vote, and neither does Alex Salmond and his Nationalists. This question of independence shouldn’t be a question of political allegiance. The idea that we are “Better Together” as the campaign states shouldn’t be tolerated because it over simplifies it for the benefit of tabloid addicts who are seemingly unaware that their precious news, which they regurgitate so vehemently, is simply the opinions of the foul creatures who do the bidding of giant corporations, in which I include the Conservative Party. I don’t believe in the United Kingdom, I certainly don’t want to be part of it. I made that decision when Tony Blair outed himself as a mad man with a taste for the blood of innocence. I hold no bad blood towards the English people, but we will always have irreconcilable differences. We are nothing alike.

Saying all that, I still have many questions I want answered before I pull that curtain behind me and use a pencil to have a say in something that many thousands of men and women died for since this silly idea of a United Kingdom was forced upon us. The Better Together Scots would do well to remember who it is they are siding with, a group of merciless conservatives who still mourn the Fall of the Empire, a mourning which drives their desire to keep their Kingdom United. These people would still own slaves, given the chance.

So, for now, I can say I will Vote Yes. But I am doing this for my benefit because I learn the most about a subject when I am writing about it. In saying that, I couldn’t vote no in good conscience. I am a Scot. With that handle comes a lot of responsibility. We are not just a nation of mad boozers running around in a violent frenzy, we are a country who helped shape the world and it is a truly despicable insult to hear people with Scottish accents tell me that we couldn’t stand on our own two feet.

Love them or hate them but the SNP punt the idea of being a progressive nation, which I believe we always have been, certainly in the industrial era, to vote for an idea as outdated and detrimental to progress as the United Kingdom is, in my opinion, a fools move. Let the Conservatives mock the poor and help the rich, let them arm the next generation of rebel dictators in far off lands and let us move forward as the country we should have been a long, long time ago.

I am looking for people to discuss this with. Get in touch. Yes and No camps, I want to hear from you. I will be focused on very little for the next wee while as I try to wade through all the propaganda and misinformation being passed off as actual fact by both sides of the argument. Naturally I believe the worst of the worst is being put out there by the No camp, but then I would. If you have a passionate and coherent argument get in touch on the comments section. Let’s try to cut out all the tabloid and political sensationalism and get to the heart of this thing to best educate the people who are still on the fence or, in some cases, not even in the garden.

Henry Hunter – WorldNewsVine

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