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The Pot Calling The Kettle Groovy.

Within the first year of David Cameron’s reign as Prime Minister of Great Britain he attended a school where he stood in front of a class filled with Future Voters and opened himself up to questions from the young, impressionable minds.  Most of the questions were of the usual standard which Cameron had no problem with, he could answer with stock responses and the children were none the wiser.  One of the last questions he was asked was regarding Britain’s marijuana laws and, more precisely, would the Conservatives be doing any revisions to what are very archaic and detrimental laws.

The young man who asked this of his PM was quite well spoken and put his question across in an articulate and polite manner, respectful of the PM.  David Cameron chose to laugh out loud in the face of this Future Voter.

I have been accused of many things in my time.  Liberal is the one I get most.  It isn’t exactly true, and it isn’t entirely false.  On this particular subject I would say I fall into that category stemming from my love of marijuana and my hatred of David Cameron and his brand of Tories.

So what does this old news of the Prime Minister of Great Britain laughing in the face of a Future Voter for simply asking an important question have to do with anything?  To answer that first we must determine why it is an important question because I am more than aware of the attitude towards marijuana in this country.  To start with The War on Drugs failed, it failed at the exact same moment it started because it was attacked with no attempt made to garner any facts or understanding of many of the drugs.  The sacking of Professor Nutt for announcing that weed was illegal for political and not scientific reasons was the first time we got a glimpse of the attitude permeating through the halls of Parliament, he went on to say that you have more chance of dying from horse riding than you do from taking ecstasy, that was right before he was thrown out a job and made a fool of in the press.

The War on Drugs was a massive failure.  It made criminals out of people whose only crime was falling for the wrong drugs.  “Weed is a gateway drug!” They say.  “They” being the imbeciles, you’ve probably met a few.  This war cry has probably done the most damage to the cause, to say that weed is a gateway drug is to try and put people off doing it and to position yourself with David Cameron and his Perverted Posse.  In truth it actually can be a gateway drug, but not because you will become some degenerate addict, but because you have to buy weed from the same people who sell pills, powders and whatever else.  Many times in my younger days I would find myself in a run down apartment in the bad part of town trying to buy hash, only to be offered Class A’s at the same time, or in place of what I wanted in the event they had none.  So weed can be a gateway drug, but only because your government is making it that way.  There is no scientific backing to the governments assertions that you smoke one joint and all of a sudden you are filled with a powerful craving for heroin and old ladies handbags.

With all this in mind it is time for us to accept a few things.  Largely we should come to terms with the fact that we will probably never get legal weed, be it Amsterdam legal or California legal.  There are too many Tories in this country to ever let that happen, because you can’t annoy Tories too much.  God forbid someone miles from the conservatory in which the Tory Sympathiser sits and reads the Daily Mail should be allowed to smoke their face in.  God forbid someone with MS be allowed to smoke the one chemical free drug proven to ease the pain. God forbid you should be afforded the same freedoms as an angry, violent and unpredictable alcoholic.

Imagine my surprise, then, when I was told about a British drugs company called GW Pharmaceuticals who have been licensed by the UK Government to begin growing 20,000 plants as of December 2012.  Dr Geoffrey Guy, the man in charge of the 10 strain Grow Op, is the only man in Britain legally allowed to grow weed.  The Doctor will be running tests over several years, at great expense to the tax payer to determine results that many countries across the globe have discovered many years ago.

Oddly some voices in the House of Lords and even Prince Charles himself are in favour of medicinal marijuana for illnesses such as MS.  Still, the British Medical Association have condemned the research and indeed the idea of weed as a medicine because it is too unpredictable.

The research of GW Pharmaceuticals spells either victory or defeat for the grass roots smoker.  Maybe these tests will lead one day to legally obtainable weed.  Maybe one day a Government put in place by voters will one day listen to a massive number of said voters who just want to buy good weed from someone who isn’t a drug dealing scumbag.  Maybe one day Conservatives will mature in the brain just enough that science will be allowed to flourish.

If the end result of these trials result in yet another Marinol style drug which mimic the effects of THC without the purity or speed of marijuana then we should revolt.  Full revolution.  Creating a drug in a lab and selling it in place of the organic, natural and totally groovy plant is insulting.   Furthermore it should result in many millions of pounds in compensation being paid out to anyone who has ever been charged with marijuana offences.  The more cynical mind may laugh at the idea of a marijuana smokers revolution, but to those people I say this.  We won the war on drugs and we didn’t even try.  I didn’t even stand up to smoke that often.  More often than not I was sat or lay down and I was still on the victors side.  It is over, government funded Grow Ops are the white flag telling me it is over.  But let’s not allow political posturing it’s parting shot, let’s not accept medicinal marijuana as it is simply there to do one thing which is to appease the people who know the least but shout the loudest.

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