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Benedict Bails, Children Rejoice!

henryhunter (2)Even though Pope Benedict XVI will be reverting back to plain old Joseph Ratzinger by the end of the month, leaving behind the handle which has brought him no luck whatsoever, he will be remembered forever and ever as the man who finally destroyed the Catholic Church.  He will be remembered much like Pius XII, that is to say with shame and regret.

It may not happen the very minute he hangs up his Mitre, or even while he is still among the living as he has claimed to be for 8 years now.  But it will happen.  Strings have been loosened and will eventually unravel the entire church much like a Primark jumper.

Lazy comics and Tweeters with no real ability to tweet anything other than regurgitated jokes will make sure anyone in ear shot knows that the Pope is a “Nazi”.  Aside from being fairly inaccurate it is detrimental to the fine art of sullying of The Bastard Benedict’s name.  This is a man of such low class and morals that calling him a Nazi just doesn’t do anything.  Being a Nazi is bad, terrible, grotesque, whatever you want to call it.  But being Pope Benedict XVI is worse.  Keep in mind that while the Catholics in general have managed to suppress their savage desires over the years they have not managed to figure out right from wrong yet, unless the perpetrator(s) don’t believe in White God, in which case their savage desires are exercised and ability to tell right from wrong  is shown to the public with pride.  When one of their own do something very un-Christian it is still the fault of the non believers and in no way as bad as everyone is making out.

Pope Benedict spitting on God, figuratively, and quitting his job is probably a good thing for the Church because the last thing they want is Benny being in power when the stories go public.  The stories you will have heard already, passed off as rumour much in the way the paedo priests were talked about until they were found out to be 100% accurate just a few years ago.  The stories, as told to me while I was living in Rome by sources close to the Vatican involve a male prostitution ring operating behind the walls of the Vatican, leading to the blackmail stories which are only now starting to get coverage in the mainstream media, but covered here over 3 years ago.  It may sound like a Liberal conspiracy to the believers, but then so did the aforementioned paedophile scandal which is still to really take it’s toll on the aging religion.

Once Benedict is out the next Pope will have to take some kind of action against the man himself or the animals in dog collars that he protected for the last 40 years.  Heads will roll and they should start with his.

Pope Benedict is a criminal.  He was before he was elected, which is why he has stated that he never wanted to be Pope.  This is a man who made children sign documents stating that they would not open their mouths about being molested by “men of God”, he has spoke openly about homosexuality and how it will land you in hell (doesn’t count if you molest wee boys) and his stance on condoms is so irresponsible that it is a wonder everyone in Vatican City isn’t down with a bad case of AIDS.  He actually stated that Condoms cause AIDS, whereas bibles are apparently great for AIDS.

The next Pope will have one hell of a job on his hands.  There is much rebuilding needed.  Benedict has all but destroyed the church with his incredibly unchristian ways.  The Sprawling Palace of Hypocrisy that he has called home for the last 8 years will now become his prison as he will not be able to leave the safety of Vatican City where the age of consent is still 12, by the way.  He will have to stay there until the day he shifts off this mortal coil lest he be lifted by the real police, which his Paedo Protecting Swiss Guard can do nothing about.

I for one want to wish Benedict good riddance.  I have had a blast over the last few years writing about him and his wild delusions here on World News Vine and while I would be happy to have him in power until he dies and heads south to the Fire I am happy for the many hundreds or thousands of victims whose lives he cared so little about will maybe now be given a chance to have him answer to Man and His Law instead of hiding behind the nonsensical, fabricated and completely ungodly God’s Law.

Henry Hunter – WorldNewsVine

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