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You Can’t Kill Your Insecurity

henryhunter (2)By Henry Hunter

For all the wrong reasons I sincerely hope that this gun control debate goes on forever. Maybe they’re the right reasons, I am not overly sure. I know this though; it is a ludicrous debate, much like the religious debate it is just a waste of time, a pointless debate. It can’t be changed because it is inherent in people, inseparable from the mind. People have religious and political allegiance and as silly and detrimental as you and I may think it is, it is the case. It can’t be bred out, it can’t be bargained with and it can’t be killed. All you can really do is learn to deal with it.

To fully get into this situation, which rears its head every time there is a mass shooting in America, first you must understand the point of view of the so called Gun Nuts. It is law, that is true. It is a right of all men and women who feel it necessary to own a gun to do so. However, it is not a God Given Right as quite a few of the Right seem to believe. God did not tell the founding fathers to arm their citizens, they did that without divine intervention because, at the time, they were traitors and did actually need the protection.

That was then, this is now, it is 2013 and the wildly uneducated are still allowed to own guns for “protection”. Just what they are protecting themselves from is the big issue.  If they lived in a land ravished by occupying forces, Afghanistan for example, I could see their point. If an illegal war had been raging its way through the USA for the last decade as it has in the middle east with technologically advanced militaries, who believe in an opposing idea of God, blowing up random houses and using unmanned drones to kill innocent people in droves, I could understand the need for fully automatic home protection, for all the use it would be.

They don’t live in that world though. They live a charmed life; they live in the bubble of their own massive ego. They live in a world where they have to fabricate enemies, they watch the news and believe that the Muslims are at their door wanting to execute their families, they believe that the Liberal Agenda of their Democratic Government are sending pinko, socialist, homosexual marijuana addicts round to their house to sodomize their way of life. They believe that guns will keep them safe from their own imaginations. Unfortunately for these people you can’t actually shoot your own insecurities. I wish you could, but you can’t. The only way to deal with your insecurities is being an adult, growing up and trying to get through your issues with your brain. But I can see how they fall short at the end there and just buy a gun.

This is not an issue about mass shootings, as tragic as they are. Those will always happen in America, and if they don’t care enough to address the problem then to hell with them. There are no quick fixes, it would require a mass disarming of civilians which would no doubt result in some kind of civil war as idiots start to feel threatened, cornered and victimized. There is a firm belief that the Obama administration is trying to disarm his citizens for sinister means, suggested on the internet that perhaps it is another step in the incredibly slow, coincidental and totally random plan of the much referenced and feared N.W.O: The enemy of no one in particular. These “Gun Nuts” or “Americans” have had guns throughout their history and I can’t for the life of me recall that many examples of when they helped in situations that would require some kind of protection from anything. Even the propaganda wet dream of United 93 was a triumph for man and his fists, no guns and look how well they did. They over powered the armed hijackers with no guns.

There would be no sense in taking certain guns away, it would make no difference. It is let them have all guns or don’t let them have any, wait for the ensuing civil war to end and see where they are after that. It is maybe a little over the top, but it is as grown up and logical as any of the other arguments.

This is not an issue of political allegiance or religious beliefs. This is not a socialist agenda, or communist or any other political ideology that people bitch and moan about without any firm understanding of. This is not about “Liberal Pussies” trying to turn the world into a hippy haven, nor is it people trying to kill your family. These things are all fabricated within the actual problem. The problem is things like a grown man shooting a kid because the kid punched him in the face, allegedly. This is about laws like the Stand Your Ground Law that are so utterly imbecilic that it truly is a wonder everyone isn‘t dead already. This is about being able to buy a fully automatic assault rifle without any kind of intelligence test. Billy Bob, the inbred, googly eyed, drooling end result of an orgy involving his own sister, brother and dog can buy a fire spitting killing machine to protect himself. Any protection is long overdue; he should have been shot into a condom, if only his nonsensical religious beliefs allowed for that eventuality. Obviously being an inbred halfwit isn’t the only prerequisite to owning a gun, you must also be fully paranoid which isn’t hard these days, just watch the news and do as they say. Someone somewhere is after you. Lock and Load.

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