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US Presidential Campaign 2012 – More GOP Shame

The US Presidential Campaign 2012 will go down in history no matter the outcome. The incredible outcome of the 2008 campaign where the world got lucky and were saved from the apocalypse for at least the time being, when America finally made a good political decision in this Millennium and voted in the man who seemed to be the best bet at the time. No matter what you think of Obama, or what side you take, the last 4 years would have been much, much worse had McCain and Palin won the race. We should all thank our lucky stars that they had absolutely no chance of doing so. Not only did they face an opponent with the kind of intelligence and charisma that has long been lacking in not only the Republican party but American politics in general, but also McCain pulled a McGovern and screwed himself out of the race with a bad VP choice, where McGovern’s choice dripped sweat and secrets, McCain’s dripped idiocy, xenophobia and an inability to think and speak at the same time.

The Cartoon Political System of The United States of America, designed in such a way that your average American can pick a side rather than formulate an actual opinion on their own, because thinking for yourself is just too hard sometimes. There is never a great choice, just a slightly better choice. Obama represents the latter. As a Scot I am ardently against Obama, but in a choice between him and anyone The GOP throws up, I will take him.

As an outsider, part of the Rest of The World that Americans know little about, yet believe they are better than, I would be saddened if Mitt Romney became president. The reasons are varying and in many ways, ridiculous. But my opinion has always been somewhere between all over the place and ridiculous, so I see no point in changing that now.

Mitt Romney is confused. He was born confused and will more than likely die that way. The problem is that in between those two milestones, he could end up in charge of a former Superpower that still thinks it is a superpower. Any wound licking that Obama has started will be disregarded by the Millionaire Mormon in favour of keeping up appearances. Anyway, according to Mitt on Twitter this week, the middle income families are doing better. But to be middle income in Mitt’s world you must be on $200/250,000 Per Year.

His attacks on Obama are all based on misconceptions surrounding the current POTUS. The Birther Movement that Mitt is tied to through his friendship with the repulsive Donald Trump, a man made of money and bigotry, would have you believe that Obama is not American. Nor is he Christian. In fact, if you believed these racist, intolerant pigs Obama is a Muslim Socialist born in Kenya. Or something else utterly nonsensical.

What these imbeciles have chosen to ignore is the World’s perception, which is far more important than their blinkered outlook which has been retarded by their wildly off the mark interpretation of their chosen religion. In 2008 most of the world breathed a sigh of relief when McCain didn’t win. A fate worse than Bush was averted. Obama was the world’s choice, despite having no say in the matter, but Americans weren’t the only people to suffer the effects of the last Republican Administration, the people bombed out of their homes in the various Oil Rich Countries in the Middle East who had the audacity to live on top of oil and pray to a different God being the most relieved I would imagine.

America will feel the effects of the Bush Era for a long time, and personally, I think they deserve it. America has never learned from past mistakes, because America doesn’t make mistakes, according to America. Bush was a mistake, and I don’t mean simply in politics. He was a mistake from his conception onwards. A fool who was allowed to rise to the peak of the political arena despite displaying no type of intelligence or political know how, pushed on by his Old Man and Global Oil Companies. The last thing America needs now is a man like Mitt Romney, a man who is so devoid of political policies that he has to tell people that he is against Pornography to get them on his side. A man who has thrown the word Socialism around like it is the latest curse, seemingly ignorant to the fact that many of his ideas are straight from the Socialist handbook. A man whose religion, until the 70’s were allowed to preach that Black people had no souls. This is the man who the Republicans felt they would like to have represented them. A man who posthumously baptises people into the Mormon Faith regardless of their beliefs.

The Republican Party should be ashamed of themselves, but first they would have to have shame. Which they clearly don’t.

Henry Hunter – WorldNewsVine UK

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