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Smoking Makes You Dead, But It Makes You Look Cool

By Henry Hunter

David Cameron is nothing if not consistent. The man is a liability, a joke and a madman but his insistence of pushing ludicrously idiotic policies through is second to none. Since his campaign, he has made it his mission to build a legacy upon dumb ideas. Some dangerously so, some just plain ole silly, pointless ramblings.

With the recent budget, the Tories have come out swinging against smoking. First a price hike, then a ban on displaying the packets to be enforced in England and Wales, now a suggested plan to make packets plain. All in an attempt to combat peoples free choice to do what they want.

There are a few issues with this most recent plan to strip all packs of cigarettes of their branding. It is pointless. Dumb and pointless in fact, incredibly stupid, dumb and pointless. This is my main issue with Conservatives, they favor telling people what to do with their own body rather than doing their job and keeping their damned noses out of what doesn’t concern them.

Here is the main reason changing the packets will fail; every packet of cigarettes and pouch of tobacco sold in the UK has a picture on it. It maybe someone lying on a slab, dead from smoking, it may be a picture of a black lung, or smoke gathering round your loved ones, killing them slow. On the other hand, as mine is today, Johnny Depp Pizza Neck. The worst one. Still, with all this horror on show, people still smoke.

They do not do the same with booze there is no beaten wives, dead people in mangled cars or even a picture of you, the ugly girl you banged after a club, and the illegitimate child you have been lumbered with as a result of your regretful tryst. No, this does not concern booze or the multitude of ramifications that come from it and are far more concerning and terrifying than death.

The main issue and the reason that these stupid ideas are destined to fail from the get go is that on its own it does not make sense. On its own, it is out of place. If you wish to combat this issue by removing the branding based on the idea that they are doing the public a favor then they should not just be focused on cigarettes. Fast food will have to be stripped their adverts and signs will simply be the word Food. Booze shops the same. Basically to me, it seems like Health Secretary Andrew Lansley has recently read 1984 and decided that unbranded vices will put the proles off.

The idea that getting rid of the branding will somehow make smoking “less attractive” is madness. Everyone I know smokes and not one of them smokes because they like the packaging. No one on the face of the planet has ever started smoking because they saw a box with a camel on it and thought “ooohh, that camel looks cool, I wanna smoke now!”

Yet again, the Tories showing the level to which they have no idea about the lives of the peasants. It would be amazing if it were not so bloody tragic. If they want to make smoking “less attractive”, they are going to have to invent a time machine. Failing that they should just do the job, they are elected to do which doesn’t include telling people what they put in their bodies.

Smoking is cool. I do not care what you think. Smoking is cool. It is bad for you, sure, but what isn’t?  Fast food, Tabloid journalism, alcopops, conservatism. These things are all bad for you, but there is not much effort being put into their destruction. Sadly.

Smoking has always been cool, and it will always be cool. Sure, when you see some old woman standing outside the Bingo chain-smoking Super kings, it is not so cool. However, mostly, it is cool. Kids start smoking because they see their pals do it, or their parents, or their TV and film heroes and they think, “that’s cool!”, because it is cool. It kills you, but it also makes you look cool. This is the smoker’s predicament. I am not that cool, but I look much cooler when I smoke. Much, much cooler.

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