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Cameron to Public: Let Us Prove to You That You’re No Terrorist!

By Henry Hunter.

If there is one thing I truly love about British politics it is the belief by some that it matters which of the big two they vote for. It does not, but it is fun to listen to people rattle on as if it does. Those of us who voted Lib Dem in the last general election may have faced harsh criticism for doing so from the Tory or Labour voters. However, as always they missed the point, and in that case, they missed a massive opportunity.

Nevertheless, this is all old gripes, if they do not see the paradox that they created for themselves when they voted for “change” by voting for the same party, then, they never will. Of course, they were never expected to. This is their curse, and it matters not a jot now.

The plan remains the same the Tories have a far more in your face approach than Labour. Labour, when the arch villain Blair, a Tory in a Pricey Liberal Suit, led them they pushed their grotesque policies through in the dead of night, while you were sleeping. The Conservative Party, on the other hand, looks you in the eyes while viciously shafting you, without the having the decency to even kiss your mouth. I’m not saying either is a better option, I’m simply pointing out that it still amazes me that people think that way.

When Labour announced a proposed assault on Internet Freedoms and liberties, such as the option of using the internet with everything you post, type, download or watch being subject to scrutiny by your Leaders, the Tories were outraged.

Seeing it as a horrid attack on the very liberty and freedom that the internet was founded upon and obviously, a cheeky wee bit of political posturing, they slammed the idea (as did mostly everyone else). Now that the Conservative Party is in power though, it is obviously quite a good idea. Why not allow prying eyes to monitor your correspondence and personal habits. You might be a terrorist and it is imperative that the proper authorities are able to cross you off the list.

With the Olympics just months away, it is important to constantly remind the general public of Great Britain that there are people out there who want them dead, and any invasion of privacy is simply your government looking out for you… M’kay, do not ask questions. They are looking out for you. If they do not have complete access to your search history, how do you expect them to save you from the terrorists?

That is how the bad guys win, by you having some idealistic idea of what freedom is. Go smoke another reefer and listen to your anarchist music.

A bad idea is only a bad idea when the parties opposing it are the opposition party. As soon as they have power, it is a free for all.

Tony Blair was a Tory, but he was smart, he knew he would have more success conning the Labour voters into blurring the lines and selling their party down the river. He managed to destroy British politics and pave the way for David Cameron to become PM. It is a modern day tragedy.

Cameron is far less sinister than Blair is, and obviously far less intelligent. Nevertheless, he is just as dangerous. While Blair was dangerous in the sense that he gave off the vibe that would happily drain you, your partner and your children’s blood as a midday refreshment. Cameron on the other hand, is dangerous in the way that his ideas are just so fundamentally flawed and idiotic that it is a wonder he has not killed himself trying to figure out a new way to breathe.

Labour brought in this horrible nation of CCTV cameras and paranoid citizens it was a bi-product of the time. Cameron and his band of Lib/Tory chancers should have pulled it all down rather than trying to elaborate on the idea. The idea was terrible to begin with.

No matter where you go, you are caught on camera. It is a great tool for the media because after some terrible tragedy it is a great way to fill up hours of “Breaking News” by showing the perpetrators last steps before blowing up a building full of people, or the tragic last movements of someone who has been found hacked up in a bathtub.

It prevents nothing. All of this stops nothing except the chance of the government building bridges of trust with the people who pay for their career.

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