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Pat Robertson Pro-Marijuana Stance Proving Even A Broken Clock Is Right Twice A Day

By Henry Hunter

It is an odd feeling, agreeing with someone like Pat Robertson an odd and completely new one. As detestable, religiously demented maniacs go, Pat (or Marion to his mother) is up there with the absolute worst of them.

This is a man who claims that what the liberal media is doing to the Christian right of America is “the same thing” that the Nazis did to Jewish, gypsy or handicapped people during World War 2. He hates women and loves Jesus Christ. He believes that the people of Haiti deserved the earthquake of 2010, which killed hundreds of thousands, because they had a pact with Satan.

Keeping all that in mind, he spoke out this week against marijuana laws, backing the plants legalization now that most people have realized that the war on drugs has been lost. Although admitting that the so-called war on drugs has been lost is admitting that, you believed it was ever winnable. Which is almost as idiotic as most things Pat utters on The 700 Club. Nevertheless, people like a war it lets them know their Governments are wasting their money well. However, more importantly, it gives them someone to hate, and those dangerous potheads make good targets.

Nevertheless, let us not take away from what Pat is saying just because he is a card-carrying member of the insane zealots club, he makes a valid point. Governments the world over are wasting trillions of dollars and pounds trying to fight something that they cannot even see. They round up kids with grass and make examples of them, with no care for the outcome or the overcrowding, making felons out of innocent people.

They destroy massive crops of marijuana, and then cry on the news that the economy is struggling. The War on Drugs came from Reagan, which should be enough to discredit it. That bumbling maniac knew where the monkey slept..

Robertson has said he won’t campaign for the legalization, he just
Wants it known that he supports it. For which you cannot blame him. He is busy campaigning against women’s rights, and the rights of every man woman and child who is not a white Christian. He cannot do it all.

In saying that, they get stuff done. If there is something to vote for, or campaign for/against, it is important to get the Christian right involved. They have yet to be ignored. Ironically, this will do more for the pro-marijuana campaign than all the famous smokers will who have come before. Robertson claims to have never smoked the stuff, which was already abundantly clear, given his attitude towards other humans. Nevertheless, maybe, just maybe, he is what the movement needs. As insane as that sounds.

Most of us want it legalized so we can buy good quality stuff like boozers can. I hear often that people who buy weed or other drugs are supporting terrorism, gangs and even pedophile rings (a cop to a good friend of mine said that last one if you can believe it). I do not deny the terrorist/gang part. I think it is disgusting that criminals are making money off me in a roundabout way. Nevertheless, it is not my fault, or theirs it is the fault of the governments who make one of the most useful and versatile plants on this planet illegal for no good reason at all. Go on, try to think of a valid reason. There is not one. There are only decades of propaganda.

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