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Election 2012 Whose God Will Win?

I am not sure that the American Right fully appreciates how the rest of the world feels at this point in the election process. We have to sit and watch as a gaggle of lunatics fight over the right to lead the GOP towards the white house and beyond. As bizarre as it may sound, I actually look back fondly to when the ticket was McCain and Palin. That is as damning an indictment as I can possibly think of for the current batch of conservatives.

Obviously, the Holy War started by the last republican president is not enough for the Right leaning public they feel the need to squabble amongst themselves too. Christian Vs Mormon Vs Catholic, with poor old Ron Paul and his Logic failing at the sidelines once more for being too Left for the Right.

So out of the three who actually stands a chance of winning the nomination, who would be the best choice, none of them, from an outsider’s point of view. The benefit to seeing these people as religious maniacs may not be a benefit at all. It is utterly terrifying to be honest.

The vote will be determined, largely, by the number of followers the represented religion has. That is the truth and it is utterly horrifying. A Mormon would not vote for a catholic, even if he had a machine that turned empty promises and bad ideas into bars of solid gold and vice versa, of course.

Mostly always, you can find something about politicians to hate, or at least vote against. The scary thing about this year is that you can see something bad in all three, Santorum, Romney and Gingrich. They all fly the flag of freedom, but only conservative freedom, which isn’t the same as the freedom we all know and love, or at least have all heard about. The Conservative Freedom is the freedoms to wipe out those who make the Conservatives feel uncomfortable. To wage war against things they do not understand, in favor of learning to accept the unknown.
American politics needs monsters like Santorum, Gingrich or Romney – but that is not a dig at them personally. They don’t matter, all that matters is what they are prepared to do in order to get votes, that is why Conservatives are often more terrifying than other parties.

When the base of people who vote for you are ignorant, prejudice animals with a limited and often biased education, the level at which you must pander to them becomes a danger for the rest of us. If it were not for them, the world would be a slightly less terrible place. I am sure of that. Not that Liberals are the answer, of course they are not. Nevertheless, when you have a group of people who think they are as important as the religious right do, any man put in charge by them is expected to kill those who follow a different God or have the audacity to defend their homes in the event of invasion by a foreign force chanting about their own version God.

Religion has become a tragedy it is used against the people who most believe it. It has no place in politics, proven by George W Bush. That person is as Christian as I am. He just understood that in order to get people behind his terrible ideas, he should tell them their God told him to kill people. Usually if a person who took as many drugs as W told me they spoke to God I would believe him, but more often than not the message God gives those on drugs is one of peace and love. However, a coke head and alcoholic does not meet God, that is not the way those drugs work. Nevertheless, they do help along the type of megalomania that was obvious throughout his 8 years of spreading terror and ruining the world.

Even with all that in mind, I am still more scared of all the current candidates than I ever was of Bush. Bush was an imbecile, sure, but he had his moments. Moreover, as I say, I never believed his claims of religion. I believe these people, Santorum and Romney in particular.

It should come as no surprise that they all rally against same sex marriage. This is most troubling. A Mormon probably should stay out of sex talk given all the inbreeding that created that faith. And a Catholic? Catholics should be kept as far away from sex issues as humanly possible given the sexual deviancy permeating that particular faith.

It should also come as no surprise that they all favor private health care over government controlled health care. The healthcare system in America really shocked me when I was last there. Specifically the drugging of children, in 20 years they will feel the effects of allowing parents to drug their children in favor of raising them.

Parenting is hard drugging them is not. Do not get me wrong, I am very pro drugs. Just not the kind of drugs they have in America. In 20 years, individual personality traits will be a thing of the past and the zombie films will have come true, only they won’t walk around biting people. The paranoia will keep them in the house, but they will still be voicing their desire for brains.

So, no. The Religious Right has no idea of the fear the rest of us feel while they are selecting their new leader. However, I am almost positive they will have a color code for it.

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