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The Tory Party Slavery Initiative

By Henry Hunter

Chris Grayling is a most detestable creature, even for a Conservative Party Member, a lying, thieving and bigoted swine. You may remember him from the time he advocated discrimination towards gay people in the Christian Bed and Breakfast debacle. If not then, then I am sure you noticed his name pop up repeatedly in the expenses scandal.

Today Mr. Grayling has oozed into the news once more, this time leveling his confused eyes at those damned dirty socialist pigs.

The story is as such, the UK government announced plans to put those on benefits to work, calling it work experience in order to bypass the whole, annoying, paying people thing. The program has divided opinion, right down the middle of the left right divide, so nothing new there exactly. The Right sees it as fair play, the Left see it as slave labor.

It is a difficult thing, sure, it would be nice for people to have the option of working, but a day’s work deserves a day’s pay. For the government and big businesses to say they can employ people but not pay them is a kick in the teeth for the people who have been actively seeking work at these same companies only to be told there is no work for them.

This is not on the Tory radar though, because they do not understand people, reality or the true nature of their archaic beliefs. Grayling has called the public outrage “A big internet campaign that’s being run by an organization that’s a front for the Socialist Workers Party.” Just to reiterate, this is the same guy who supported gay discrimination.

The outrage may have, at some point, been voiced by members of the
Socialist Workers Party, I do not know, or really care to be honest. It trended on Twitter, a true measurement of outrage in today’s Nasty Socialist Pig Society.

The fact that the government who run Britain would suggest something like this may not shock some people. Many will knock it off as something they expect of the conservative party, and maybe they are right. Nevertheless, it shocked me, which is not easy. I think it was as misconceived as almost any Tory policy I can remember, but shocking nonetheless. What did not shock me is that Tesco was at the heart of it. A company like Tesco who generate tens of millions of pounds in profit each day should not be attached to a policy such as this. To suggest that a company of that stature cannot afford to pay people for these jobs is just nonsense. This was a sly move, something they may have gotten away with in the past but they failed miserably on this one.

Just because someone claims benefits does not entitle massive corporations or confused governments to take advantage of them. This thing is failing massively, since the public backlash these companies have ran for the hills. They do not want to be associated with it, so in Mr. Graylings logic, these companies are Socialist Pig Sympathizers.

This one will be chalked up to just another failed Tory Brain fart. Something that sounded good to a room of privileged idiots like Chris Grayling and his deplorable mates, but has no place in civilized society.

We, the taxpaying citizens have a line with slavery. We are fine with owning iPhones and disposable fashion, but this is over the line, largely because it involves our own people, but also because it is simply, at the heart of it, a ludicrously dumb idea.

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