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The Road to Scottish Independence

By Henry Hunter

Before the debate about Scottish Independence gets too out of hand, we should clear something up. Not that long ago, literally a few years ago, the Scottish government made the decision to release a man called Abdelbaset al-Megraghi, otherwise known as The Lockerbie Bomber. This is a terrible name for him considering he more than likely had little or nothing to do with the actual bombing.

However, he was found guilty by a Scottish court and jailed in a Scottish prison then, due to failing health he was released. The prognosis was he would last 3 months.  That was in 2009,  he is still alive today. Naturally, someone living longer than they were told would have angered the Right Leaning Brits.

So, what does this old news have to do with Scottish Independence? A lot. Had England, or at least David Cameron (in the wake of Obama’s announcement of a boycott of Scottish produce) made a stand to support Scotland’s decision to release a man who was given three months to live. A man who was jailed on evidence best described as completely, undeniably ludicrous and more than likely completely fabricated and then maybe there would be a point standing side-by-side through thick and thin. Nevertheless, by standing against Scotland, and taking the side of the USA who are more complicit in the bombing of the Pan Am jet, which crashed down in Lockerbie than al-Megrahi, England made their allegiance clear.

We are not friends, we never really have been. Scotland has always been an unwilling member of the United Kingdom. There is no reason to keep up the charade. We are part of a dying system and we can split now and hope for the best for all involved, or we can continue to be represented by a party who hold no sway in this Country. No one knows what will happen if, the Kingdom was to split, anyone who claims to know is a filthy swine liar looking to con you. It is a leap of faith, plain and simple.

The way I look at it, if I was presented with a bit of paper asking if I think Scotland should be free of the United Kingdom, I could not say ‘No’. This is not because of some Scottish Anti-England sentiment. I simply wish my country to be governed by someone who actually cares about it. There is one Conservative MSP (Member of Scottish Parliament), which is argument enough. They are not representative of the people of Scotland. They never really have been.

Scotland is a progressive country. We have free tuition and free prescriptions. We have been the guinea pigs for English policies for as long as I have been alive, and longer. The Kingdom is lost, the lines became too blurred and it ran its course. We should not be “guilted” into sticking about, not when Cameron is so quick to take sides with America over us. We are apparently Best Pals, but he ran and hid when we angered the USA. That is England’s favoured relationship. Scotland are only allies when acting in accordance with the wishes of Westminster. Unfortunately that has never really been the Scottish way, especially now with Alex Salmond in charge of Scotland. Salmond is a great politician, which is as much an insult as it is a compliment.

Cameron the Coward made his feelings clear on his relationship with Scotland. Perhaps he would have acted differently had he known that:
(A) Scotland would make the move for freedom during his reign, and
(B) the economy would worsen at the same time.

Of course, the Right believes that the economy worsening during the reign of Cameron is all Labour’s fault. However, they are retarded by their sheltered upbringing and allegiances, which have been passed down through generations of land grabbers and tyrants. No sense can come from minds such as theirs.

This will be ongoing, I guess. There is a sense of impending doom permeating through the bars of Scotland as tabloids do their best to dissuade the Scottish people from thinking for themselves in the most important decision they will ever have to make. It could end in disaster, sure. Nevertheless, it could end in Scotland flourishing and reaching a potential that has always been floating just out of our grasp. By severing ties with England, we can take control of our own destiny, and if the thought of that doesn’t make you think it’s worth reading something other than English tabloid propaganda, then I don’t know what will.

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