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Religion in US Politics is this Insanity, or the Republican Dream?

henry hunter – Scotland

I woke up to a couple of messages on my twitter regarding a comment I made last week aimed at something Newt said about Radical Islam. My comment was something along the lines of “what about Radical Christianity?” Largely a joke, but let us be honest, the actions of the US and UK governments over the last decade have been nothing short of a Christian jihad. Which isn’t debatable, Man-Child Bush actually claimed God had told him to invade Iraq to rally support for his plans for illegal invasion.

One “conservative standing up against the establishment” called me an idiot for assuming that being “radical” meant you strap bombs to one-self to blow up the innocent. If only the Ninja Turtles were still on TV holding firm onto the word Radical, rather than giving it up to the badly educated, religiously damaged imbeciles like (name not important), the “conservative standing against the establishment” in question.

Having Radical Religious ideas is not monopolized by the Islamic faith, but when you follow the word of Fox, and support people like Newt, Santorum or that big faced millionaire buffoon Romney, it is commonly accepted that you would think it was. There are maniacs in every religion, you know the type, they over shadow the good people. You can recognize them by their attempts to “villainize” all other belief systems.

Ron Paul, who would make a great president, has shot himself in the foot again by denouncing the maniacal ramblings of Newt et al regarding Iran and their position in the world. Ron Paul has labeled it propaganda to build support for another war. His problem is that his voters, at least a massive majority of them, love war. They want these heathens wiped off the face of the planet. After all, how dare they try to build anything that has the prospect of making people – living in some backwater hell whole in the middle of some religiously molested state – uncomfortable? Iran cannot have nukes. How dare they assume they could level the playing field? How dare Ron Paul suggest they are being talked into another pointless rich man’s war in which scores of innocent life will be lost, on both sides?

Its 2012, I am still waiting for someone claiming God told them to get naked, get stoned and have a party, to be taken seriously. I could get on with that God. I do not want anything to do with a God who tells imbeciles like George Bush, who snorted more cocaine than Scarface, to invade and kill anyone. What a buzz kill. Why does this God run in those circles? You can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep.

America will have a new president this year.  Obama did not pave the streets with gold or give every man woman and child in America a swimming pool filled with money. He did not even single-handedly fix the environment, the swine. Therefore, the rest of the world has to be punished by having a man who thinks taxpaying citizens bodies fall under their jurisdiction. Do not do drugs, do not pleasure yourself, do not have sex without a contract, do not wear a condom and do not think about aborting the child growing in you, even if you were raped. It is for your own good, for the afterlife, and all that. Do not dare masturbate, God is watching and he does not like it.

These people are all campaigning against same sex marriage. Sadly, it is a powerful campaign tool because of the small-minded bigotry running rampant through the conservative states. A country, which travels the globe “spreading democracy and freedom”, do not allow their own citizens to get married. That does not sound very free, or democratic.

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