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A Christian, a Mormon and a Catholic Walk Into a Political Arena

By Henry Hunter

You know your country is in trouble when a group of Religious Maniacs start arguing over who follows the right religion. I am almost missing the days when Man Child Bush would say God told him to kill everyone who didn’t bow down to his muddled perception of democracy and Christianity.

It is like the start of a joke. A Mormon, A Catholic and A Christian walked into a bar… However, the punch line is detrimental to your freedom and existence.

The Catholic doesn’t like the Mormon and vice versa. The Christian is on the sideline wondering where his chances went and they all have a problem with the Secular President and his apparent war on Religion. It would make you laugh if it wasn’t so utterly terrifying. One of these people will win. That is scary.

Religion has no place in politics, it is simply used to draw in the people who either cannot read or cannot be bothered to read. More than likely door number one. Reading is, after all, for socialists and heathens!

If you vote based on what religion someone follow then you have a lot to do with what is wrong with the world. Religion is personal, not some campaign tool. I find the use of it as a campaign tool insulting to all religions and religious people, and I am not even one of them.

“Religious Freedom” is an oxymoron. The fact that Gingrich would say it shows the level to which he was educated, and then to argue that Obama is involved in a war against religion, Newt is running for the same job. Fighting against other religions in the name of your own is part of the POTUS’ job description. You would have assumed he would know this. He went on to say Obama is leading an “assault on the Catholic Church”. Personally, I do not see how this could be seen as a bad thing. The Catholic Church, as and organization, is rotten from the top down. If you disagree with that statement, rather than wasting your time writing to me about it, you should probably just read something about it first, something that was not written by a Pedophile Sympathizer inside the church.

Religion has no place in modern politics. It is unacceptable that it is still so prevalent. In Britain, this avenue was taken by Cameron claiming that Britain should get back to its Christian roots, without realizing that Christian Roots means Pagan, because that is where it all started for Britain. Nevertheless, we are used to David Cameron trying to act as if he knows what he is talking about, and trying to be American.

We pay politicians to keep the country running, not so they can tell us which fairy tale they believe. My PM could be a Satanist, I would not care as long as he gets the job done and does not go on about Satan too much. It does not stop with what God they believe in, they want to control what you do with your body. They do so with laws, so it is not really a choice. If you put something in your body, or take, something out your body that they do not agree with you will be punished.

It is a most bizarre concept, and only exists because of an unquenchable desire of money and is only attainable thanks to the pretense of religion. People who use your desire for easy answers against you have duped us. That is all it is, religion, the desire for an easy answer. So keep it the hell away from politics, politics is serious. Look what happens when we let someone possessed by a God into the White House, we end up in an unending conflict with people we are convinced are evil. It is pure coincidence that these bad-guys always seem to favor settling in the countries sitting atop something we need.

So all these candidates are right, Mitt, Newt and the other one there is an anti religion voice amongst them but this is where they are wrong, is it who should we listened to. Not to stop people believing what they want to believe, that would be un-cool, and you can believe what you want. Just do not accept it in politics, because politics is a deadly serious business and has no place for fairy tales that can cause so much drama, death, destruction and segregation. You may think the sun first shone out of your Gods rear-end, but the rest of us would like to live our lives in the way we wish, and these maniacs are ruining it for everyone.

The only way I can think to combat this unending list of versions of the same story is to write out a list of cool ways to live, bury them around the world and hope that they get taken as seriously in a couple of hundred years as all this nonsense does now. Hell, I would not even have to wait until I am dead, look at that maniac Joseph Smith. He managed it, as did L. Ron Hubbard. I am going to give it a shot.

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