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Willie Nelson and the TeaPot Party enter the political scene

If you live in a country where marijuana is illegal, which covers almost every country I have visited or even heard of, your Governmentmight just be a band of clueless maniacs. Or, they are having their pockets lined by the gangsters who make all the money from the sale of the plant that grows in the ground that the believers claim their all knowing, omnipotent God created.

He created the land and the sea, he made us in his image, he did it all in 6 days and on the 7th he rested. However, he sure as hell did not relax with a joint, God forbid. Marijuana might just prove God does not exist, if it is as evil as your Christian leader’s say it is. The same Christian leaders, who led to us into devastating war after devastating war, and kill in his name, just do not get high beforehand.

If anything, marijuana is a great advert for God. If I were the pope, who I sometimes think I should be, I would use weed as the argument for following the religion. Instead of scaring the kids away with the prospect of being raped and silenced, maybe they should be offering spiritual awakening and an altered mind, which some will say is a bad thing, but those who know, know.

Sure, there is such a thing as too high, and it is not nice to get there. Moreover, yeah, some people should not smoke weed, but the same can be said for any of the legal drugs. Some people go to the pub all day, get stupid drunk, go home, and beat their spouse. Some people twitch their way through a caffeine dependant existence. God Forbid you spend your days in a stoned stupor, I mean, you might lose interest in turning up for a job in which you spend the day interfering in people’s lives with your sales pitch.

Marijuana was there a long time before your office gig, bad suit or even your religion. Its usefulness has been over shadowed by political rhetoric and false science. The proof is in the stinky pudding. You want a greener option. It does not get greener than marijuana. Hemp can be used for almost everything from paper to biodegradable plastics. It can feed and shelter, and change the world. It does almost everything, and if your beloved leaders were to create it in a lab, and present you with the pill and the incredible list of things it is capable of, everyone would lose their damn minds and queue round the block for this marvel of modern science.

However, you know, booze and cigs…  They are great. Let us just keep on down this road; it seems to be working out amazingly.

As Willie Nelson’s movement/website TeaPotParty.org suggests, Tax It! Regulate It! Legalize It!  For a country in such dire economic straights as the USA one would think they would take full advantage of such an untapped resource as a plant that is smoked by at least half the population. If you have any reasonable arguments against the legalisation of one of the least harmful plants on God’s Green Earth I am all ears. I will be in the corner tickling my cannabanoid receptors that we all have in our brains, each and every one of us. Get your mind round that.

-henryhunter worldnewsvine uk

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