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The War On Drugs Is Over, We Did It!

June 4, 2011 – The Global Commission on Drug Policy has declared the “War On Drugs” a failure. In a report released on Thursday the commission stated that a new approach is needed, and should be concerned with major cartels rather than small time users.

The report urged governments to experiment with models of legal regulations, particularly when dealing with cannabis. Over 250 million people are thought to use drugs that are currently classed as illegal, with less than a tenth of that thought to be dependent on their drug of choice.

The commission has essentially asked for a grown up approach, and to put an end to archaic laws that serve no purpose and that were designed at a time of hysteria and a lack of scientific back up. In the UK in particular the line between politics and science has marred the drug debate for what feels like eternity. It came to an ugly head when Professor David Nutt, one time head of the government’s drug committee, was fired for saying that cannabis was illegal for political and not scientific reasons, and that you are in more danger of death from riding a horse than you are from taking ecstasy. The fatalities from recreational drugs are usually due to a lack of regulations that result in who-knows-what being sold as drugs.

Thanks to the media regurgitating the same old nonsense about drugs and the people who enjoy them, the general public know nothing factual about drugs such as marijuana. If you want to buy weed in this country you must deal with whoever is holding onto some. This can lead you to being in situations that you do not necessarily want to be in, and results in having absolutely no choice in what you buy, and mostly all the time the quality is below par with some home grown garbage that smells like weeds from the garden.

In a world where certain drugs, such as alcohol, are deemed acceptable despite their well documented destructive qualities that result in countless deaths per year, there is no actual reason given for why you can’t walk into a shop and choose your weed in the same way that you can with booze, or coffee, or cigarettes, or painkillers. Anyone who has been to The Netherlands can attest, you can seek advice from the kindly man or woman selling marijuana in one of the countless shops available to the public.

It is obviously unlikely that the UK government will consider this suggestion. They made their position very clear when they weeded out the scientists from the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD). They were then replaced with yes men who would continue to uphold the charade that not only will marijuana make turn you into a deviant basket case who could not tell you their first name, but that there is some kind of difference between the drugs that are illegal and the ones that are not. Loose lips sink ships.

I care not a jot for the sensibilities of the anti-drug campaigners or the people who make and uphold these ridiculous laws. It is absolutely outrageous that we try to uphold some kind of image of a democratic Utopia when our legal system throw kids in jail for being found with a personal stash, where they will be forced to mix with proper bad guys, and more than likely move on to harder drugs. People who know absolutely nothing about just about everything throw around the “gateway” argument. Some people take drugs. The fact that they start on weed isn’t the issue. When you smoke weed in a country that views you as dangerous as a pedophile in regard to the time you will do for your crime, you can be put in the situation of being offered some shady chemical drug from some scumbag dealer because he doesn’t have weed, whereas that problem wouldn’t exist if there were shops to buy it from.

Drugs are drugs. Just because some private schoolboy in his daddies suit tells the public that there is some imaginary difference between the taxed ones and the un-taxed ones doesn’t mean that there is.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe within a year of marijuana and other assorted drugs being legalized the streets will run red with the blood of the children who have been attacked, beaten and murdered by all the maniacs out their minds on weed… But it would be more likely that you would just end up with a sore arm and a raw palm because all the groovy cats walking in the streets would be high fiving you as you walked past.

In closing, this is my main argument there are two groups of people who want drugs to be illegal. First, the people who make, and enforce the laws, and secondly the criminals who are making billion per year from drugs such as marijuana. That should be enough to warrant the immediate legalization of marijuana and an in-depth review into all other drugs and the laws around them.

One more thing, we won this war and we did it from our couches.

Henry Hunter – WorldNewsVine

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