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Premiership Footballer To Sue Twitter | Another Doomsday has Passed

May 21, 2011 (Doomsday) – Seeing, as we are all still alive it is safe to assume that once again the crazy Christians got it wrong. There are still, many hours left today, so we cannot count the rapture out completely, spare a thought for the many people across the States who will be sitting in their lounge, in their best, waiting for Jesus.

Now that another doomsday has passed and, once again, failed to materialize leaving us with about one year and six months or so until the next one in 2012 which I will take slightly more seriously because John Cusack was in a movie about it, and who doesn’t love John Cusack? So given that the good lord, or whoever it is, has granted us a stay of execution I will push on with the serious matters at hand… Super Injunctions, the new celebrity craze sweeping the UK.

A super injunction enables rich people to gag the press so that their secrets don’t come out. Arnold sure could have used one this week. In fact, think of all the Americans in recent times that could have saved their careers if only they could gag the press. Gosh Darned freedom of the press, the hippies won. But not in the UK.

A premiership footballer is to sue Twitter because the details of his gagging order were exposed on the site.

By acquiring one of these injunctions, which can cost upwards of £50,000, you are actually putting a stop to the media publishing your name or photo in the story of your sexual exploits, which are more than likely extracurricular.

One of the lesser evils that occur when you gag the press is that people start to make up their own minds, so instead of knowing for a fact that Big Brother’s Welsh “star” Imogen Thomas had her affair with, Twitter tweeters tweeted that it was Ryan Giggs, because it had to be someone and he is Welsh.

It is not confined to the vacuous and utterly despicable worlds of reality TV and football, even respected jug eared journalist Andrew Marr paid to have fellow journalists gagged after he found himself on the cusp of being outed as a cad and a bounder.

The current storm, created on Twitter, has legs. It is actually on the top of the front page of the BBC news website, over suicide bombs and tales of economic woe. Priorities, we got them!

Whomever this “CBT” character is, that being the name he goes under to fulfill his fascist ways, he is now trying to get a court order to make Twitter release the names of the anonymous people who posted his identity… Where will this all end? What if he checks into the hotel I work in, can I call him by name, or will that result in me being gagged? Can we ever talk about semi-worthless humans ever again? Will the rich just start stuffing the mouths of the poor with big bills to get them to not spill secrets.

Whoever CBT is, one thing is clear. People are too obsessed with celebrity. However, in the respect of something that actually matters, being able to gag the press is not a good road to venture down. Nevertheless, if one thing has always been true in the U.K. it is that the rich can do what they want; the poor will pay for it somehow. I can imagine that if my life was a sorry mess, a sad depressing void of broken dreams and an inability to put the focus on my own life, then I would probably be as obsessed as some people I have had the misfortune of knowing or just meeting.

Just think, someday these idiots will realize that if they keep their head down for a week then all their troubles will blow over, because although they think they are highly important to the spinning of the earth, they are not. They are disposable, naturally. That is the nature of our culture. That will do until the next one, the next one will be better, and so on until the apocalypse actually happens.

Death to mediocre celebrity.

Henry Hunter.

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