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Is He Dead? You Decide… Or Choose Not To Care

May 5, 2011 – Arguably now the world’s biggest celebrity Jihadist, Bin Laden may have been reportedly stopped however, Is-Osama-Dead-Gate is now in full flow. Is he really dead, do I really care, is it possible that releasing a photo of his corpse will make his followers hate Americans more than they already do?

It has long been both a rib tickler and a ‘bone of contention’ to this writer that so much of the Worlds conflict these days is based on American Intelligence, I have stated before that War worked better in the past when the UK took care of intelligence and the US took care of blowing stuff up. This was a special relationship, and it beat the Nazis.

Now, look where “American Intelligence” has gotten us. Back when Bin Laden became the High Councilor to all Jihadist SOBs around the world (according to Fox) we were sold certain things, and one of those things was that the troops would leave no rock unturned in Afghanistan or Pakistan in the search for this man. I realize that there are a whole lot of rocks in Pakistan and Afghanistan, but apparently no one thought to just knock on his front door.

Picture the troops walking past “The Old Bin Laden Place” and thinking, “Nah, he wouldn’t be that stupid.” Turns out, he was that stupid, far from living in a cave as we were told, he was living in a house, and there are people all over the place. Local kids complained to western journos that they would kick a ball over his wall and they would never get it back. Nevertheless, not all local kids were afraid of him, there are reports of Osama playing with the children’s pet rabbits.

President Obama’s stance that the graphic photos of Bin Laden – post bullet in the head – would incite anger and possibly violence. While that would be easy to joke about, in a very serious way, it is a bit late to be worrying about pissing off the locals. The death of one person may provide the Western Media with yet another thing to keep the public on edge with, but it is doubtful that it is going to lead to another terrorist attack; our collective foreign policy is what will lead to that.

The official story has now been revised and it would appear that Bin Laden was not armed, which makes this a matter of unlawful killing. I realize that calling the killing of Bin Laden unlawful may not sit well with one of the whooping and hollering patriots of the USA, but that is what it is. What is most troubling about this is that they killed him, disposed of the body, unwilling to release the footage of the kill, or the photo of the body. Yet they announce to the world that he was unarmed? That is very confusing. This was Osama Bin Laden, the world’s most evil, dangerous, and well-connected man. Yet he was shot dead, unarmed in a really depressing house in a rubbish neighborhood in Pakistan.

There seemed to be throngs of idiots celebrating the death of Bin Laden as if it was the end of terrorism, seemingly oblivious to the never-ending nature of their actions. As if that was not stupid, enough they seem to credit this dead idiot with the ability to speak to all Jihadists around the world. That there is some kind of structure to the “organization”, one can only assume this is because if you told one of these people that there is no structure and it is simply small groups of religious maniacs organizing themselves, with no pigeon coming from Pakistan telling them what their target is, mass soiling of the collective underwear would ensue. That surely has to be a terrifying thought for someone who thinks al-Qaeda are the new Nazis.

Just think, if the BBC or Fox, or CBS, or Sky did not show his videos you would not know anything about him, you would not care. When it is on the news it is in your mind, when it is not on the news you forget in favor of something else that seems important at the time. You want to hear some crazy news that I only just found out?

The human brain has cannabinoid receptors. The human brain has parts that can only be activated by Ligands, endocannabinoids, plant cannabinoids and synthetic cannabinoids. That is incredible. Killing a person is far from incredible. To me this is not even news, it is propaganda. Bin Laden is dead… Big deal. Your brain has sections that can only be opened by smoking weed.

That’s news.

Henry Hunter Scotland

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