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Who Cares About Libya?

London, UK (Apr 3) – I have been off the radar for two weeks, on the road with the band, trying my hardest not to freak out about the Japan Nuclear Meltdown that is being underplayed. Meanwhile simultaneously praying to every God – the made up ones and the Alien Overlords – that something terrible would happen to every single politician on the face of this planet. Neither got me anywhere.

As things stand in the UK right now, if you are a militant rebel in some far off land, you have the UK government’s full backing. If you are a UK citizen who is angry about being shafted by your Government, and choose to voice it, you are a thug, and will be beaten accordingly by the mob handed pile of bastards that make up the Metropolitan Police.

Twenty years ago, before a trade was agreed, Colonel Gaddafi was a bad man, a tyrant, and the media portrayed him as such. Then we started doing business with him, and for the last 10 years he has been ‘not such a bad tyrant’, now we are being forced to flip our thoughts on him again. I am not standing for it.

Henry Hunter, badass journalist from Scotland, refuses to take this nonsense. If the situation in Libya is anything, it is a Civil War, or the beginning of one. Moreover, the US, UK and French, and Canadians and whoever else is involved are wrong to be. I probably could care less about the rebel uprising, I am not sure, I certainly don’t really care about it at all.

However, when the BBC is showing footage of British politicians calling angry British citizens “thugs”, while praising the actions of our military for killing innocent people bombing enough ‘big stuff’ up so they can make the subsequent contracting work worth it. All the while arming the rebels and giving them objectives such as ‘take all the oil sites’; I most definitely see a problem with that.

However, that is not the issue here. These damn hippies breaking bank windows are the real issue. Focus on these people Britain they are your enemy. They do not want to sit back and be shafted by David Cameron and his coalition of Yellow sex toys; they are harming the natural balance of things, and the Olympic Clock that your money was spent on. They are against bankers, and illegal invasions. These protesters are crazy and must be stopped.

Don’t worry about how incredibly quick we stared obliterating another Oil Rich desert country, don’t question the legality of such actions, don’t worry about the consequences either. Just complain and moan about people protesting massive cuts that will ensure this country never fully recovers. Who cares about this Government being as corrupt as the last? Poor Santander got their windows panned in, that is not cheap to fix, poor old Santander.

If you are “pro-what’s” happening in Libya, and “anti-what’s” happening up and down the country in regard to the systematic dissection of this once OK country, then we won’t get on. And I don’t think you’ll find what you’re looking for here, the BBC website is just round the corner, or go a bit further right and you can check out Fox News.

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