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The French Are In… This Must Be Serious

London, UK (Mar 19) – In the UK, and from what I believe the USA, there is a running joke about the French and their attitude towards war. As the American War Machine readied to roll on Iraq, the French stood their ground, expressing a desire to wait for the UN weapons inspectors to turn something up that would justify the invasion. The rest is history.

The Simpsons called them Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys. We all laughed. History shows that they are far from it, and in fact have fought in more wars than anyone else has. Argue all you want, Britain, Italy, Greece whatever. France pips them all.

When France stood back in 2003, which angered the White House and subsequently the American public at large, they did so for a reason, a reason that is now commended in hindsight. Illegal wars that grew from botched land grabs did not tickle the French Fancy, so to speak.

Today the headlines are all about the French fighter jets that are taking to the skies over Libya, believed to be the first act of intervention since the UN voted for a No-Fly zone on Thursday. Le Petit President
Nicolas Sarkozy has stated that his “air force will oppose any aggression.” By which he was referring to the “murderous madness of Gaddafi”.

They will be joined shortly by the Canadian Air Force, which thundered past my bedroom window at ridiculous O’clock this morning, making my sleeping pattern an early casualty in this upcoming war. We must all do our bit I guess. Alternatively, move further away from Prestwick Airport and its military length runway.

Our very own confused PM David Cameron has announced, “the time for action has come” in the wake of the already broken ceasefire. Soon the RAF will once again save the world, as they did in WW2, when we bailed out the yanks. You are welcome, by the way, say Danke. It is unknown at this time when the Tornado and Typhoon fighters will take care of business, but it will be very soon no doubt. One can only hope that they leave it an hour later than the Canadians do.

David Cameron sounds genuinely shocked that the leader of a country whose name is pre-fixed with Colonel would break his word. What is shocking to me is that as a coalition we bombed Iraq back to the dark ages and made Afghanistan look even more like Aunt Beru and Uncle Owens Moisture Farm on Tatooine, and we did it with very little proof or indeed qualms. Yet this maniac is publicly killing his own citizens, and unlike Saddam Hussein, is not hiding in a hole. Gaddafi and his face are very much telling his enemies that he is going to continue doing what he wants.

What is even more surprising is that despite Libya having the largest proven oil reserves in Africa, The USA have not jumped teeth first into this conflict. If the bumbling retarded redneck Bush were still in the White House, he would have nuked the place and extracted the oil with a Mickey Mouse straw by now.

As of yet there are no plans to send in ground troops… Or, “put boots on the ground” as the mainstream media like to put it. No mention of troops filling those boots, so I guess it means the same thing. While the occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan were very much fought on the ground, resulting in huge loss of life on both sides, the prospect of dogfights on the news is exciting. Which may sound cold hearted and childish, but I am a product of my surroundings and can only hear about how awesome and righteous we are before I start to actually believe it.

So let us get the weird faced bastard. Capture him, melt down his medals and forge a sword, then chop his head off and let the wild dogs feast on his exposed neck meat.

However, can we do all this in the afternoon, I hate getting woken up in the morning by war.

By the time this is posted, the UK and the US will be involved, and we will go through the whole thing again.

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