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Charlie Sheen is the Party

March 1 – The news consuming the public, over the years, has always had a soft spot for hard partying maniacs, Hunter S. Thompson, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Errol Flynn, and even George W Bush.  The list goes on, and one thing remains true, they all took more drugs than anyone else dared, and survived to tell us all about it. 

Sadly this has been lost in the last decade, at least, by the over saturation in the media.  They would have you believe that these people are criminals.  In reality George W. Bush was less of a criminal when he was heavy into cocaine than he became when he said White God wanted him to invade oil and heroin rich countries.

Mostly all the people who are legends of the counter-culture were mad into drugs.  It is a shame that the media make fun of these people now, because it dilutes the impact their actions should have.  Today a celebrity will go into rehab to help them get off the hazelnut skinny lattes.

Thank the Gods then for Charlie Sheen.

The Platoon star has been in the news since the terrified porn star locked in his bathroom story broke.  In the last few days, Charlie Sheen has been on radio and TV not only to stand by his hard partying, but also to impart his unique brand of wisdom.  For which we should be grateful.

He spoke at length about his partying on Good Morning America, which appears to be presented by a blond robot that is designed not laugh, or be seen to take any form of enjoyment out of life in any way.  The blond robot tried her hardest to get some sort of regret from Sheen, which was not forthcoming.  When she quizzed him on the idea that he could be bi-polar, Sheen hit back with “I’m bi-winning,” before announcing to America, and then the Internet, that he (or at least his brain) was from another realm.

Sheen has been on almost every TV, radio, and Internet show that will have him, including bawfaced Piers Morgan’s tragedy of a chat show.  Each day I wake up there is a completely new batch of Sheen-isms to start my day to.  Today was no different.

The Blond Robot did not know if she should laugh, cry, have sex with him, or take more Xanax, or any of those “good,” government approved drugs.  It was clear that she could not compute.

The wild eyed, smoking, erratic appearance on Good Morning America will go down in the history books, alongside the video of Crispin Glover tripping on acid on Letterman, a golden moment in a world where the hard partying maniac has become a pastiche. 

Reports suggest that he is clean, and he claims that he will remain that way, simply because he decided to be clean.  In a statement that almost made Blond Robots head explode, Charlie Sheen laughed off the suggestion that spending time with his kids could be compared to taking loads of drugs in the company of porn stars while acting like an “f-18…  doing strafing runs in my underwear.”  Sheen claims that while his life now, in the company of his children, is perfect, it simply does not compare.  “There are great things about both.”

Sheen is now demanding $3 million an episode, despite filming being suspended and John Stamos being rumored to be stepping into his role.  Two and A Half Men is a show I find tragically unfunny, but from what I gather it is pretty much about a womanizing, hard partying guy called Charlie.  Why would they need Stamos?  Just get rid of the fat kid, the loser sidekick and turn the show into a documentary.

Everyone knows one person that Is The Party.  On the other hand, at least, everyone should.  If you have someone in your company who is not afraid of the abyss it makes your half arsed attempts to step off the edge slightly less terrifying.

“Tiger Blood!”

Henry Hunter WorldNewsVine UK

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