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Aliens, Religion & Parallel Universes.

The Truth Is Out There, or is it?

Yeah, it is.  Of course it is, unless you are looking for one truth in particular.  Say, for example, you want to know what happened one night in 1980 in the woods of Suffolk, when US servicemen based in RAF Woodbridge saw mysterious lights.

The details of that particular truth are not out there.  When 8000 documents were declassified and released, investigators found a huge gap where the “Rendlesham Incident” papers should have been.

What the USAF more than likely saw.

The reasons for this massive, conspiracy shaped gap can be easily explained, or so they would have you believe.  Maybe they were left on a train, like so many official documents before them.  Maybe they were the best evidence yet of the existence of aliens and were shredded by a member of a catholic sleeper cell inside our Ministry of Defence.  Best-case scenario, they were stolen and are being lined up for release by Wikileaks although, had the person responsible just waited the documents would have been released anyway.

There is plenty to absorb here without the “Rendlesham Incident”.  Sightings by “credible witnesses” such as the crew of an RAF Tornado who encountered an Unidentified Flying Object the size of a C130 Hercules somewhere over the North Sea in 1990.  The pilot of said Tornado claims that while he was flying at Mach 0.8, a ship the likes of which he had never seen overtook him.

As usual, there is an explanation…  Or so they want you to believe.  Apparently, a Russian rocket booster was re-entering Earth’s atmosphere that day.  Excuses, excuses.

The documents reveal just how much the UK government got into the whole flying saucer debate, there are also some witness drawings.  The House of lords felt fit to discuss the prospect of an alien invasion amid reports that 6 alien ships had been discovered around Britain, which turned out to be an elaborate hoax by students.

The missing files relating to the incident in the woods of Suffolk is one of those things that will keep the UFO ball rolling.  Their disappearance is questionable, seeing as the “Rendlesham Incident” is regarded by many as proof of a  close encounter of the 3rd kind by many enthusiasts.

It took place over two nights in 1980.  RAF Woodbridge was being used by the US Air Force, a group of who claim to have seen bright lights in the trees when they were out investigating strange markings on the ground.  The Rendlsham Incident is widely regarded as Britain’s very own Roswell, the incident in ’47 on a ranch in New Mexico when a UFO crashed, and shadowy elements within the US Government covered it up, and hid the wreck and it’s alien crew (some of who were still alive) at a Top Secret Military base in Nevada.  The same place that houses the Above Top Secret Aurora Project, the ship that doesn’t officially exist, but is rumoured to travel at speeds of up to Mach 20…

It is easy to come off as some kind of lunatic when broaching this subject, particularly in a group of unimaginative swine, or the religious.  However, let us look at the proof.

Out of the thousands of documents held by the UK Government, the only ones that are missing are the ones relating to the case that is widely regarded as an actual close encounter.

Huge advancements in technology coming from the Base that was rumored to house a crashed alien ship and the alien pilots…  A base that until recent years did not officially exist.  Google Earth sure put that to rest.

The only proof I need is the fact that I have actually seen an alien ship.  Well.  I am not sure if it was an alien ship.  The way I see it, it was one of two things. But let’s assume for now it was alien.

I am very much a skeptic when it comes to certain things.  Like, how the hell did the likes of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John know what Jesus said?  Given the hundreds of years between their lives, and the lack of technology.  Repeat to me a famous speech, Kennedy or MLK.  Even Clinton’s ‘I’m a good guy’ speech in the 90’s.  Guaranteed you get some of it wrong.  It is the nature of the thing.  So how can so much faith be put in to “what Jesus said” that, along with the oppressive nature of mostly all religions.  It makes you wonder just how it lasted.

I am not just flat out saying, “it was aliens”.  It may be aliens, and in the last week, I have been re-reading the bible with the mindset that Jesus and God were aliens.  It has to be said, it makes more sense.

The night I saw this craft I was completely sober, that is an important point.  I was in the bedroom in my old, old house.  It had a velux window on the roof.  I was listening to music and relaxing in my mess.

As if by magic, out of thin air, a ship appeared.  It was about the size of two SUVs, had sharp edges and there were amazing lights coming from it.  The thing got closer and the lights dimmed slightly, although I am colour blind; the colours coming from the ship were unlike anything I have ever seen.

As if they knew I was watching, the ship hovered above my window.  After what felt like seconds, but turned out to be a lot longer, the front panel of the ship became transparent and I was staring into the eyes of an actual alien.  Your classic alien, one of The Greys that Reagan and Gorbachev went on about all the time.

Then the strangest thing happened.  The Alien nodded it’s head at me, as if to say ‘What’s up?’  I nodded back in reply, as if to say ‘nothing much’.  He turned round and tapped a second alien, of which I could only see the back of it’s head.  The second one turned round and did the same thing, nodded.  I nodded back.

Then the alien did something I always dreamed about, he pointed at me, then pointed at the inside of the ship and then pointed into the sky.  I could not believe it, I was about to be “abducted”, but it felt more friendly than that.  Before I could answer, the two of them seemed to burst out laughing, and then the pilot flipped me the finger and disappeared into the night sky.

True Story.

One day they will be back.  And I will kick that aliens head in.  Won’t be so funny then.

Anyway, I got sidetracked there.  If the prospect of aliens flying about the night sky-winding people up is a little farfetched for you, there is always the other option.  As a race, us Humans have to at least consider the possibility that we are living in just one of the, possible, infinite number of universes that occupy this space.  That would explain a lot for me.  Ghosts in particular.  Again, rather more seriously, I have seen a ghost.  But I have long been of the mindset that when you see a “ghost” you are actually getting a glimpse of an alternate universe, that is like our world, yet completely different.

The concept that a technologically superior race lives out in infinite space, or parallel universes is laughed off.  But the idea that God impregnated a virgin, and the offspring of said tryst could do magic tricks, and a 900 year old man called Noah made an ark and managed to keep the animals from killing each other, as nature would otherwise dictate…  This all coming after the Story of Adam and Eve, the story of two aliens whose son leaves their planet in search of a wife after killing his own brother.

You guys have all lost it.

Here is the link to download the documents. Only available for a month.


Henry Hunter WorldNewsVine Planet Earth.

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