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The Price Of a Papal Visit… And What Happens on The 8th Day.

London, UK (Feb 17) – The Foreign Office has today confirmed that the Papal Visit 2010 has cost the taxpayer £6.9 million.  A further £6.3 was shelled out by the Government, which is to be reimbursed by the church, who also contributed a further £3.8 million.  Of all that money, none of it included the cost of policing the parade, and the Scottish Government part-funded the North of The Border leg.

Henry Bellingham, Foreign Office Minister, called the visit “historic” and by all accounts, it seems to have been successful.  Depending on what the church wished to achieve.  If it wished to parade a criminal through the streets and act like he is an actual state official, and offer no kind of public apology for the many, many heinous crimes committed in the name of their god that were exposed in the months leading to the visit.  Then I would say it was successful.

Mr. Bellingham went on to describe the visit as an important milestone between the UK and the Holy See.  For those who are unsure, the Holy See, they are a bunch of horrid swine with history of murder and conspiracy.  All in the name of God though, so they do not seem too fussed.  On the 400th anniversary of the murder of Giordano Bruno at the hands of the church for such serious crimes as Holding erroneous opinions about Christ, the Virginity of Mary, the trinity and having the sheer brass neck to believe that space is infinite and stars are much like our sun, the Holy See apologize, in a way.  The apology rather hinted at “we did it before and we’ll do it again, but maybe a little less public next time,” much like their policy on kiddy fiddlers that still lurk in their churches.  Move them on; keep them hidden, loose lips sink ships.

£1.7 million pounds of real money was spent on a beatification ceremony; the third of four steps in the canonization process, the fourth step is being named a Saint.  The person receiving this honor must be dead.  It seems a little bit of a waste to this writer, why not honor people who are still alive, it makes more sense that way, through public appearances you could see a return on your investment.  Roll up, Roll up, See your Saint here, only £100 to kiss the Saints feet.  You have not given enough to your faith, give more.  The Pope needs some new ‘bling’.

I cannot really handle seeing the Pope in his garb, filtering money the way he does.  I cannot really handle him in the first place because I hate to see criminals roaming about free, but in equal measures the house he lives in and the get-up he wears, so much for a religion championing the poor. Silk, jewels and gold.  The Pope does not scrimp on the look.  He should open his doors to the thousands of homeless people who litter the Streets of Rome, like the fellow 200 yards from the entrance to Vatican City, his toes point towards his head, if you have been to the Vatican; I assume you know whom I mean.

Apparently this is in no way hypocritical.

I read an amazingly accurate passage from the bible the other day, I cannot really remember the details, but it went on about how the end times would be signaled by a lack of faith in God and a rise in debauchery etc.  It made me happy to be alive; sometimes you forget to appreciate that.  With all the terrible things on the news, criminals in charge of everything, your country to your religion via your bank, sometimes it is nice to be reminded that you are alive during a time of transition in the human race, when religion is making its last stand, all religions.  It is hard to imagine that, from this trajectory, religion will still have a hold on the masses in the next 100 years.  As we career towards the end times, us godless heathens will continue on the way we are because we have about as much faith in Armageddon as we do in global warming, how would you tell the difference anyway?  Debate it in limbo.  There is no place for humans in heaven, no matter how hard you believe it.  That is not my opinion that is church teaching.  Heaven is where God and the Saints live.  Only when Catholics became jealous that other religions allowed entrance to heaven, did they change it.

The problem with writing about religion is that I tend to focus on one religion, Catholicism.  The one I was force-fed at school.  I do not want to give the wrong impression, I think mostly all religions are dumb.  I like the idea of having faith, but my problem is that people take advantage of the childlike innocence and nice nature of believers and commit disgusting crimes in their name.  The child abuse scandal being an example, and another being people like George W Bush claiming that God told him to kill all the brown people, using people’s beliefs against them.

My issues are perfectly personified by the following, which I discovered during one of my usual trawls through religious websites.  This belter came from a site that I think is called Evidence For God.  Jackpot!  The section is called What Will Heaven Be Like.  In this bit the writer posits his theory on what God will do on the 8th day, after this world expires, based on the opening of the bible where it says that God created the universe and all its intricacies in 6 days, resting on the 7th.  So, what does God have in store for us next?  Well…

1.  The Earth Will Have No Sea.

2. There Will Be No Sun Or Moon.

3. Gravity Will Be Absent, Or Greatly Reduced.

4. No More Death, Suffering, or Pain.

5. Believers Will Receive a New body.

Pretty air tight if you ask me.

It is hard to know what to say.  The person who wrote this exists and, as we speak, is using our oxygen.  The saddest thing about this is that the writer is so close to just believing in Parallel Universes but has let religion get in the way.

I feel I have drifted far off topic.  Maybe in this new universe I will be able to stay on subject and not be such a moaner.  Live and let live and all that.  I hope that when Catholic God creates his new universe he will abolish this “Gods Law” nonsense that pedophiles came up with in order to keep having sex with children, guilt free.

As for point number 5, do we get a choice on what our new body will look like?  I have certain ratio issues with this current body.

Henry Hunter – WorldNewsVine Scotland

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