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To Hell with the Far Wrong | Westboro Baptist Church Blocked from Tucson Funeral

(January 12) – The shooting in Tucson had nothing to do with a map featuring gun sights, claims the woman who produced the map featuring gun sights.

Former vice Presidential candidate and Beauty Queen, Sarah Palin has broken her silence after she was unofficially assigned the blame by the media, the left leaning media. The right wing media have been quick to shrug the shooting off as the actions of a lone gunman, a crazy, weed addled maniac who acted alone, has no political or religious affiliation of any kind.  He is white, white people cannot be religious fundamentalists.

Ms Palin, star of the incredibly popular movie “Who’s Nailin’ Palin” called the attack as “the work of a single, evil man.”  This, as we have found out to our constant detriment, is never the case.

Sarah Palin has reacted with shock at being painted into this picture, in this video she portrays a woman who does not seem to grasp that being a pro-gun, pro-hunting person of low intelligence, which other pro-gun, pro-hunt people of low intelligence are going to take her rhetoric the way that only they can, with a view to a kill.

She protests, but she knows that her map was irresponsible and moronic.  She is not a capable enough speaker to pass a lie; this is why she fumbled the ball so badly in the run up to the elections. The republicans put their faith in this woman, and now that they realized what an idiot she is, for someone so far out on the right, she spends most of her life being so unquestionably wrong.  Luckily for her, and people like her, there is always a political option further out into the wings, on either side.

Just out of view, me whispering... "If your god thinks that then he is a douchebag... and your dad is also your grandad, uncle and family friend...

Speaking of far right, inbred, attention seeking imbeciles, Fred Phelps and his band of 12-fingered apostles have spoken of plans to picket the funeral of the young girl killed in the attack in Tucson.  Naturally, the media always blows their deluded chatter out of proportion.  Nevertheless, incase this is one of those occasions that they actually drag themselves away from trying to populate the world with Fred Phelps tainted offspring, do not feel you need to stand for it.  If you see someone picketing a funeral, you walk right up and you punch them in the face.  Their freedom to protest is the same as your freedom to not have your world over-run with brainless, fundamentalist miscreants.

The Westboro Baptists may find it difficult, not because the daylight hurts their eyes or burns their skin, but because Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has passed a law which prohibits protesting within 300 feet.  Knowing the way that these people work, they will be protesting, with their dumb little half-brained children and their signs, which say one thing to them, and something completely different to those with a mind of their own.  They will be easy to spot though, if they do try to break the ban, they all look exactly the same.

The UK has more control of its right wing, at least to an extent that we know when someone is just too right wing.  Obviously, we have a Conservative Government, but our version of the Tea Party (the right wing maniacs who do not think they are right wing maniacs); the BNP was shown the door at the last elections, because there is (sometimes) a difference between being Conservative and being an idiot.  Nick Griffin is the poor man’s, poor man’s Hitler.  He has nothing going for him.  His policies and followers are badly conceived and his eyes are all over the place after a botched operation to set them further apart so that he could simply just look around the growing hoards of immigrants.

Henry Hunter – WorldNewsVine U.K.

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One Response to To Hell with the Far Wrong | Westboro Baptist Church Blocked from Tucson Funeral

  1. maschwar

    January 12, 2011 at 1:42 pm

    The Westboro Baptist Church are a bunch of chickens. Brain washing children into carrying such signs to inflame hatred and intolerance is just plain evil! Guess these guys took a page from Hitler!

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