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Vatican Bank Under Investigation for Money Laundering

By Henry Hunter – WorldNewsVine UK

December (18) – In September of this year Italian Police seized £39.5 million in assets from the Vatican Bank when it became embroiled in a scandal similar to the one in the late 80’s which led to the deaths of two bankers.  One who died in prison from poisoning, the other was found hung under London Bridge.

While the Vatican is quick to laugh the seizure off as some kind of “misunderstanding”, quickly became known as the Standard Catholic Response to almost all bad things they get accused of doing. Court documents show that prosecutors claim that the Vatican bank has continued to ignore anti-laundering laws, the same documents also show that there has been serious investigation into the claims that clergy have acted as fronts for dodgy businessmen and Mafioso.

The claims are not unfounded; the Vatican has kept transactions under false names and large withdrawals, the destination of which secret.

2011 could not come soon enough for the scandal-prone HQ of the Catholic Faith.  The year 2010 was, essentially, a shooting gallery for anyone wishing to take a pop, like a modern day stocks where the public, largely thanks to the Internet, got the chance to hurl anything they desired at the leaders of a religion who protect the worst type of criminal. Having ties to the mafia almost seems tame by comparison.

The Institute for Religious Works, also known as the IOR, or Institute of Stolen Goods, was set up during WW2, while not exactly stated, presumably to store all the Nazi loot that Pope Pius XII was paid to keep his mouth shut.

Naturally, the Holy See is “perplexed and astonished” by these accusations, claiming that everything the police would need is on file at the Bank of Italy; they can get it from the Bank boss, Mr. Gotti Tedeschi.  The first part of that mans second name is highly unfortunate for someone who is trying to prove there is no mafia involvement, merely an observation.

In the 80’s, when the Vatican was last involved in a money scandal, a man called Roberto Calvi who was the chair of Banco Ambrosiano, of which the Vatican Bank was the main shareholder.  When it’s off shore assets were seized the bank went bust Calvi, known as ‘Gods Banker’ was arrested and sentenced to 4 years, but was released pending appeal, and kept his job at the bank.

Calvi was eventually found by a postman in London, where Calvi had fled to, he was hanging between high and low water marks under Blackfriers Bridge with rocks and £15,000 in cash in his pockets.  Although it was ruled to be suicide at the time, in 2002 after exhumation and further tests, his death was ruled murder.  The masons killed him, or at least it was made to look like it.

If this sounds familiar, it is because it is pretty much the plot of The Godfather Part 3.  Even the pope bit has elements of truth; the death of Pope John Paul 1 is thought to be connected to the Banco Ambrosiano scandal.

There is one great difficulty we face in trying to make the Catholic HQ take responsibility for their actions. They will never believe they have done anything wrong.  Pope Pius XII keeps quiet about the Nazis, and then ends up with many of their valuables.

Pope Benedict XVI helps cover up a long line of perverts running free through the church and its young followers, then gets the top job.  Living by a set of rules that no one else does, seems to have its advantages.  You can do absolutely anything you want, because when you make up the rules there is no one that can get you into trouble.  The Catholic Church is an exposed refuge for men who like to have sex with children, and the age of consent in Vatican City is 12…

It is hardly a bombshell to hear about conspiracy, cover-up, and controversy in the Catholic Church, at least to those whose view isn’t obscured by blind faith.  I hate the dumb jokes about the Pope being a Nazi.  They did not exactly come across as a bunch of chaps one could say no to.  However, it is strange how things come full circle and he is now living in a house, sleeping in a bed and wiping his Holier than Holy with goods paid for with Nazi gold.

The Head of the bank is now under heavy scrutiny.  Mr. Gotti Tedeschi would do well to stay away from the underside of bridges.

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