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Wikileaks Cables | China Backing South Korea?

Rome, IT (Nov 30) – Two big news stories came crashing together today, the escalating trouble in Korea and the most recent “act of terrorism” by whistle-blowing site Wikileaks.

Since the shelling last week between North and South Korea, speculation has grown as to who will be backing who.  USA sided early with the South, obviously.  But that was inevitable and fairly unimportant.  The real question was who was the Chinese going to back.  Their “close allies” in the North seemed like the natural choice, until today.

According to the cables released this week by Wikileaks, the country with the biggest, ‘baddest’ army are growing tired of the attitude of North Korea, or more likely, the attitude of Kim Jong Il.

Officials in China apparently described North Korea as “a spoiled child,” and according to the leaks, told officials from South Korea that Beijing placed little value on the North as a butter state.   The Chinese suggested that the peninsula should be reunified under the control of Seoul.

This would obviously be difficult to achieve.

The release of the most recent documents by Wikileaks has a Groundhog Day feel to it.  Every time there is a release of once-classified documents, there is a flood of people in positions of power, usually American, condemning the people responsible.  This time someone went as far as referring to the site as a “terrorist group.”  Once again proving that some people are completely insane, which is not a problem in itself, but when they hold positions of power, it becomes an issue.

The word terrorist became the in word to use in the early part of this century when public support was needed.  This being thanks mainly to the fact it seemed to be one of maybe only ten words former President Bush knew off by heart.   Some of the others being; ‘Merica, weapons, Terr’, and cheeseburgers.

The big difference between these documents and the previous Iraq War Logs, or the Apache Gunship Massacre video is that this most recent “dump” is made up of US diplomatic cables, i.e. a collection of secret goings on.  For example, the cables showed that the first promise Obama broke, the Guantanamo one, was not for lack of trying.  It seems he tried to bribe other countries into taking the detainees off his hands. One cable claims that Putin and Berlusconi are bigger friends than once thought, and that the Italian PM is Putin’s mouthpiece in Europe.

The fact that only the American government seem angered by the release of these diplomatic cables is probably a lot to do with the fact that they are all US cables. Everyone else is just curious to see what the Americans think of them, not least David Cameron, who is apparently not popular with the Obama Administration which is something me and that Scot hating clown Barack have in common.  Angela Merkel probably will not be bothered about the description of her if she is indeed someone who is “made of Teflon” and who “avoids risk”…  This to me seems like America saying Germany should up their game, which did not work out well the last time, if you remember.

With the revelation that China is maybe not in their corner, North Korea could find themselves in a sticky spot.  It is more likely that you would find Obama in a kilt celebrating St Andrews Night tonight than Kim Jong Il letting go of the tight grip he has on North Korea, certainly not to the South, and certainly not without a massive, bloody battle. Regardless that the US see him as a “flabby old chap” seeing as our leaders have been overusing the word “peacetime” of late, it must be about time for another war.  Might as well be Korea, again.  But what of Iran?

These cables seem to imply that Iran is far more dangerous than our great leaders have been letting on.  However, the use of the word “suspected” when referring to their nuclear weapons programme is a little worrying.  We all know what happened the last time we went after “suspected” WMD.  In any case, President Amhadinejad is apparently “like Hitler”…  So place your bets.  Just do not book flights to Iran or Korea until the target is confirmed.

Oh, and learn Chinese.

Henry Hunter – WorldNewsVine, Rome. (Just round the corner from Berlusconi, who is “feckless, vain, and ineffective as a modern European Leader”)

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3 Responses to Wikileaks Cables | China Backing South Korea?

  1. Matt

    November 30, 2010 at 11:24 am

    Thank god I am a thinking American and realize there is no way Wikileaks could be called a terrorist organization. Wikileaks is not advocating violence as a way to further its own cause. Wikileaks is trying to stop violence by uncovering the dirty laundry governments wish to use. It seems, since the days of George W. Bush and now Palin, Americans comically misuse words in the English language in an attempt to sound learned and educated.

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  3. Scott W.

    November 30, 2010 at 2:34 pm

    I personally think the entire plot is be backed covertly by the GOP to make the administration look bad… he bottom-line is that the majority of prejudice bigotted redneck morons belong to the GOP and they simply are upset a blackman got elected to office…

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