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Third Time Not Lucky For PETN | Another Failed Attempt

UK (Nov. 1) – In the wake of yet another failed plot to blow something up with the “highly explosive” PETN the security procedures for cargo planes has come under scrutiny.   David Cameron is to chair a meeting for the government’s emergency planning committee COBRA to discuss implementing commercial flight-style checks on what is being loaded onto freight planes.

At this time, it is unclear if Doctor Mindbender, Destro, Serpentor, or even Cobra Commander will attend the meeting.  Surely, it would not be a COBRA meeting without, at least, the hooded leader.

Explosives that are hard to detect, lack of security on cargo planes and connections to the person who tried to blow up his testicles in the name of GLOBAL TERRORISM!  You will have these things rammed down your throat if you switch on the TV, or pick up a newspaper at anytime in the next part of eternity.

Al-Qaeda has apparently become a lot more sophisticated in the wake of this, most recent failed attempt.  This sophistication must be to do with the fact that they decided to stuff the “colorless, odorless and difficult to detect” powder into printers, rather than some guys Calvins.  They also decided to send it on cargo planes, addressed to Jewish synagogues in Chicago.

The difference between the proposed security updates in this case is that it will have little or no effect on passenger planes; it seems hard to imagine just how much worse passenger security can get.

This subject is in the news this week as there are loud voices to lower the security protocols in the UK. This because the US domestic flights do not implement what they insist the UK does.  This is not really a reason, not a good one anyway.  I have traveled domestic in the US and their protocols are just as ridiculous as ours are.

One of these voices is Michael O’Leary, owner of used-to-be-budget-airline Ryanair, it is important to remember that O’Leary does not open his mouth unless it is to fill his pockets more; he is a publicity hound, and a very good one at that.   European security speaks for itself, I was eight the last time there was an actual attack that ended in mass murder.

Everyone who needs a face to hate in the event of media led madness will be happy, there is a Muslim to blame, and hate for this most recent plot, his name is Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri, that name has almost everything one needs.

It is he, absolutely; you might as well not give him a trial.  His name alone is enough for a conviction, al-Asiri does not just have “al-” before his name, which is just like the “al-” in al-Qaeda, but he is a known bomb maker from Saudi Arabia, who apparently made the bomb for Yemen.  Send him to G-Bay and let the nice folk there deal with him.

The tone of this article might not be pleasing to people who have come to expect a level of seriousness when reporting a bombing, but I promise that when there is an actual bombing, I will treat it with the utmost respect.

Nevertheless, when intelligence prevails, like in this story where governments actually helped each other to stop the bombs reaching their targets, otherwise known as “doing their damned jobs”, or idiocy prevails and some idiot tries and fails to blow his underwear up, there is really no reason to get all mad and upset about it.  Save it for when you need it, lest you want to just sit all day watching BBC or FOX news and give yourself an aneurysm.

Sometimes it pays to look on the bright side and realize that not everything is crap, sometimes things work out and life can go on.  There are plenty of bad things to ruin your day, which are out of your control, why go looking for more?

Anyway, why doesn’t the airport security just wrap the cargo in the same bomb proof plastic that they make you put your liquids in on passenger flights, what?  There is no such thing as bombproof plastic?  Then why do I have to buy a plastic bag for my hair gel?  I will never feel safe on a plane again.

It is almost as if the security measures are badly thought out nonsense that have prevented nothing, ever, and are only in place to swindle more money out of you and make you more aware that at anytime some dick could ruin your holiday by making a surprise stop, he gets off in Paradise (sic), our destination.  Where ever our charred, exploded remains land.  Thanks for choosing WorldNewsVine, have a safe onward journey.

Henry Hunter – WorldNewsVine, Scotland

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