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2010 Mid-Term Elections | Sarah Palin’s Tea Party Advertisement Apparently Not a Joke

(Nov 5) – Sarah Palin, two words that when written separately have no real meaning.  However, when lumped together creates a byword for unoriginal, rambling patriotism.

Mrs. Palin has released an advert.  At Least, I think it is an advert.  The tone and content of which is particularly timely for me as last night I was waiting for a bus in front of the house of Mussolini, where he would stand on the balcony and deliver his rallying speeches, kind of like the Pope does, or even as Hitler did.

I think that's blasphemy

The video is a rallying call, obviously.  Sarah Palin is not allowed to talk unless it is to give a rallying call.  I do not know if anyone else noticed that.  It is a rallying call for “the regular folks” to stand up and be counted.  There is everything for the dumb to latch on to in this advert, American flags, Mount Rushmore, the military, some of the clones of Palin that the TEA Party rolled out for lack of a better idea.  You get the gist.  It is propaganda, a stroke of genius, terribly made tripe, but the demographic will not mind, or notice.  There is enough patriotism on show to choke a hillbilly.

There has been a lot said this last week about the Tea Party.  Some good, the rest bad, but they have a following.  I am lucky that I get an outsiders view of the completely sorry state of the states.  Politically it is in disarray.  It is also prudent to point out that I am no ObamaFan, he ran his mouth about Scotland with a blatant disregard to what that small country has given his nation of TV obsessed, microwave food consuming, tarmac laying, telephone purchasing citizens.  Christ Scotland did not just give you all that and more, but a Scot founded the US Navy. Where would you be without that?

I think Obama is the best shot America has at moving forward; I just do not like him.  I also hate the right, because of the ignorance and intolerance that permeates every level of it.  You can smell it on some of them.  I also hate the middle.  I am a true equal opportunist.

The Palin advert shows families taking strolls while Palin, in that infuriating accent, talks about a return to the old way.  Sadly, she fails to realize that the only reason the American Dream existed in the first place was because they used to pick fights with people who would eventually help them in some way.  When the allies destroyed, Nazistan, America got their pick of the scientists, which is the only reason USA ever got to the moon.  The destruction of Germany is also one of the main reasons anyone out with the States ever bought one of those cars that can’t go round corners.

Hey! old man, you have had about 80 years... stop bitching, start reading.

Fireworks! Yeah!  A close up of the declaration of independence! Yeah!  Anti-British Sentiment! Yeah!  Lots of polyester clad female politicians! Yeah!  We can do it! Yeah!  Let’s do it together!  Small town Americans for Small town America.  Local government! Yeah!  Communism! Yeah!

C. Wright Mills once said that smaller government results in more “concentrated power.” The Tea Party is essentially communists.  If you support the Tea Party, you are, essentially, a communist.  It is not a big deal, not to me anyway.  We all have our labels.  Moreover, it is better than being a Capitalist, and about the same as being a socialist.  Education folks, that is where the knowledge comes from, and having someone like Sarah Palin as the face of the party does not suggest a movement that is overly fussed about the whole ‘gaining knowledge’ thing.  Put down the flag, pick up a book.

It is a shame that the video ends at one minute eight seconds with the sight of the noble Grizzly Bear, because two seconds later Sarah Palin comes into shot, puts one between the eyes of the bear, and eviscerates the poor sod before staging an orgy on its exposed intestines.

Henry Hunter. Rome Nov 2010

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