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Unemployed Americans and America’s Middle Class Face Certain Abandonment | Unemployment Extensions to Become Extinct

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Washington, D.C. (Sept 2) – As America’s unemployed workforce anxiously awaits the return of Congress in two weeks, fear, and a sense of indefinite poverty, is beginning to set in.

With rumors of a Republican sweep of the House in November, rest assured those collecting unemployment extensions, as well as those awaiting additional assistance, will be abandoned by the same political party and system from which they were created.

Ultra-conservatives flooded the Lincoln Memorial this past weekend, chasing another dream filled with falsehoods, as fantasy conservatives basked in the limelight as they flexed their political muscle. An estimated 300,000 people attended the rally that looked impressive on television and across the internet, but what those belonging to the Glenn Beck TEA Party again failed to realize is, they are outnumbered 100 to 1 by unemployed or underemployed Americans, many of whom are drawing emergency unemployment extensions.

Those being led by a pied piper of modern days fail to realize that if this nation’s Democratic Leadership does not maintain control, those pointing the finger at America’s unemployed may soon find themselves also in the same desperate situation, the likes of one they have never before witnessed.

It is time to begin gathering in local groups, in front of Republican Party headquarters, while contacting local news stations wherever and whenever possible of these gatherings, and begin a True Grassroots Campaign against those that plan on simply allowing us to suffer, sending even more of our American families to the streets.

The Republican Party has shrugged off our phone calls, turned off the news coverage via financial advantage, so we need to fight back, and fight back now.

It is time to focus all of our energy. These gatherings and local news coverage, on a coordinated basis, will win our jobs back, get our word out, and let the world know that simply because we cannot afford to bus ourselves into Washington, D.C. to make a 30-million-strong American stand, that we can make a difference at the grass roots level, and be heard.

Remember this, and remember this well. Simply because the Democratic Leadership has not in fact given us what we need, it is not their fault. The legislation that has not come yet to pass has continuously encountered nothing but Republican obstruction. If we want to keep our American way of life, we need to stand together show our support.

Volunteer to go door-to-door to work for the Democratic Party. By keeping Republicans out of seats soon to be available in Washington, we can defeat the party that is out to destroy what little we have left in this nation.

With a focused effort, we can and will be victorious. Join the fight for survival, begin to organize at the local level and get your voices heard.

God Bless the American Workforce for we are damned if the GOP gains control.

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3 Responses to Unemployed Americans and America’s Middle Class Face Certain Abandonment | Unemployment Extensions to Become Extinct

  1. Unemployed99er

    September 2, 2010 at 2:00 am

    I’m sure none of the 300,000 were unemployed. Great article. It’s one of the few I’ve seen in the past weeks since Congress has been on vacation. Most of the unemployed are so beaten down they can’t fight for themselves. So thanks for the help.

  2. Peter

    September 2, 2010 at 3:56 pm

    Here is another story I found on homeless that is significant

    “Homeless shelter in California begins charging residents”,
    BBC World News America,
    Published: 9/1/2010,
    Staff Writer,
    Last Viewed: 92/2010,
    Online Internet:…

    I thought you could use this article as research matrial for a story on homelessness due to unemployment and those cut-off from unemployment benifits.

    Again, you do not have to post this comment. I hope you use the information to write a story on the subject.

  3. Peter

    September 2, 2010 at 4:07 pm

    It looks like a previous post I made did not make it. I provided an online news article from my local news paper. It illustrates the problem of homelessness as a result of unemployment and those cut-off from unemployment insurance benifits.

    “Invisable Families”,
    Seatttle Times online newspaper,
    Published: 9/1/2010,
    Staf Writers,
    Onlin Internet: …

    The reason I am posting this information, is to encourage you to write a story on homelessness as a result of unemployment and those being cut-off from unemployment benifits. In Washington state, it is a growing epidemic, as well as throughout the rest of the country. I think this story is certainly realted to the above and important. Important because if the “Americans Want to Work Act” and similar legislation does not pass soon, it looks like the US will be experiencing a huge social crisis starting this early winter.

    Again, you do not have to publish my post here. I am just trying to communicate a request for a story that would be appropriate to publish on WorldNewsVine.

    Thank you

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