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The News: Now Covering Things That Could’ve Happened.

Scotland (Sept 29) – Intelligence agencies have uncovered a plot by a terror group based in Pakistan to carry out Mumbai-style attacks over European and British Cities.  Then they decided to tell the news about it, and the news thought it was worthy of publication.

I always assumed that this kind of info was classified so as not to panic the population.  Not in today’s climate, now even the slightest whiff of a “TERROR PLOT BY ISLAMIC EXTREMISTS!!!!!” and everyone knows about it.  I actually miss the days when they kept this kind of nonsense to themselves.

It is not all doom and gloom.  The people who supposedly planned this theoretical attack have maybe been killed by American drones, or some guy sitting miles away with an Xbox360 controller killing people and hoping that they are the right people.  As it stands, there is no confirmation that the people they killed had anything to do with planning something that may or may not have ever been planned.

It is understandable that news is leaked but this is not news, this is a non-event.  It’s sole purpose is to anger and scare the public and build momentum against whoever the Government tells us was really behind it, this usually happens around episode 10/11 of ’24’.  There is a situation, maybe some damage, then once you think Jack Bauer has taken care of the bad guys responsible, out of the dark steps the real bad guy…  Dun dun duuuuuuun!

The terror threat in the UK is at the highest it has been since January, currently set to “severe” but I must admit, I don’t feel any more threatened than when it was “substantial”.  Right now, as I type this at work, the “severe” threat means a terrorist attack is “highly likely”.   In Paris yesterday, the Eiffel Tower was evacuated because of a bomb threat, which may or may not have been connected.  Sorry I cannot offer more details.  They simply do not exist.

This story is not unlike the Christmas bomber last year, where people power prevailed and some twit with ticking calvins got his butt kicked.  Somehow, the media still managed to get almost everyone to think that it was a bad news story.  Sadly, a story like that constitutes good news these days.

queue jumpers are not real humans.

In a totally unconnected story I was in the bank two days ago when a lady jumped the queue, the photo below is of her.  She jumped in front of me and 5 other patrons who had queued for 20 minutes.  I thought about haranguing her loudly, making an example of her for thinking that she was more important than the rest of us and did not need to queue.  However, I did not.  Therefore, it is not a story worthy of print in the news.  You know what I mean.

The true reason for a story like this being made public is to monger fear, so to speak.  It has little or no point out with that.  It is a nothing story, it lacks narrative.  There are no central characters.  It is all conjecture.  There may be some people in Pakistan, who are either alive or dead, and they may or may not have planned simultaneous attacks across Europe and the UK, or not.  It is somewhat unclear.

In any case, the Government says you are in a lot more peril that you were yesterday.  Deal with it.

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