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Nick Clegg Stars in Home Alone Remake: Ed Miliband Begs the Poor to Like him.

Nick Clegg is the Deputy PM of Great Britain and the leader of the Liberal Democrats.  If you remember, he entered into a coalition Government with David Cameron and the Conservatives after a hung parliament at the last elections.  Today he begins “holding the fort” for PM Cameron who is off on holiday.

Naturally, Clegg will like the responsibility because he is probably fed up licking shut Cameron’s envelopes and he still feels like he has a chance of gaining votes in the next elections, whenever they may be.  The Lib Dems have announced this week that they will be going all out to secure, protect, and even gain seats next time.

He may have forgotten what happened the last time.

Seeing as he chose to side with the Party most unlike his own, showed either tremendous bravery or incredible stupidity, only time will tell.  To assume that his voters will still be there next time around is most definitely stupid.  We do not know what he will do with our vote next time, probably side with the BNP and their growing list of imbeciles…

I mean voters…

No, I mean imbeciles.

Clegg will be doing his job this week under the careful eye of the Conservatives I‘m sure, but he seems happy to act the big shot.  The deputy PM has a few menial tasks to do, a few meetings with no one of any importance and I am sure Cameron has a list of chores needing done around number 10 Downing Street.  He will be kept busy, I am sure.  Across the board, the media have said that Cameron “has finally taken a holiday”, he has only been in the job about 100 days.  Finally?  Must be tough.

Across the imaginary divide, the fatter and less creepy of the Miliband brothers, Ed, has announced that Labour need to work hard to get their working class vote back. Obviously, this new found respect for the working class has nothing to do with his desire to lead the party.  Anyway, it should not be too hard; all he needs to do is change the minds of every right-minded voter the length and breadth of Great Britain. He could start by telling all the rich investors to take their money and leave then, rid his party of all the thieving rich swine MPs who have absolutely no grounding in reality and couldn’t comprehend the plight of the poor if a homeless guy had the audacity to run through the Ivy begging for scraps of Seared Fois Gras with Apple Galette and White Raisin Jus.

The bizarre looking supposed champion of the poor, Miliband, is coming across all nostalgic as he remembers when people voted for labour for reasons other than “my parents vote labour” or “I’ve always voted them”…  That last one is the absolute dumbest reason to do anything.  It is the reason politicians feel comfortable ripping us off on the reg, or start illegal wars based on nothing but prejudice and racism, because they will always get a massive amount of votes from people who think because you voted them once, you have to vote them again.  Remember the made up reason we throw our weight about so much, one of them anyway, democracy…  You know, the freedom to decide.  I have been lambasted at least 3 times for “wasting my vote” on the Lib Dems because of what happened after the elections, I do not see it that way, you can’t waste your vote by voting.  But most people did waste a perfectly good opportunity by not voting Liberal Democrats.  This is far worse.  At least my choice is in charge of the country while Cameron is on holiday.

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