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New Stem Cell Trial to Begin in UK | Anthony Ozimic to Suffering People: Get SPUC’d

Scotland (Aug 23) – The Catholic Church in Scotland has called it “immoral and unethical.”  Not the massive amount of sexual abuse and degradation of children trusted into their care over the years, or the covering up of said abuse by a man who went on to become Pope.

That is no big deal now, it would seem.  Moreover, they certainly are not referring to the pope visiting the UK.  What they describe as “immoral and unethical” is actually scientific advancement and the potential easing of suffering in human beings, not to mention a gigantic leap forward in the treatment of strokes, paralysis, and Parkinson’s.

A team of Doctors in Glasgow has finally been given the green light to begin trials in which they will administer millions of stem cells from an aborted fetus into the areas of the brain affected by ischemic strokes, caused by a blockage of blood to the brain. Candidates for the trials must be a male over 60 who have had a stroke in the last 6 to 24 months.  The neural cells have been cloned from a single donor fetus, which can supply a limitless amount of stem cells.

The trials will be held at Southern General Hospital in Glasgow and will be led by Neurologist Professor Keith Muir of Glasgow University; Prof. Muir has announced that they will begin recruiting by April 2011.

There will be 12 volunteers, chosen from the hundreds of applications already received, and those 12 will be split into groups of 3 and monitored for two years, each dose getting bigger, starting with 2 million cells in the low dose, climbing to around 20 million cells in the high dose.

The brain loses billions of cells during a stroke, so the numbers may seem huge, but not by comparison.  It is when the high dosage is administered that the team expects to see the significant changes.

The decision to move into human testing was not made lightly of course, and they are only possible now because the tests on rats were so positive.  With testing on rats, which had suffered strokes, the cells activate a self-healing process that is lost in a stroke.  This is done when new blood cells form around the margin of the stroke damage.

This is pioneering and could lead to a massive leap in the way illnesses are treated, to call for it to be halted is so utterly detestable, particularly when the voices against it are coming from the religious.

People like Anthony Ozimic of Spuc (Society for the Protection of Unborn Children) are letting their own personal beliefs get in the way of the advancement of the human race, a disgusting, yet all too familiar trait.  His argument is ridiculous and his point moot.

The aborted fetus may have been denied a life, but its very existence is making a contribution that none of us, Mr. Ozimic and I included, could ever dream of making.  If it leads to a cure for illnesses such as Parkinson’s, or can help stroke victims or people with damaged spines then why should the beliefs of anyone come into it.  Does Mr. Ozimic’s God not want to help living people?  That seems to be the case.

Maddy Halliday, Director of the Stroke Association Scotland has expressed her delight at the news and has claimed the research “has put Scotland on the map for taking forward development in Stroke care.”

Maybe Mr. Ozimic should be a little more concerned with the perverts and scumbags that have rotted his religion to its core and stay out of things that he has no educated understanding of.  He also should not put quite so much personal information on his facebook page.  That is just silly, much like his opinion.

Henry Hunter – WorldNewsVine, Scotland

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