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Millions of Unemployed Still Vote | Forget the 99ers at your peril

Washington, D.C. (Aug 3) – With the Senate about to close its doors on Friday for yet another round of “end of session” vacations, many will return to both the House and Senate for a few short weeks in September with nothing more than “get me re-elected” on their minds. As a whole, the country’s legislative bodies are thinking about themselves not the welfare of this country, more strongly now than at another other time.

To date, the Republicans are putting on an unimpressive re-election preshow – in Las Vegas the old hook would have been used to pull them off the stage – by making their stand around the use of the simple smear campaign. Why bother coming up with real ideas and solutions when you can just blame the other party. It appears that Republicans have short and long-term memory loss, and that they have forgotten that the lack of “getting things done” has been largely due to their own obstructionist’s attitude throughout the 111th Congress. Grasping firmly the hands of the rich, yet trying and failing to appear as if they care about the middle class and the poor, the blame game in all likelihood will be the re-election attempted stance between now and November.

In turn, flyers, television commercials, and online campaign material from the other side of the aisle have begun to emerge. Stating the issues as they are, acknowledging that change has been and will continue to be a long, hard road, particularly if the other side of the aisle continues to play Robin Hood for the wrong people, their pre-campaigns often provide ideas for solutions should they ever get the other side to agree. The vast majority of Democrats and Independents, in their willingness to fight for those in need now, also do have their eye on the future no matter what the GOP would have us believe.

As stated often throughout the year, the reality is we must take care of today so there can be a future for those to come. With high unemployment, staggering foreclosures, opposition to job growth, and, adding to the stew the fact that the top 5%, the wealthy of this country, who were “luxury spending” at the beginning of the year, have suddenly decided to cut back. Their luxury spending spirs the economy. One wonders does this, too, have anything to do with November elections.

However, the situation as seen from these looking glasses is that both sides have forgotten a large, and ready to vote, side of the population. Yes, the “99ers”, those folks who long ago lost all unemployment extensions, have no unemployment benefits, no representation strong and bold enough in Congress to come forward, and no jobs, are a “millions of people” demographic all parties need to keep uppermost in their minds.

One such 99er, who asked to remain anonymous, wrote, “A bill should have been introduced already for the Unemployed 99ers. This country is in a mess and The Washington elected are fighting among themselves. We the 99ers and all the unemployed who need Unemployment benefits extended or even better jobs (but help until jobs are available) don’t much care about your [Congress] fighting.” She continues, “Those who have worked and need these benefits extended don’t see those funds as welfare. We were workers. We know it’s a fight to get those benefits extended but we didn’t even get a bill introduced or even drafted.
It’s shameful.”

The coup de grace is her sentiment, “I was once a Republican and then converted to a Democrat in 2000. Now I’m neither. This is the face of a 99er who needed your help and didn’t get it.”

A warning to the Republicans of the Party of No, the Democrats, and the Independents gearing up for their snippet ads for television, newspapers, and online syndication – ignoring the millions of unemployed, particularly the 99ers without a dime to their name, but still ready and eager to vote this coming November, may be a huge, costly mistake. Forget your pre-election feel-good party “polls” for your data because forgetting the forgotten may be your party’s undoing.

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10 Responses to Millions of Unemployed Still Vote | Forget the 99ers at your peril

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  2. Reid Hyams

    August 3, 2010 at 4:27 pm

    WorldNewsVine: You hit the nail on the head! This article is 100% right on. All the unemployed, the 99er’s, those on UC and or not – still vote, and vote they will. No one cares about the Repubs, Dems or Indies… all we see is a dysfunctional Congress who don’t give a damn about no one, but them themselves. Of course, if is obvious that the Repubs are the party of “No” – but the Dems are the party of “Do Nothing – Procrastinators” – especially in the eyes of the 99er’s and all other unemployed that have earned and paid for the right to UC, particularly in a time when there are no jobs, no job creation and we’re fighting useless wars that cost trillions!!! Illegal immigration is disastrous / devastating… we should have dealt with it right after 9/11! Amnesty at that point might have made sense if we shut down the borders then, but we did NOT! We just kept inviting everyone to the party… well, there’s no party anymore – just a lot of boarded up houses! Be prepared for some very major changes… the American people are fed up with oil wars – especially in the name of fighting terrorism, over 200 million gallons of oil from a leak that could have been prevented had our government done their job by enforcing safety rules & regulations, the outsourcing of jobs and a whole hell of a lot of other crap. Change was on Obama’s agenda in 2008, but somehow he seems to have lost his way… now Change is on the people’s agenda and Change will happen! Mark my words.

  3. al.. the 99er

    August 3, 2010 at 6:58 pm

    I’m a 99er like many hard workers , I submit my resume at least 3 times a day ,and am running out of places to apply to. I like a lot of 99ers were hoping that the new extension included everyone that has been affected by this from the beginning .Unfortunately it does not ,for that to be we need to include a Tier 5. If you worry for the people that the monies have stopped for or will stop for in the upcoming weeks grate we should worry, but now what about us (the 99ers) our checks stopped many weeks to mounts ago , and the number of people that fall in to the class of the 99ers is still growing, I have worked for more than 11 years without collecting one cent, and i know many people that have worked much longer than I ,and now that we need the help the same help that we paid for with our years of payment in to the unemployment insurance, it means nothing .
    99 weeks max to collect is set in but no max on how much we pay in is set .Why is it that after every year our totals means nothing?. All we want is to have money to eat, pay our bills, put gas in our cars or have money for the bus to be able to go out and look for work .It is a fact that The monies given back to us will end up in our community , And its a fact that it helps local business so they don’t have to close there doors , and add to the numbers of the unemployed .We paid in shouldn’t it count for something now that we need it .how can we be forgotten if one day you to can be standing in the the same place as I and many hard workers A.K.A the “99ers”stand now .I like many others never expected to be laid off for this long, and neither will you .so please help your fellow man so when the day comes we can help you thank you for letting me vent and taking the time to read this from a 99er

  4. David

    August 4, 2010 at 9:47 am

    Start recording your interview calls and put them on youtube because some people don’t believe it unless they hear proof.

    One thing you should all be worried about is that many employers are not hiring people because they are doing credit checks and since your credit has gotten worse to bad, you aren’t going to get hired at many places unless congress pushes to ban the descrimination of credit checks against those who are long term unemployed. Otherwise it could end up being a very vicious cycle where it gets harder the longer you are unemployed to ever get a job. Even walmart, target and best buy do credit checks before hiring. This is the new hot topic that is floating around the internet that many of the unemployed have taken big hits to their credit and are also punished when applying because of credit checks.

    • WNV Headline News


      August 4, 2010 at 10:30 am

      Excellent point David… WNV will be doing follow-ups on this critical issue….

      • WNV Headline News


        August 4, 2010 at 11:12 am

        I am tracking that down at this moment…. my sources tell me that it is being held-up in the House… Rep. Steve Cohen is the sponsor of the bill… we are attempting to contact his press secretary at this time….

  5. eric

    August 4, 2010 at 8:14 pm

    I am a 99er and I AM voting!!!! The democrats could actually step up and be heroes here. Wish Ed Schultz or Alan Grayson was president…This is a National Humanitarian EMERGENCY!!!The working class have been left to die…We will remember, in November…

  6. Andrew Pelt

    August 5, 2010 at 1:39 am

    Hey, what’s going on! I would just like to take the time out of my busy schedule at work here today to say that I just got done reading your blog post and I just wanted to comment on how much I enjoyed reading it. It is my sincere hope for you that everyone else reading you blog that either has commented on it or is just now reading it and waiting to comment on it got as much enjoyment and knowledge out of it as I did. I would like to thank you personally for writing such an informative blog and I can’t wait to check back for more great blog posts. Please tell me you this won’t be your only blog post!

  7. Dara Hanning

    August 6, 2010 at 1:40 pm

    i like your articles a lot and will be excited to read more

  8. Rochelle Gordon

    August 7, 2010 at 3:11 pm

    I hope to see the unemployed organize quickly to get out your respective votes. I would love to see a coalition of true progressive individuals and organizations that need to be in the mix as advocates for all unemployed and underemployed people. Both the safety net and job creation are critical. We must truly identify the enemy of workers and strip them of power. I would say we use as a test for support of candidates the proposals put forth by economists like Paul Krugman and those from the Economic Policy Institute.

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