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GOP Congressional Control Would Open Door For Yucca Mountain Nuclear Disaster

Nevada (Aug 28) – House Minority Leader John Boehner recently indicated that the closing of the well-known and ill-conceived Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository could make its way back into the political limelight. Boehner favors the use of Yucca Mountain, in the State of Nevada, and should the GOP gain a major foothold on Capitol Hill in November, Nevada citizens need to heed the warning that a push to restore the withdrawn licence for Yucca Mountain storage will once again become a political agenda issue.

Stating that for the past 20 years most Republicans have supported Yucca Mountain, Boehner’s statement should be a warning siren to all Nevada citizens, as well as all Americans whose towns, farms, and rural homes stand in the path of bringing such volatile material to Nevada. Nuclear waste will not arrive by magic after all; it will need to be transported via roadway and railway.

As further evidence, Senator John McCain, during the 2008 Presidential race, continued to hold firm to his idea that Yucca Mountain should be used for storing nuclear waste; this despite the scientific communities evidence that the entire idea was a disaster just waiting to happen should it be allowed to open.

In stark contrast, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), along with many others including Nevada residents, played an important role to safeguard not only Nevada, but the United States. Reid worked tirelessly to persuade the current administration that storing nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain, 90 miles northwest of Las Vegas, would be dangerous not only for Nevadans, but that the transporting of nuclear waste across the country poses real threats. Senator Reid was able to close the can of worms opened during the Bush era and obtain Nevadans, and all Americans, a stay of execution for this unwanted hazard.

As little as six months ago, Representative Shelley Berkley also spoke on the House floor regarding the “screw Nevada bill”. In addition to clear political-bias – three states were chosen with two quickly eliminated from the list – Berkley addresses all the key points as to why Yucca Mountain cannot be allowed to exist:

Until recently, most of Nevada, including its politicians, have been united against the Yucca Mountain project. Yet there are indicators that the GOP are willing to go against public opinion and reopen the project Nevadans fought long and hard to halt.

Burying 77,000 tons of high-level nuclear waste, while “ignoring scientific evidence” indicating just how dangerous burying toxic waste in a region known for its seismic activity really is, was an issue most Nevadans and citizens affected along transportation lines had thought was long dead.

During the Bush Administration, GOP congressional leaders, looked to, and continue to count on, the nuclear power industry for financial backing. With Boehner’s very recent remarks, it is clear Yucca Mountain will not remain dead should Republicans dominate in the upcoming November elections. Sharron Angle also believes in recycling nuclear waste. In their minds, and the minds of a large majority of Republicans, Yucca Mountain Repository is that place.

Thus a word of caution to all Americans: A vote for any Republican in November translates to a vote to let the lion back out of its cage endangering the lives of millions. For those who do not live in Nevada, your life, too, is potentially at risk during transport. This is not just a Nevada issue.

Yucca Mountain was a poorly-conceived idea way back when, and continues to be a scientifically-proven unsound idea to this day. It needs to remain a not-for-consideration issue forever.

By: T. Cahill – WorldNewsVine

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7 Responses to GOP Congressional Control Would Open Door For Yucca Mountain Nuclear Disaster

  1. davelv

    August 28, 2010 at 11:33 pm

    Your whole article is so full of lies and misttatements as to nullify the perception that the press is unbiased.

    Neither the Republicans nor President Bush opened a can of worms. They followed a federal law called the Nuclear Waste Policy Act. Unlike liberal leftist radical Democrats, Republicans tend to follow the nation’s laws and Constitution. Try it sometime. It is what gives this website the freedom to print lies and garbage.

    Secondly, no one convinced Obama’s adminstration of anything. It is Chicago style policitical payback at its finest. Reid changed the Nevada primary to help Obama, and Obama in turn is violating the US Constitution and federal laws to help Reid. Your website should be more concerned about this payola vs Yucca Mountain.

    Finally, nuclear waste will eventually require transportation to someplace. Suggesting otherwise just shows your scientific ignorance and/or distortion of the truth to help Reid and Obama.

    In conclusion, try taking some science classes instead of political science, and then you might have the intelligence to realize how idiotic your articles sound.

    • T. Cahill

      August 31, 2010 at 2:44 pm

      Dave you do realize that on January 24, 2008, during the Bush administration, Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) and seven additional Republicans – Lamar Alexander (R-TN), John Barasso (R-WY), Christopher Bond (R-MO), Larry Craig (R-ID), Michael Crapo (R-ID), Jim DeMint (R-SC) and David Vitter (R-LA), all tried to amend the Nuclear Waste Policy Act (S. 2551). It was their attempt to push Yucca into opening.

      Here’s a bit of wording from their (Republican) Amendment, which did not pass:

      “Declares that no consideration of the environmental impact of the storage of spent nuclear fuel or high-level radioactive waste on the site of the civilian nuclear power reactor or high-level radioactive waste or spent fuel storage or treatment facility for the period following the term of the license shall be required in any environmental analysis prepared in connection with a license to construct or operate the facility.”

      Or how about this portion, “Exempts from certain requirements of the Solid Waste Disposal Act for disposal or management of solid waste or hazardous waste any material that is: (1) transported or stored in NRC-certified containers; or (2) located at the Yucca Mountain site for disposal if it is managed or disposed of in compliance with an NRC license.”

      “Exempts from certain requirements… no consideration of the environmental impact of the storage of spent nuclear fuel….”

      Why is it they tried so hard to push this Amendment through and failed? There are issues unresolved over the use of Yucca Mountain and thankfully some people are smart enough to realize it.

      Want a train passing your house daily loaded with the stuff? Trust transportation that well that you don’t mind it passing by your town, city, house?

      Apparently, by your remarks, you have your own agenda.

      Who is the biased one, now?

      You don’t have to be a liberal leftist to not want a nuclear waste dump in your backyard. You don’t state where you are from – is it perhaps one of the two states that were immediately dumped off the list for consideration?

      For those living in Nevada, this has been a fight tooth and nail to keep Yucca from opening. The seismic activity is documented. The groundwater seepage issue questioned. The ability to contain anything we idiots try here in the U.S. is up for debate – we never get it right.

      So let’s see… living just 90 miles basically downstream from a huge nuclear waste repository. If you are comfortable with that, then I guess it makes it okay for the rest of Nevada to just fall in line with your way of thinking. Guess we should have called you first before opting to close it down.

      Yes, nuclear waste needs to go someplace… but I don’t see you jumping up to volunteer where you are from nor offering your own backyard for storage.


  3. A skeptic

    August 29, 2010 at 12:03 pm

    Comment deleted due to “bad” email address validation process.

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  5. Greg Cragg

    August 29, 2010 at 5:35 pm

    The Department of Energy has been offered a much better solution than Yucca Mountain that answers all of the related problems including transportation, to store all types of nuclear wastes not just SNF

  6. Blorg

    August 30, 2010 at 11:18 am

    Remark removed due to “blocked/rejected” email address validation.

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