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Dina Titus | Fear factor not a game but reality in Nevada

Washington, D.C. (Aug 4) – In a year that seemed endless as we all watched the House of Representatives pass decent legislation only to have the Senate Republicans block and strip bills one after the other, Nevada needs one person to stay right where she belongs, in Washington.

Congresswoman Dina Titus is up for re-election. She is a person of decisive action, even as an initially junior congresswoman, Dina Titus has her priorities straight. She continues to think first about her constituents even during an election year.

Yet it would seem that Joe Heck (R-NV) is following in the footsteps of Sharron Angle who has her sights set on a Senate seat. Angle’s claim for smaller government while seeking one of its highest seats, is convoluted enough. Now Nevada can stir in some Heck who appears to have chosen a mixture of GOP status quo and “ideals” coming from a person so far to the right that her own party is not sure what to make of her.

“With Nevadans struggling during this difficult economic time, Senator Heck and Sharron Angle do not believe it would be their job to create jobs,” Titus states. “They want to privatize Social Security and turn a guaranteed benefit that seniors have relied on for 75 years into a gamble that lines the pockets of Wall Street banks.”

At a time when the 5% of the wealthiest in this country could be doing much more to kick start an ailing economy, after playing ball for a bit, they have, not unlike the bully on the playground, picked up their spending power and gone home. Economists indicate that when the super-rich stop spending, they have a direct impact on the rest of the country. Five percent or less of the population display control over the remaining 95 percent.

Had the remaining 95 percent of the country possessed such wealth, and had their funds in the stock market when Republican deregulation spurred the Wall Street debacle, what then? Conditions currently allow, for those lucky enough to be employed, for a mixture of social security, 401Ks, Roths, and individual savings and market play. Eliminating social security means one had best hope they personally know how to handle their money, because evidence to date appears that placing it in the hands of others to oversee is a bet most casinos in Vegas would love to take – yes, let us handle your assets.

The evidence of the Bush-instigated bailout is proof positive that removing the social security safety net is pure evil for the majority of individuals and families in this country. Yet Heck and Angle would do away with more than one safety net seniors have to rely on, social security and medicare.

Furthermore, Dina Titus stated, “They are calling for the elimination of the Department of Education at a time when Nevada’s schools are struggling for the resources they need to prepare our children to be the next generation of leaders. Clearly the Heck-Angle agenda will move our country in reverse, back toward the failed policies of the Bush administration.”

Nevada has, for years, been at the bottom of the pile in terms of educating both its youth and higher learning. Holding the dubious position of 51st, even behind Puerto Rico, the current status quo has been around statistically for far too long. Content to hover at the 48th position and lower, while Nevada cannot sink any lower, we can do one thing – rise to the occasion and provide quality education. Yet Titus fears, justifiably so, that should Nevadans not pay attention, and get their voter information from sound bites or party line ideals, the children and young adults in this state will continue to be the punching bag that suffers the most blows at a time when strengthening our educational system is a top priority.

In addition to not believing it is the position of either a House Representative nor a United States Senator to create jobs in one’s state, Angle and Heck, both Republicans, are either totally naive or deliberately strategic. Hopefully no one person, nor group of people can be that naive, one must conclude that the “let it all fail so we can prevail” attitude the GOP adopts in the hopes of some “return to power” is the soup of the day.

Unfortunately, the Republican stone soup the Party of No is brewing will do little to feed the hungry, employ the unemployed, take care of its senior citizens, and educate its youth.

Die-hard Republicans will rant and rave all they like and perhaps nothing can change their minds about their chosen party. However, a count of the unemployed within the unemployment lines or a count within the millions of individuals, known as 99ers, without any aid and assistance in terms of unemployment extensions, have no one but their own party to “thank” for their current situation.

“We must not let the Heck-Angle agenda prevail because it calls for repealing heath care and financial reforms; protecting big oil, big banks, and big insurance companies; and giving tax cuts only for the wealthy,” concluded Titus. “Nothing less than the future of Nevada and our nation is at stake.”

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