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World Cup South Africa 2010: All Roads Lead to the Final.

South Africa (Jul 08) – For anyone left watching the World Cup in South Africa their patience has been rewarded and the two teams who will play for the coveted trophy have been decided in what has to be the worst semi finals any tournament has ever witnessed.

There are many reasons why these semi-finals and the tournament on whole have been tough to watch.  Mainly those giant companies such as Nike and Adidas have got their way and made it so that heavy tackling, which could injure their profits, is fast becoming outdated.

These new rules, imposed last year, which make it almost impossible to throw in a reckless yet fair challenge have taken the flow from the game, which prevents players from finding a groove, resulting in such terrible performances from amazing players such as Messi and Ronaldo.

Football is now, essentially, a non-contact sport.  In addition, as a spectacle, the world cup is drawing its last breath.

While a player can be sent off for a tackle that was not only acceptable a few years ago, but the same tackle that your coach would bench you for not making.  These rules are set in place to enable players to play without the worry of getting a broken leg, or something, while at the same time FIFA (who make the rules) allow the tournament to be sponsored by McDonalds, Coke, Mars, and other such stalwarts of the healthy eating market.

When I say FIFA make the rules, what I meant to say was they put in place what the big companies such as Nike want.  This power was shown in the 98 final when they forced Ronaldo to turn out for Brazil despite having nearly died that morning from a fit.

This will probably be the last time I watch a world cup.  Life is too short to watch this nonsense, by the time World Cup Brazil 2014 comes around I will, or at least should be totally jaded with the whole thing.

With that in mind, it is a good thing that the last one I watch will be won by a team that has never won it before, not for lack of trying obviously, but “the two best teams who never won the cup” will play this final or so the pundits keep saying.  There is not much that can be said about either semi final, nothing really good anyway.

Uruguay played Netherlands in their semi, with rat face Suarez suspended Uruguay would have to rely on their only other player, Forlan, and it nearly worked. Once Van Bronckhorst had opened the scoring with what was one of the best goals of the tournament, you would be forgiven for thinking the game was going to be entertaining.

After what felt like about 3 days Uruguay scored, then time slowed down again and at some point, the game ended.  There were more goals, but by that time, I had slipped into a coma and missed them.  The game ended 3-2, and the last 45 seconds of the game were incredible if that makes any difference.  The Dutch goals came from Van Bronckhorst, Sneijder, and Robben.  Forlan and Periera did their best, but a goal from offside gave the Dutch the edge.

As I settled down with a friend and a smoked sausage supper to watch last night’s semi between Germany and Spain we were unaware that a bit of smoked sausage, some chips and a bottle of Red Cola would be the most exciting thing about this game.  The food was the only thing that kept me awake.

The Germans, passed the ball around trying to find a space in the Spanish defence, they could not.  Then the Spaniards got the ball and they passed the ball around waiting for a space…  This went on, and on and on…  Then on a bit more until finally Captain Fantastic Hair, Barcelona’s Puyol threw himself ferociously at a cross and beat the keeper with a header from about 10 yards out…  Other than that, and a lot of passing, nothing really happened and now we are left with a final between two players who play equally boring styles of football.

Spain will pass the ball as much as humanly possible looking for a space, which usually does not appear. When Netherlands break with the ball they will pass it out to Robben who will run down the right wing at the left back and cut into try and shoot with his left foot as his right foot is exclusively for balance…  A function it only sometimes performs.  Robben is a good player, but if he were any more one footed, he would be Heather Mills.

Once this game, and the battle for 3rd place (which should be a good game) between Germany and Uruguay, have been played I will probably start mourning football, as it has morphed in front of our eyes into a world of overpaid babies who cry at the slightest thing and overzealous referees who are intent on stopping the game as often as possible.  With the proposed changes in regard of technology, it will only get worse.  Games will be stopped every time the ref, who is paid to make decisions, feels he cannot make decisions.  The ref getting it wrong is as much a part of football as debatable goals, ludicrous tackles, and maniacs in midfield and defence kicking lumps out of strikers…  At least it used to be.

I should point out that there was a lone pitch invader last night, that broke the mood for two minutes.

I’m going to start following Whitletts Victoria or Symington Caledonian.  Who’s with me?

The Final will be played on Sunday, depending where you are depends what time.  I wouldn’t get out of bed to watch it though.

Henry Hunter – WorldNewsVine Scotland

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  2. KOOS

    July 8, 2010 at 9:13 pm

    who scored the most attractive goals? who sent Brazil home, the world number 1, with a show of perseverance and physical strength? the team that will beat Spain on sunday

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