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Want To Kill Someone And Get Away With It? Join The Police

The police in London will be celebrating today as another police officer has been let off with murdering an innocent man in broad daylight.

Ian Tomlinson was going about his day selling newspapers in the vicinity of the G20 protests in London on the 1st of April 2009, when the protests turned into riots because of the heavy handed and completely raging police, Mr Tomlinson tried to make his way to safety.  Caught on amateur video Mr. Tomlinson can be seen, hands in pockets, negotiating the escalating trouble.  After the police dog has a bite at him, and Tomlinson still has the audacity to walk on a public street, ‘PC A’ decides that it isn’t on and thumps him to the ground, an act of cowardice and bigotry that ended up killing Mr Tomlinson.

Mr. Tomlinson died that day, because a policeman hit him, no other reason.  He was not scared by the crowd and have a heart attack, or try to run only to be hit by a car, or even trampled by the crowd.  He was killed by someone who was there to take control, not lose it.

Since the initial calls for justice not much has made the papers, until today when the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) and the Crown Prosecution Services (CPS) found that there was no case to answer and no charges should be brought against codename  PC ‘A’…  There was a time frame to bring charges, unfortunately the police forgot this and that window of opportunity has closed.

PC ‘A’ murdered a man who did nothing more than walk infront of the bloodthirsty goon, Ian Tomlinson was not a protester, he was a newspaper seller.  PC ‘A’ was a meat head cop with body armor and a large beating stick, with which he caused the death of a civilian.  Once again it shows that murder is absolutely acceptable as long as you are in uniform and in London.  The PC in question had been suspended before.

courtesy of www.cosmodaddy.com

After the first post-mortem showed that Mr Tomlinson had died of natural causes, a second one was called for because the whole “police brutality” thing hadn’t been taken into account, the second report showed that blunt force trauma to the abdomen had directly caused the death.  This was the result of two separate post mortems.

Had Ian Tomlinson been a mask wearing activist wrecking shop fronts and causing general chaos in the streets of London then any altercations with the police would have just been part and parcel.  However, Ian Tomlinson was an innocent trying to find a way home through the police lines, after being bitten by a police dog he was thumped with a bat and hit to the ground, he was helped to his feet by the evil protesters before collapsing and dying…  All thanks to the police…  Who once again will get away with murder, all thanks to the terror laws which suggest that tax paying citizens who are fed up with being treated like criminals are somehow now fodder for terrified and hate filled police officers.

Much like when the police executed a guy on a crowded train based solely on the colour of his skin, they never seem to have to face the music in this country.  As I have said before, surely a prerequisite for being in the police, particularly they kind of police officer who will be handed a weapon, would be that they have a level head and at least have some control over their emotions.

Obviously not.  The IPCC and CPS have set a dangerous precedent by failing to find a case against this murdering psychopath in a police uniform.  The Tomlinson family will be appealing, and so they should, the murder of Ian Tomlinson is on tape for the world to see, and simply because the killer is a cop, they are happy to brush it under the carpet.  Again.

Henry Hunter – WorldNewsVine Scotland

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