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Wannabe Sharron Angle blame game strategy not what Nevada needs

Las Vegas, NV (Jul 20th) – Wannabe senator Sharron Angle continues to provide evidence for Nevada’s residents on why she would be unfit for office, and how out of touch she is with reality. With the newly announced news that unemployment has taken another jump upward, responsible leadership in Washington is imperative. Reid has solutions; Angle has accusations.

Nevadans know exactly how the State reached critical mass. Relying on tourism, residential and commercial construction, and a booming housing market, Nevada, and Southern Nevada in particular, built itself up on a foundation akin to a house of cards. So, as the last administration played a major role in dismantling safeguards, when the Wall Street debacle hit everyone with a brick, Nevada crumbled.

Now Angle, in a run against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, is trying to convince Nevadans that it’s all Harry’s fault. The woman would be funny in any other setting if it were not for the fact that she actually believes she is qualified to be a Senator in Washington representing Nevada.

Mixing strange ideas with religious beliefs is scary enough, but laying the blame on a single Senator’s shoulders just shows sheer ignorance.

As Reid and intelligent citizens of Nevada are aware, the downfall of the state and any blame associated with it rests squarely on the shoulders of the state’s inability to expand and encourage industries that have staying power. Basing its ability to remain alive and stable on three major industries – tourism, construction, and mining – when two of the legs are cut out from under it, any three-legged stool will collapse.

Senator Reid, as the current Senate Majority Leader, and hailing from Nevada, holds the unique position of having been in Washington and knows “the players”. His comprehension of the need for reforms, from Wall Street to small business jobs bills, to expanding industries here in Nevada far exceeds the knowledge that Angle currently demonstrates and has little hope of acquiring in a timely fashion to help Nevada dig itself out of the metaphorical mud.

Angle appears to be relying on two self-defeating strategies. The first is having little or no true comprehension on Nevada issues. The second is playing the blame game. As we all witness life as it is currently being played out in the Senate today, once again, as the GOP opponent in this year’s Senate race, Angle, like the Party of No she represents, has yet to express any solutions. Using tired strategies that Nevadans are sick of hearing, its citizens want solid plans of action from its candidates for such an important seat.

We live in either a very great country, or a strangely scary one, where an individual need only ignorantly slam another, provide nothing concrete by way of workable solutions, claim connections with religious deities as proof one should be in the running in the first place, and make crazy assumptions, yet still be able to run for high office. Ah America!

However, Nevadans know intimately what they need, and that solution is most certainly not Sharron Angle.

T. Cahill – WorldNewsVine

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3 Responses to Wannabe Sharron Angle blame game strategy not what Nevada needs

  1. Tony Dancel

    July 20, 2010 at 7:24 pm

    The biggest single reason why our Vegas economy took a dive was the banking problem that continued to issue loans to sub prime buyers.Politicians from the time of Clinton encouraged Fannie and Freddie to warrant such loans which they knew are “liars loans” and could never be paid. They got creative with NO Doc loans violating verifications of jobs and income. They pushed them to do these, those politicians who were only interested in their political investments. Multiply all those “liars” by the thousands here in Vegas caused the bubble to burst since they could no way near make those house payments. Today, you drive around Vegas, thousands of foreclosure notices on people’s homes. Likewise, the commercial sector took the big hit…lenders quit lending, projects and buildings halfway finished standing still. More empty buildings. More problems. Bankers and politicians caused these problems.

  2. Louise Braun

    July 20, 2010 at 7:35 pm

    Yeah. . .right. We can all see what Harry Reid’s “solutions” are. This state is living and breathing them.

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