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Unemployment Extension Passes Senate Despite Death Tax Bogeyman

Washington, D.C. (Jul 21) – H.R. 4213 passed the Senate with the required simple majority vote of 59 for and 39 against this evening. The motion reached the critical mass of support necessary to concur the legislation with the Reid-Baucus Substitute Amendment S.4425. It will return to the House to be voted on tomorrow. Quick passage is anticipated, with the President’s signature to follow. Millions of unemployed Americans can begin to breathe a sigh of some relief as the House addresses this issue. Continuation of unemployment extensions looks extremely promising.

The Reid-Baucus Substitute Amendment 4425 to which H.R. 4213 references concurrence includes three unemployment insurance provisions: Extension of Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) program; Extension of Extended Benefits (EB) program; and Eliminating the penalty for part-time employment in the Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) program.

When the EUC program phased out at the end of May, Senators Reid and Baucus proposed an alternative. The first provision, Extension of Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) program, depending on a State’s unemployment rate, allows up to 53 additional weeks of extended benefits. Inclusive of a Non-Reduction Rule, it requires states to “maintain their current benefit levels in order to receive funds from the federal EUC program.” This is the talking point heard by so many, extending the EUC program through November 2010 and it is retroactive.

The second program, EB, also was phased out at the end of May 2010. S.4425 provides from 13 to 20 weeks of benefits for States with an unemployment rate at or above 6.5%. It also encompasses an additional 7 weeks if a State’s unemployment rate is at or above 8%. “The bill would extend full funding for the EB program through November 2010”.

The last section of S.4425 “coordinates EUC benefits with regular benefits by providing States with a number of options to allow EUC claimants to remain eligible for the EUC program when they become newly entitled to State unemployment compensation if switching to State benefits would reduce their weekly UI by at least $100 or 25 percent”.

Additional voting occurred prior to the vote so important to millions of Americans out of work, and in a holding pattern for approximately a month and a half, while the Senate sorted out their “aisle side” positions.

Republicans tried a last ditch effort today to garner votes for additional amendments added to today’s vote on H.R. 4213, and prior to that vote.

One amendment stood out from the rest. Stated as “the Death Tax” by Republicans, the GOP speaker spent his allotted one minute trying to convince the Senate floor that grandma would lose the farm and everything she’s worked for if this amendment was not included. Alarmist to the extreme, to say the least.

In evident disgust, Senator Sanders rebuttal to these Republican scare tactics made it crystal clear as to who and how this amendment would have any impact.

The truth to the “Death Tax”, is it would have allowed a mere 3/10ths of the U.S. population, the richest of the rich, to avoid inheritance taxes. By not including this amendment, the U.S. can anticipate approximately 1 trillion dollars in revenue over the course of the next 10 years. The amendment was voted down with 39 for and 59 against.

The idea that the Death Tax would affect main street was yet another ploy invoked by the Republicans to protect the wealthiest people in America, who do not need assistance.

Senator Stabenow then reminded the Senators in attendance that the focus was on, and to remain on, assisting the millions of unemployed Americans who have been living without unemployment extensions for far too long.

Once again, the legislation returns to the House, and then on to the President.

For individuals in need of assistance, each state will no doubt work differently. However, if you were on an emergency Tier prior to being cut off on June 2nd or after, and feel you are eligible for additional Tier assistance, contact your State unemployment department for up to date information after tomorrow’s House vote and after the President signs it into law.

T. Cahill – Editor/Journalist, WorldNewVine

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5 Responses to Unemployment Extension Passes Senate Despite Death Tax Bogeyman

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    • J. Davis

      July 21, 2010 at 9:27 pm

      For us on unemployment this is a true lifesaver. I don’t understand what the Republicans talk about but I have worked my entire life and only after Bush screwed up the economy do I find myself needing unemployment. I can’t wait to get a job and pay off my bills and I will keep looking until I do. I certainly won’t forget the Republicans and how they hate working people.

  2. Peter Preston

    July 21, 2010 at 9:33 pm

    I am glad this passed. I am not happy with the dispicable Republican’s who played games with the lives of the American people, the fact these “representatives” went on July 4th vacation without passing this Emergency bill.

    The newly “born again fiscal Republican’s” want to give the richest 2% a “tax break” which will cost us $678 Billion and the Republican’s will not pay for it !

    This extension was Emergency spending and does not have to justified through PAYGO. This makes the Republican action not only dispicable but a national disgrace !

    All those who voted NO need to be booted out of the Senate ASAP !

    November is coming I urge my fellow citizen’s – Never Forget !!

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