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The Conspiracy Theory.

How much more proof do you need?

Today I have kept away from the news, and instead spent most of the day reading conspiracy forums, two in particular.  The forum on Alex Jones’ website PrisonPlanet.com and a standalone forum called ClubConspiracy.com/forum.  These sites play host to some of the wildest imaginations outwit the entertainment industry…  At times, you have to wonder just how serious some people are…  For example, when someone posts a thread about the centre of the earth being hollow and inhabited, you have to question his or her sanity.

Despite the more insane sounding ideas I am an avid reader of so-called conspiracy theories, and the forums from which they are born are a writers dream, fluctuating from well written, partially researched and maybe a little feasible, to completely deranged, sometimes hate-filled and more often than not, completely off the wall.

The forums are generally sectioned, covering the basics of religion, NWO, Illuminati, moon landings, 9/11…  You get the picture.  No matter how well versed, you think you are in conspiracy theories I can assure you, you don’t know the half of it.  Did you know that in 2002 a man named Andrew Carlssin was arrested for insider trading after he took $800 and in two weeks ended up with a $350mil portfolio.  The 44 year old with no confirmed address or background had a very unique story to tell when the police dragged him in for questioning.

Andrew Carlssin claimed that he did have inside knowledge of what stocks would go up, when they all seemed to be going down…  However, the information came from the future…  As did he.  Andrew Carlssin claimed to be from the year 2256, where money is tight and time travel is available.  His interrogation lasted over 4 hours, after that it gets a little hazy.  I can only assume that he made it back to the future after bribing the police with valuable information before returning to his ship.  Or he was committed, like in 12 Monkeys.

This is not the first time travel theory; the story of John Titor is one of the most popular stories on the conspiracy forums, worth a Google, widely regarded as a hoax, but still a very well executed one.  Sadly, not all the theories on these sites are as interesting as time travel; some are so stupid and pointless, like the doomsday type.  In case you had not heard, the world is going to end in 2012.  It could be a great flood, or a plague, or mass terrorism…  However, the leading theory is the Planet X theory, also known as Planet Nibiru.  It is proposed that in December of 2012 Planet X will swing by and cause the earth to either implode, explode, freeze or shift entirely.  NASA has denied the existence of such a planet, saying that gravity, as we know it would not be able to hold a rogue planet in orbit for the 3000 odd years.  Nevertheless, what does NASA know?  Are they in on the whole thing!!!!!  Although, apparently Jesus refers to it in the Bible…  Having died 200 years before it was written never seems to stop people from claiming the child-like second section of the bible as the biography of Jesus.

The noble conspiracy theory has become more mainstream over the last decade.  More and more people become convinced that there was more to 9/11 than meets the eye, or they begin to question Oswald’s abilities with a rifle, or they just can’t believe that man went to the moon.  The rise in popularity is mainly due to the Internet giving people a forum to discuss it, and once the idea is out there it takes on a life of it’s own, open to exaggeration.

Helped out of the dark corners by Michael Moore who made a career out of exposing “truths” while at the same time not having the bottle to expose the bigger things, as a result his big hit ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’ left massive holes in the story and focused instead on how much of an idiot Bush was, which we didn’t really need to be told.  Alex Jones on the other hand filled those holes with his in depth investigating in ‘Rise of the Police State: 9/11 Martial Law’, yet his film was on limited release.  His later films, however, would be a lesson in how not to make movies.  Now he will make a movie about anything because he knows his followers will buy it  no matter what.  Once they have inhaled Jones’ opinions they will regurgitate them at anyone who questions their leader…  Far from being scared, docile hermits sitting behind a computer desk talking about who killed JFK, the members on Jones’ site are fairly militant and in so many ways similar to morons, who do nothing but spout unoriginal material at anyone who doesn’t believe what they say.

In my mind, Alex Jones lost it the day he said that ‘the elite’ had been grooming Obama for 30 years so they could use him to appease the black community…  There is too much credits given to people that do not deserve it.

Crazy redneck journalists aside, there is no reason not to believe some of these stories.  Why not believe in intelligent species of aliens?  There is an infinite amount of space, and closer to home there are billions of possible locations for life to thrive…  One being Titan, a moon of Saturn which has a atmosphere 4 times thicker than ours, science points at Mars for once having had an atmosphere like ours, first realised by the very first photo taken on Mars of a meteorite sitting on top of the surface, no impact crater, suggesting that it came through a thick atmosphere which slowed it down…  There is very little chance of us discovering anything in space again since we have the whole concept of religion and warfare weighing us down, holding us back.

According to the WWW, Jesus was an alien

Since your day to day is probably as boring as mine, conspiracy theories provide escape from the mundane; just don’t get sucked in because people don’t really want to hear this shit second hand…  Trust me.  There is a wealth of laughable stuff online…  The flat earth society thrives online.  No explanation needed for them, they think the earth is flat.  It amazed me to find out that denying dinosaurs wasn’t just for Christians who think the earth is 12000 years old, normal people also deny them, they just don’t believe that those monsters ruled the earth.  Regardless of proof.

Conspiracy theories provide a valuable lesson in questioning what the media tell you.  Just don’t get all “Alex Jones fanboy” about it, you will lose friends.

As I said, I love these sites.  I love anything that can be labeled a conspiracy…  It is just such a great word.  Do not let people put you off, remember that religion is just a theory, all religion.  They all come from the same original story, that there is some deity who created everything from his home in the clouds/afterlife/heaven/paradise whatever, it’s all exaggerated and most importantly theoretical.  I believe in aliens and the lochness monster, because why not?  While we are making up things to believe in why not have it involve spaceships and giant pre-historic beasts.

Henry Hunter WorldNewsVine Scotland.

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