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South Africa World Cup 2010 Final: The Winners, The Losers, The Runner-ups All The Rest

By Henry Hunter – WorldNewsVine Scotland

World Cup 2010 is finally over.  The final was played last night, and the third place game the previous night.  In what was probably the worst final of anything I have ever witnessed with the exception of reality TV finals, Spain won, football lost and if anyone is left watching in Brazil 2014 I will be shocked and appalled in equal measure.

Tournament villains Uruguay and Germany contested the 3rd place game.  Sadly, neither of these teams got to the final, had they done so it would have been a vaguely entertaining final, but they did not, and it was not.  Germany took the lead early before finding themselves down 2-1 midway through the second half.  Uruguay’s lead lasted an epic 5 minutes before Germany equalised and then scored a last gasp winner and placed in yet another World Cup final.  The best team in this tournament by a long shot, and had they met the eventual winners Spain, the young Germany would have eaten them alive.

As bitter sweet as winning 3rd place is, I’m sure Germany will take a lot of good points from this tournament, proving that it is possible to play great attacking football even if the rules set in place by FIFA are completely detrimental to the sport.  A pointless game, deciding who is the second loser of the tournament, but at least the two teams played with the intention of scoring goals.

The final was not great; it was not as bad as, say, the Japan v Paraguay game, that could be the worst game in world cup history…  Spain v Holland at least has some of the best players in the world, Spain in particular…  It is a shame that they are utterly detestable.

The highlights reel of this final will be made up pretty exclusively of violent attacks as the Dutch team figured out the best way to deal with a superior passing side, they simply kicked the Spaniards off the park…  This is a good strategy as long as you remember to score goals, but when one of your top scorers is thinking more about taking a dive; your chances of scoring drastically diminish.

Robben, the Netherlands one footed right-winger had various chances to score, but for the Spanish goalkeeper/captain Casillas, and Robben’s own desire to fall over in the box.  It must be frustrating for a player like Arjen Robben, he only has one move, and the Spanish defence knew all about it.  Late on he did have the beating of Puyol who could do nothing but pull Robben back.  Had Robben gone down he would have won a freekick, but he was not ready to take a fall until he was in the box…  It did not work.

The English official in charge of the final has come under fire for his apparent reluctance to issue any red cards, it got more and more ridiculous.  When De Jong decided to introduce his foot to the chest of Spanish midfielder Xabi Alonso, he was allowed to stay on the pitch.  Granted, this was the worst foul not to see red, but it was not just with discipline that Howard Webb got wrong; he deprived Holland of a blatant corner kick in the dying minutes, just before Spain found their goal through Iniesta.

Obviously Dutch players have voiced their opinions on the English ref and his assistants, Robben being one of the most vocal.  Had Robben held his nerve and done what he gets payed handsomely to do, and just lift the ball over and already grounded keeper then he wouldn’t be moaning.

“He has robbed us” was what Dutch star Sneijder had to say…  He was talking about the ref, not Robben, who really lost the game for Netherlands.

In the end Spain deserved to win, the way they play might not be even remotely interesting, but they ran rings round Holland, who were no more impressive than a pub league side that is only good at hitting people…  This will continue to trend as the new rules which prohibit tackling turn the game into a non-contact game of cat and mouse, pass pass pass pass pass pass passsssszzzzzzzzz!!

This style of play obviously works, as Spain are now European and world champions…  That doesn’t mean you have to like them.  They notched up quite a few results that you would be forgiven for thinking was binary code, and didn’t set the tournament on fire as they were expected to do.

We can let the viewers decide, are we excited about another world cup if we know that it will be played the way this one was…  Players not taking chances in front of goal in fear of being caught on the break, no big tackles in fear of being carded, grown men rolling about on the floor as if they are engulfed in flames because someone stood on their toes…  It is not for me.  I watched the whole tournament and I feel cheated.

Changes to the fundamental rules of football have drastically changed the game…  Some for the good, like making it against the rules for a keeper to pick up a pass from his own player in order to waste less time, or clamping down on tackling from behind, an act that has deprived us of some great talent who have seen their career end too soon.

What is utterly ridiculous and completely detrimental to the sport is when referees blow their whistle and issue a card because player A has tackled player B from the front, but with “excessive force”, going through the ball and hitting the player is now against the rules…  What is to happen to the last gasp match saving tackle?  It will be outlawed along with spitting, swearing, and scratching your arse because it might rub off on kids who play in leagues all over the world, and we do not want that…  We, apparently, want our young generations of budding stars to look, play and wear dumb colourful boots like Christiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese Man-Woman…  Not crazy tackling, foul mouthed psychopaths with dubbin and blood on their boots.

Maybe an Armani jock strap would have been useful.

There is a lack of role models, decent ones anyway, when I was a kid footballers were photographed grabbing other player’s balls as a stamp of authority, now they are photographed showing off their balls in Armani drawers…  I realise it is cliche and tired to complain about the amount of money in football, but the problem is that with that amount of money in the game there is a level of expectation, this may be a Scottish thing as we like to get the most from our money, but when the big players who get payed the big money don’t entertain me, I get angry.  All they have to do is run around a big grass pitch, show some skill, score some goals, throw in some tackles…  This seems like too much work for some, usually the ones with the fattest wallets.  It isn’t like we expect them to perform brain surgery, or even string a sentence together.

The World Cup was brought to you by: McDonalds, Mars bars, Bud and Coke…  The big players earn over £100,000 per week playing domestic football, they are paid millions to advertise the big products, and if you want the latest Nike boots that are so light you can’t feel them, and so colourful that you can’t polish them on a Sunday morning before the game you will have to part with over £100…  The replica shirts cost £40 and adding a name cost extra…  And to think the England fans had the cheek to boo poor old Wayne Rooney for playing like a brat… a fat, useless, overpaid, under-performing, self absorbed, balding brat…

Capitalism is awesome.

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3 Responses to South Africa World Cup 2010 Final: The Winners, The Losers, The Runner-ups All The Rest

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    • brian

      July 13, 2010 at 1:19 pm

      This article lacks credibility – the writer must have been asleep when Spain beat Germay in the semi-final

  2. henryhunter

    July 13, 2010 at 3:00 pm

    That is a howler, no excuse for that. I actually had forgotten that they met in the semi, such was the impact. Cheers for pointing it out, and I shall be leaving it up like that as some thinnly veiled attempt to pardon it. Either that or I’ll edit it and forget the whole shady affair

    still, one massive error out of all the many bits I did on the World Cup, as big as that error is…

    I can only hope to one day reach the level of credibility deemed necessary in your eyes.

    Cheers for reading.


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