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Senate GOP celebrate | Unemployed fearful, economic indicators fall

By: T. Cahill

Washington, D.C. (June 2) – Not surprising, the day after Congress adjourned for their 4th of July break, which lasts until July 12, economists and economic reports show the nation’s recovery is slowing.

The latest data attributes the economic slowdown largely to the inability of Republican Senators to grasp the simple concepts that unemployment extensions are emergency spending, coupled with the realism that unemployment benefits are immediately placed back into circulation and stimulate the economy, little is left to the imagination as to what is wrong with this picture.

Add in a slumping housing market and the crisis in debt Europe and China face. Yet Congress adjourns. It is off to the old homestead for parties and celebrations, not to mention, yes worth repeating, triple the amount of time those lucky enough to be holding a job receive.

The GOP remains steadfast in its careless attitude toward anyone less than wealthy. Please save your meaningless pity parties about the deficit for another time and another place. Reckless spending is a GOP forte. Suddenly they develop a conscience, and for all the wrong reasons and with all the wrong “solutions”.

Statements to the effect that by granting unemployment extensions through anything other than spending stimulus money would be “encouraging a nation of hobos”, the Republican attitude blatantly has called all the millions of unemployed and underemployed everything from lazy to just looking for handouts.

It is unfortunately easy to conceive that the Party of No will sleep peacefully and blissfully each night while on recess, while millions of their fellow citizens face the streets, lack of food for their children, uncertainty, and fear in an economy that does not have nearly enough jobs for even a small percentage of unemployed to “return to”.

Ah, but Republicans cry they have tried. Yes, their attempts to ensure this nation has no hope of recovery to date have prevailed as they insist stimulus money is the answer to bridging a gap that has always been considered emergency spending.

Republicans listen up. To spend stimulus money that will create jobs, is such an irresponsible attitude as to be almost unworthy of printing.

While those fully employed with our taxpayer dollars, party-line-only Republican Senators, enjoy the celebration of the birth of our country, millions of Americans would have appreciated the entire Senate doing the right thing, that of staying in Washington and ensuring that the unemployed’s fear-filled lives were of paramount importance. That the citizens in need in this country counted more than a BBQ at home.

Ignorance and callous behavior. Despicable.

Unemployment and extensions provide basic shelter, food, and clothing for those forced out of jobs. In most cases, unemployment benefits do not even come close to covering the basics alone.

Shame on all Republicans. Even your own constituents are unemployed or have you chosen to believe they will blindly follow you into the voting booth in November? After the treatment you have given them, and the rest of America’s unemployed, counting your chickens should not take too long.

Take a page and hard look at reality from the House of Representatives. Reality is alive and well in your counterpart. They are on the side of good. Will Senate Republicans remain the Darth Vadar’s of this country? Your bleating falls on deaf ears. Long-time Republicans are waking up and seeing the GOP for what it is and has largely been – the home of the rich, those wealthy enough to get away with anything money can buy.

God bless and good luck to the millions that counted on the Republicans in the Senate to see reality. It is most unfortunate that the countdown continues until after July 12 to see what happens next.

Continue to keep that faith that even the unemployed still live in the “land of the free and the home of the brave”.

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2 Responses to Senate GOP celebrate | Unemployed fearful, economic indicators fall

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  2. Ike

    July 2, 2010 at 10:47 pm

    Listen, mark my words…Republicans who are supporting austerity measures right here at this point are going to flush the remnants of this economy straight down.

    The gut reaction during onset of recessions/depressions is to repent for our sins during the boom times..yes? This is what happened in the 30s, the government started tightening up it’s budget and the economy began its tumble into the great depression. Republicans, this is the wrong way to go and history will repeat itself if the stimulus and unemployment checks are curtailed.

    I know you feel like you must do the right thing now and cut spending, BUT THIS IS NOT THE TIME.

    Look at the state europe is in. Most european governments are tightening up their deficits now, removing stimulus and they are being PUNISHED for it in the bond markets. Deficit reduction must be done, granted. But, it has to be done over time, preferably during stability.

    Government deficits are a different breed, you must think logically and not with your heart.

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