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al-Megrahi Inquiry Hil-dog Claims Connection With BP

Scotland, (Jul 16) – The UK Government has told the US that the release of the man charged with the Lockerbie bombing, Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, was a mistake, and since the coalition government announced this, Hilary Clinton has began looking into claims that the deal was struck in conjunction with BP to secure an oil deal with Libya.

To begin with, the Scottish Government released al-Megrahi, and the Scottish Government does not apologize for it or regard it as a mistake, and neither should they.

The main argument seems to be that it is disrespectful to the families of the victims on both sides of the Atlantic, but believe it or not there are people from the village of Lockerbie who never agreed with the verdict, including the man who was the local priest at the time who had the job of burying the dead residents, all of whom residents in the very street he lived on.

Naturally everyone is entitled to their opinion, but Cameron telling the Yanks it was a “mistake” is confusing, the Scottish Government stands by its decision to release al-Megrahi, and in no way apologizes for it.  This subject was covered in last week’s edition of Question Time, and Nicola Sturgeon Deputy First Minister of Scotland made that perfectly clear.

Regardless of what a doctor who was not involved with the original prognosis has to say on the subject, guessing how long a terminal patient has to live is not an exact science, it’s not even a science, it is guesswork.  America knows all about making rash decisions based on guesswork, their entire foreign policy for the duration of the Bush Administration was completely based on guesswork.

The rest of the World should really trust the Scots more.  It is not as we are some egotistical nation who have contributed nothing but take credit for everything.  It’s the complete opposite A Scot has been on the forefront of progress since the beginning.

I have actually written something very similar to this on a different site, albeit with slightly more colourful language, back when al-Megrahi was released and Obama was shouting for a boycott of Scottish produce.  A boycott I backed, but I felt there was no room for being meticulous.  Why not go the whole hog and boycott everything that Scotland has given the world, and that list is so long and so full of things still in use today that boycotting it would result in a quick trip back to the dark ages.

Highlights of which include; anesthetics, penicillin, tarmac, Halloween, fridges, microwaves, iron bridges, the telephone, the television and my personal favorite, The US Navy.

So while many people across the globe think of Scots as clans of men in kilts who live in castles and spend their days either fighting for freedom or roaming the glen (wend not releasing dangerous criminals willy-nilly).  They do not, but you think that because of the Stereotype, another thing to thank the Scots for.

David Cameron can call it what he wants, but his reasons are as transparent and self-serving as always.  He has taken the side of America over Scotland, not that we should be in any way surprised given his position, and his party’s history regarding relations with his neighbors to the north.  He should treat them a little better since Scotland has all the oil, and all the crazy kilted lunatics.

An inquiry may well appease the people who have read about this in the newspapers but it is not as he will be re-arrested, no matter your opinion on the subject Abdebaset al-Megrahi will die a free man, whenever he actually dies. Seeing as the only person, I know who actually lived through the hell of that night in Lockerbie not only thinks al-Megrahi was innocent, but also he campaigned for his release at great cost both professionally and personally, that is enough for me.

I find myself agreeing with a Government decision for once.  Which is a problem as I’m sure you can imagine.

Henry Hunter – WorldNewsVine Scotland

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5 Responses to al-Megrahi Inquiry Hil-dog Claims Connection With BP

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  2. Dr J

    July 17, 2010 at 7:11 am

    good angle. Cameron indeed has overstepped the mark.

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