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Mission to Mars, Via Moscow

With the world heading straight down the toilet in a swirling cesspool of religion driven idiocy, it is a relief to see that some people are still planning the advancement of the human race.  As opposed to its continuing destruction.

Starting on the June 3 in Moscow a six-man crew will embark on a simulated 520 day round trip to Mars and back.  In what sounds like the opening to a joke, three Russians, one Chinese, one French, and one Italian will live in a warehouse, which has been designed to replicate the ship and a section of the red planet.

The Cosmonauts will spend 8 hours a day maintaining the ship as it travels across our solar system in an attempt to understand the effects on the men and the equipment before any plans to send a manned ship are formed.  Most significantly, the experiment is designed to monitor the psychological effects on the crew.

The men will be completely cut off from the world outside, except from radio contact that they will have with the people running the experiment, which will be subject to a 20 minute delay which would occur if the ship was actually travelling through space.  There will be no natural light and all the air will be recycled.  The cramped and uncomfortable crew will be filmed all day every day by cameras in every section of the “ship”.

While the experiment does have a very real chance of going sour, at least they will catch it on film, and therefore we might get to see it one day. That is reality TV that I would gladly tune into.

Mars in Moscow

To give up such a big chunk of your life to pretend to go to space may seem insane to some people, the same could be said for fighting in unjust wars based on prejudice, fear and racism, at least from an experiment like this the human race will actually benefit for once…  To think a trip like that could be funded for less than we have spent on killing other human beings over the last 8 years is quite the mind melter.

There is an argument that because deep down the crew know they are in a hanger in the outskirts of Moscow  they will not experience the same feelings as they would in real space travel, which is a fairly obvious argument, and also quite a dumb one… 

Given that, the men have already taken part in a 105-day version of the experiment I am sure they will act accordingly…  However, maybe the people in charge should have told them that since the 105 day trip went so well that they are just going ahead with the Mars trip…  Then just shook the mock ship for the first few weeks, making the crew think they were in space for real.  At least for a few days the men could experience the terror one must feel when sitting on a launch bad with a rocket load of highly explosive fuel between their legs…  That would make things interesting.

Not that I am saying this is in any way uninteresting, this is by far the most incredible bit of news I have heard lately, and I for one am pant wettingly excited about the prospect of a manned trip to mars…  Maybe we will meet some aliens and we can introduce them to the religious people who think that they are so right in their choice of a God that they will kill anyone who doesn’t believe what they do.

Despite the fact, they will not be leaving this planet.  For their dedication to the bringing closer the possibility of future exploration of Mars and the rest of the infinite space out there, I salute you.

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2 Responses to Mission to Mars, Via Moscow

  1. victorhugo

    June 2, 2010 at 3:09 am

    Another idea might be to use this simulator idea for more things, like war. Perhaps if people to experience war conditions before a war began or before they went out they would be more prepared.

    For all the advancements that are underway with space travel I just wish the same could be said of other aspects of life on this planet. Yesterday I heard on the radio the really “great” news that the guy who controlled the finances for 9/11 was killed along with his wife and kids…to me this is very sad! Dealth is an easy way out and the fact a woman and kids were involved is heart breaking.

    All over the world children, women, men are dying every day because of war, hungar, illness to name but a few. I can’t see an end to this…Britian, America, the UN see themselves as knights on white horses riding in and saving everyone for the evils that surround them, when infact we are part of the problem. We want the world to be democratic…but only our kind of democracy which leaves hundreds without health care in the states, leaves people bankrupt and homeless and leaves people living a day to day battle just to survive. We don’t want a global democratic community, we want a global capatalist society that uses the word democracy just enough to get away with doing so many horrendous things!

    I just hope this mars things works…maybe we will discover something that opens our eyes and changes our ways!!

  2. Reita Larrimore

    August 6, 2010 at 1:40 pm

    Great stuff ici.

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