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Invasion Of Privacy… Our new cameras will make sure of it.

The Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) have unveiled a brand new technology to detect known terrorists, and claim that the new system will be ready to use in the battlefield in only 5 years.

The tracking system has been tested using military personnel acting as insurgents, and the system worked however, seeing as they worked for the people testing it, one would think that they knew where to look.  In any case, it tracks, monitors and locates bad guys.  Andrew Seedhouse, chief technologist for sensors and countermeasures at DSTL claims that you “can’t tell an insurgent by what they look like, but you can track their behaviour…”  Don’t worry, it doesn’t make sense, in case you were planning on spending valuable minutes of your life re-reading it.  What he said was they would follow every single person on the face of the planet and hope that they notice some terrorist like behaviour.

I am hopefully not the only person who sees glaring problems with a computerized tracking program that can label you a terrorist.  I refer of course to the sad tale of Jean Charles de Menezes.  If the trained police can’t be trusted to detect a threat, then why should we put any faith in a computer, although the computer isn’t as racist as the former Met Police Chief, and many of his blood thirsty trigger happy soldiers police officers.

The system can detect unusual behaviour such as two cars meeting in a secluded area, so any one having affairs or buying drugs better watch out, technically you could be subject to multiple bullets in your face because a machine told the cops you were a terrorist.  The desired outcome is to “win the battle against insurgency.”

Dr Seedhouse, who could be the most dangerous idiot in the world, says with a level of pride that shouldn’t be associated with such a despicable thing that “It’s like having the ultimate CCTV system with super-sensors on the ground and flying round in the air,”  More CCTV, just what we need…  It has worked a charm thus far…  Why not just attach a mini gun to all cameras and they can just annihilate anything that moves…  Problem solved.  No more terrorists, insurgents, taxpaying citizens, animals, discarded trash…  Let the computer controlled mini guns deal with it.

The only remotely good thing about this horrific story is the words “128 megapixel camera”, that excites me.  Everything else just terrifies me.  It just seems that the world isn’t any more dangerous, it is simply that on a minute to minute basis we are bombarded with fear inducing stories, like this one.  Things have become so terribly bad that we need better cameras and more of them…

I feel it is my duty to continue reading up on this system in order to inform you properly, but to be honest I don’t think I can handle reading any more about it. Every new sentence begins a whole new wave of fear to wash over my head, at risk of drowning in it I think it prudent that I simply stop.  You wonder how far it will go, or indeed, how far it has gone without us knowing.  Does anyone pay attention to the laws passed in Parliament with the same vigilance they do to the security settings on Facebook?  The fact people care about the security settings on Facebook confuses me.  I often wonder if they realise that they are on the Internet, and that nothing you say, do or post online belongs to you.  It is the price you have to pay, to say and do what you want on the worldwide stage.  The real invasion of privacy is happening in your town, Christ it is probably happening right outside your window, have a look.  When was the last time you were wronged in some way and the CCTV was any use?  Exactly, half the time they are pointing the wrong way, the other half they simply don’t work.

We all have something to lose when this type of technology is brought in to stem the “domestic problems” we apparently face every day. In respect to it being used in battle, I guess it could work.  However, as proven in the apache video I posted a few months ago, the military idea of “insurgent like behaviour” is very different to mine.  I think bad guys carry guns, whereas the US airmen in that Apache think otherwise however, that’s a different story.

I realise a lot of people shy away from speaking out about these things, but as we all know ‘Apathy equals Inaction’, and once you let it slide then you can expect an avalanche of shit to follow.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.  Moreover, don’t act like an insurgent in a car park, you never know who is watching.

-henry hunter UK

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