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Unemployment Extensions | 99ers Hope to Gain Ground on Capitol Hill

National (Apr 17) – With the votes in and the temporary unemployment extension passed, many millions currently receiving unemployment benefits can heave a large sigh of relief. Checks will continue for many, however, the “99ers”, those who have long since exhausted all avenues of unemployment benefits, still carry the burden of wondering, “What next for us?”

Hundreds of thousands of Americans receive no help, have no job prospects even with their tireless search to find gainful employment. Job postings remain at an all-time low, and many 99ers are over 50 and at a disadvantage should hiring begin to pick up. Age discrimination and suffering the indignity of having failing credit scores used against them, 99ers have no where to turn except the telephone, faxing, and offline and online petitions in the hopes that Capitol Hill hears their need.

The petition in circulation getting the most attention remains the Tier V unemployment benefits petition.

First mentioned on March 31, Issa Decker informed WNV, “The petition is soaring. The petition just crossed the 12,000 mark!” Decker also stated, “The chatter about a Tier V began just when we passed the 10,000 mark.”

In their continuing effort to bring their plight to the attention of those in Washington, legislators able to improve their conditions if they only would, 99ers are spreading the word that April 30th and May 3rd are “Send Congress Your Resume” days. Information on this grassroots movement to make those in power aware can be found at Jobless Unite.

In her remarks on the Senate floor, April 15, Senator Jeanne Shaheen [D-NH] stated, “As important as this short-term extension is, the Senate must do more to address the long-term challenge of joblessness. Of the 15 million Americans who are out of work today, nearly 6 million – so more than 1 in 3 – have run through the 6 months of benefits provided by their States. In fact, the average period of unemployment currently stands at a record high of nearly 8 months.”

These remarks, in connection with the just passed extension, while compassionate, do not carry the full weight of many who have been unemployed and unable to find work since 2008. Shaheen continued, “We need to pass a longer term extension to provide some stability for the millions of people who are going to need unemployment benefits in the months to come. I applaud Senator Baucus who has been working to try to bridge this gap.”

The “in the months to come” have long since come and gone for those in the rocky 99er boat.  “We must redouble our efforts,” Decker concluded.

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29 Responses to Unemployment Extensions | 99ers Hope to Gain Ground on Capitol Hill

  1. Gary

    April 17, 2010 at 1:15 am

    Dear President Obama:

    I am writing to urge you to take quick and immediate action on renewing federal unemployment benefit extensions to those who have exhausted their weeks, by way of extending the 99 weeks which would also help the 99ers (Tier V). The millions of those jobless individuals who have exhausted all unemployment extensions, remain lost, unaccounted for, and without proper representation are stepping up their efforts to ensure Congress and the President hear our pleas for continued financial assistance.

    This segment of the United States population lives in day-to-day fear wondering how to keep going when everyone in Washington deem to look the other way with a blind eye. Having exhausted all unemployment extensions, and therefore no longer counted among the jobless, is a clear demonstration of how underhanded and easy it is for Government to play with the numbers. Congress and the President are anxious to provide hope that the unemployment crisis outlook is brightening. The Washington spin is a far cry from reality. NO LONGER COUNTED DOES NOT MEAN THAT THE 99’ERS HAVE SECURED JOBS!!

    I am writing to also urge you to take quick and immediate action on creating additional Tiers for the Emergency Unemployment Compensation program, including the Emergency Unemployment Compensation program and full federal funding of Extended Benefits, as well as the $25 per week Federal Additional Compensation supplement. This is essential for the large number of long-termed unemployed who have already exhausted all available unemployment benefits and who are not qualified for any assistance from their local, county, state, and federal government programs. How are they to survive, until such a time when jobs are plentiful and they are once again able to sustain themselves and their families?

    Plain and simple: Unemployment benefits are a lifeline for the unemployed. It will stimulate the economy, as the unemployed are all consumers. It will also prevent rises in the percentages of foreclosures, homelessness, bankruptcy, repossessions, overall personal debt & so much more. Therefore, by renewing and adding Tier V to the Emergency Unemployment Compensation program, it will benefit all of America and the people within this great nation.

    Re-establish our trust in the government systems and assist us in re-building our lives to survive the current economic crisis.


    • Nelson/Unemployed Veteran

      April 17, 2010 at 1:11 pm

      To President Obama,politicians, and advisors.I’m a Veteran from the U.S Army who is unemployed and continue to seek for employment which has been verifed by the unemployment office in order to haved recieved any help previously. As a payed citizen by not only blood, but sweat and money for my benefit I know that you’re smart enough to know that maybe we have started to gain to momentun towards recovery but many are out of employment due to no fault of their own.It’s already humiliating recieving any help. For those people as my self who are taking care of the famlies (have a special needs child)and have no more tiers due to them being exhausted in a struggling market, PLEASE create a tier 5 to help us thru atleast the end of the year. I believe that this would be good for all the citizens (Democrats,Repubilcans,and Independents)that worked, and payed into the system. Creating it will definately help with reelection in November and next Presidential election. We will be heard good or bad for you at the poles. It’s up to you. Thank you and see you at the polls.

    • T. Cahill

      April 17, 2010 at 1:33 pm

      Gary & Nelson, good to see you using this site as a platform to demonstrate what is, to be hoped, all who are in this position do even daily – get yourself heard!

      Now point everyone you know here, so they, too, “get directions” especially with the Resume Days coming.

      BTW, inside the new story itself, ALL “extras” open in new windows…

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  3. JimH

    April 17, 2010 at 8:09 am

    THANK YOU so much for getting the word out about the hundreds of thsands of unemployed people who will not be helped one bit by this piece of legislation.

    The last (up to) 20 week additional benefits went into effect WELL over 20 weeks ago. People began exhausting them two months ago (in states that don’t qualify for Tier IV), and the media has been completely ignoring us.

    • T. Cahill

      April 17, 2010 at 1:36 pm

      You are welcome Jim! Don’t forget to mark this in any social communities, etc., you may be using/visiting. Spread the word to come and read. While Congress did, indeed, opt to extend for some it’s the group of “we get nothing else” so “where are the jobs??” who need a voice.

  4. Paul

    April 17, 2010 at 8:20 am

    I was fortunate enough to find a few contracts in 2008, but only worked 3-4 months. My last contract ended at the end of 2008, so I’ll be approaching that mark soon.

    It’s bad when I can’t even get call backs from applications I sent in to places like Toys R Us, Sears, and other retailers I would have applied to back in High School.. just to have some kind of paycheck and get off of unemployment.

    • T. Cahill

      April 17, 2010 at 1:39 pm

      Paul, this seems to be the trend across the country. For a while I figured it was just Nevada and the west, but that’s not the case as evidenced by the personal stories from so many trying very hard TO find jobs, but getting no takers.

      Times have changed, and yes a Jobs Bill needs attention next. But jobs that, even if many cannot be employed, stimulate the growth of the towns and cities in and around those jobs.

      Did you read my op-ed on Senate salaries? You can view my other news stories by clicking on my name, and following the link on that page…

  5. sukie

    April 17, 2010 at 8:45 am

    Thank God there’s still someone putting this in print. We are the workforce that they don’t need anymore. The best way to silence us is to let our benefits run out week by week..that way the sobs of only a few thousand at a time aren’t so loud and people can still sleep without worrying about the suffering of millions. Somebody knows what’s going on, but without morality or religion, the country is doomed, as Geo.Washington told us. God help us.

    • T. Cahill

      April 17, 2010 at 1:43 pm

      Hi sukie, heaven forbid (no pun intended) that we allow “religion” to dictate what happens (George Washington or not) – you think they cannot agree now, just introduce that subject and there would be no agreeing on any topic. Yikes.

      However, you are right. For those getting their news via WNV, we thank you! But, sukie, you’ll continue to see “updates” on this subject until something is done in Washington.

  6. USMC

    April 17, 2010 at 10:32 am

    I fought and bled for my country. I was hit by 3 rounds and still keep fighting! Now Im 57 and cant get a job anywhere! I have worked all my life, my benifits ran out on 4/5/10. I was on the 4th tier I have applied for hundreds of jobs with not one call! and my F****** country turns its back on ME! I will be homeless without this tier5! when you dirty SOB sent me and thousands over to a land not known to us and let us die there! knowing well what you were doing!(vets know what Im talking about) now you SOB will do this to thosands of citizens? Im getting old but Im not to old to help and assist in a full fledge civil war! the knowledge you gave us then will work against you now! I belive short of a civil uprising were screwed! I for one will rise up against you and fight! even if it means fighting my brothers! you will not get away with this cleansing of the classes! not on my soil!

    • T. Cahill

      April 17, 2010 at 1:48 pm

      USMC you are right. One of the many things I’ve noticed on applications and inside ads is the “military” statement (as in “did you serve”) which, up until the beginning of the 99er crusade I thought gave at least ex-military head and shoulders advantages over “the rest”.

      As your comment clearly indicates, this is not the case.

      Removing the colorful words and presenting your story via petition, phone calls, faxes, etc., directly to the White House and Congress floors is vital.

      If an ex-Marine can’t get a job….

      Also, and this is critical to mention, freedom of speech exists.

      We at WNV do not advocate violence in any way, shape or form.

      It’s understandable passion rules, especially when one feels utterly abandoned. However, force is not an opinion and should not be considered an option. Peaceful assembly – that’s what is needed. But, without jobs (meaning money) getting to Washington to peacefully assemble would be a challenge, but highly effective.

      That’s why it’s important for 99ers to take April 30th and May 3rd and run with it. Even if you haven’t hit the “end of the road” mark yet, participate, because starting now before it’s “too late” is always a wise move. Employed or not, all Americans deserve support – financial and emotional.

  7. Issa

    April 17, 2010 at 1:48 pm

    Theresa- Another great article, right on point. When we do things in a united way, like the petition and Resume Days, we get their attention. I don’t think Congress thought we could become such a large unified group as fast as we did. I know I’m amazed. There are now 14,361 signers. I’ll be sending another email to all who have signed.
    By the way, every time you mention the petition, there’s a big jump in signers. Thanks!

    • T. Cahill

      April 17, 2010 at 2:01 pm

      Issa, again thanks to you this reporter is aware of what’s happening beyond the bounds so to speak. There will be followup, I have a great CSPAN segment which, while not specifically addressing a Tier 5 (or Tier V depending on how one likes to write it), shows promise that there are compassionate representatives in Congress.

      99ers, you’ve got the latest now from the creator of the petition – don’t drop the ball!

  8. Sandra

    April 17, 2010 at 6:29 pm

    Our Country is in an extremely volatile and frightening state right now. The long-term unemployed are in a constant struggle to receive unemployment funds.   Our government has turned their backs on the thousands of long-term unemployed throughout our country. The vast majority are older men and women who have spent their life as a loyal employee: These are the men and women, dads and moms, who have helped to make our Country great. The economy had gotten so bad that their employers could either lay off some of their workforce to survive, or close down their business all together. As we all know, many employers did both. Our country lost decade old corporations and businesses, as well as thousands of small businesses.

    Bill HR4851 that the Senate passed is once again rather deceiving, as it has the public believing that it actually extends unemployment funds for all the unemployed. It does not!! This bill only extends benefits to the unemployed who have exhausted their standard 26 weeks of unemployment: It does nothing at all to help the long-term unemployed. Common sense will tell you that if unemployment is continually growing every week in large numbers, that there will be unemployed people who have not been able to find employment. Yet our Government will not acknowledge that fact that there is long-term unemployed people in our Country, as they would like you to believe the numbers are getting better. They Are Not!!

    The Labor Department reported Thursday that first-time requests for jobless benefits rose by 24,000 last week to a seasonally adjusted 484,000. This is the highest level since late February.

    The major unemployment situation in our country should not be treated like the Hatfield & McCoys; the recently unemployed vs the long-term unemployed. Bill HR 4851 should have included jobless benefits for ALL the unemployed including the long-term. Bill HR 4851 should have included an amendment that specifically states additional weeks will be added to Tier IV, or will create a Tier V.

    Give the jobless the peace of mind we deserve. Pass an unemployment benefit extension package that provides long-term financial relief for ALL of America’s unemployed today!

    If you are unemployed, please sign the petition requesting the creation of a Tier V. This petition is growing in massive number daily averaging over 1,000 signatures a day. Individual emails go out to the Administration, and Congress immediately when you sign.


  9. J.Martin

    April 18, 2010 at 2:24 pm

    April 16, 2010 it was reported that the unemployment rate in 24 states increased for March 2010. I live in Ohio and the our rate increased to 11%. On the same day it was reported that the home foreclosure rate increased across the nation.
    I believe in “preventative medicine” prevent the problem before it occurs….without some type of income more Americans who have run out of unemployment benefits will join the bankruptcy, homeless and foreclosure clubs. One of the urgements is that the 99ers are “milking the system” or becoming the “new welfare” of America and the most used is “how do we pay for this benefit”. First of all, I am sure that those individuals do excist, this situation of “the glass half full or half empty” should the majority of the 99ers be punished because of a few who since the beginning of time will abuse the system. Secondly……How do we pay for a 99er extension? No matter what the payment method…..the cost is small when you compare it to increasing home foreclosures ( all property values decrease) and or bankruptcy, increased homeless and consumer spending decreasing (unemployeed with no income.
    The issue is that Americans must remind ALL ELECTED OFFICALS THAT 99ers, their families, friends and Americans in general WILL NOT FORGET THIS LACK OF RESPONSE CONCERNING THIS CRISIS SITUATION.
    PLEASE FRIENDS, FAMILY and the ALL unemployeed must write, call, email and sign petitions ASAP. ACTION MUST BE A PRIORITY ON THIS ISSUE !!!


  10. Christine

    April 18, 2010 at 6:56 pm

    What can I say but THANK-YOU! Keep our story alive because Congress is listening and they have to add additional weeks of jobless benefits to Tier IV or have a NEW Tier V. Hard to believe both Houses can be so heartless as to omit a segment of the unemployed from HR 4213 in Feb/March and then again with HR 4851 at a time this country is still suffering through a economic abyss & recession. Its inconceivable how they sleep at night but I guess if they don’t see us or view us on TV then we don’t exist as human beings, as Americans. I don’t have any kids to take care of BUT I feel & pray for those with kids to take care of and feed who exhausted their last Tier IV and have nothing. We have to fight hard and harder PLUS with the help of the media ( T. Cahill ) we will get a Tier V to Survive until JOBS Arrive! P.S. I had to check Google-Earth to make sure I was really in America!

  11. T. Cahill

    April 19, 2010 at 12:00 am

    Sandra, JMartin, Christine – your readership and participation is what counts! I’ll be doing a story tomorrow on MayDay coming up, so don’t miss it!

  12. R. Ann

    April 19, 2010 at 11:20 am

    LET’S LOOK AT WHAT THESE UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS ARE USED FOR BY THOSE OF US UNEMPLOYED: These unemployment benefits are vital to our survival. And they are vital to our continuing job search. Like everyone, job seekers must maintain, first of all living expenses, like shelter, food, and utilities. But let’s look at what else we need: we must have TRANSPORTATION to and from job interviews, job fairs, job training, and job assistance programs or even to get to a computer center if we have none at home; INTERNET access to continue job searches, COMPUTER EXPENSES, like reams of paper for printing resumes, and ink cartridges costing between $20-$35; PHONE service to receive and get calls concerning employment and training. Without unemployment benefits OUR JOB SEARCH ABILITY CUT DOWN 90%. That means even longer unemployment, more homeless, more frustration, and unfortunately more anger. NOT EXTENDING OUR UNEMPLOYMENT WILL AFFECT THE ECONOMY EVEN MORE. The media is NOT reporting that millions are left out of the new extension. We the 99ers who’ve exhausted tier 4 must have a tier 5 OR extend the weeks of the previous tier.

  13. Ryan S.

    April 19, 2010 at 2:46 pm

    Thanks for the great article, we 99ers need as much support as we can get. I am a college educated person, and I spent alot of money to do so. Then I worked for Adobe for 3 years before they, too, decided to ship my job overseas. In my opinion, there are two causes for this extended recession that need to be rectified for many of us to get back to work and for the economy to turn around. The first item is that there needs to be an incentive for big companies to bring their jobs back to America. Either give the companies tax breaks or money directly, or charge them HUGE tax amounts for shipping jobs overseas. Currently, money is lost through job seekers being unemployed (they have no money to spend) as well as the fact that those employed in other countries are not paying taxes (to the U.S. gov.) out of the wages they recieve. I believe this is the largest cause of the recession, and is not being addressed. It is economics 101; all leakages and no injections makes us a very poor country (except for the financial elite who make these horrible decisions).

    Secondly, what are we still doing in Iraq?? We are spending so much money, and for what?? A spec ops friend I have says he literally does nothing there but lay out in the sun all day. I would love to think that we are actually making a difference, but my understang is that we are not.

    One thing we can do to make a difference is to stop the war on drugs, at least in regards to marijuana. I say this strictly from a financial aspect; I am not a stoner, and never have been. I personally could care less if it is legal or not. It doesn’t bother me, is obviously less harmful than cigarettes and alcohol, and lines the pockets of CRIMINALS. We spend alot of money (I read 40 billion, but I don’t have a good citation) on the war against marijuana. This good obviously be better spent, since marijuana use has only increased over time. Let the governmet regulate it and tax the HELL out of it. People will pay, just as with tobacco and alcohol. In fact, Californians have gathered enough signatures that they WILL get a vote on it in November. Oregon and Washington are right behind them, as is Colorado I believe. Do a google search and learn about it, I was surprised how many actually support it, though most are individuals looking at it from a financial aspect rather than a personal one. I know many people will laugh when they read this portion, but please, look at the financial boost this will provide to us before condemning my opinion. Hemp helped us financially once and has the power to do it again.

    Thank you again, Mr. Cahill, for a well written and important article.

  14. Teri R.

    April 19, 2010 at 3:12 pm

    The UNEMPLOYED should NOT have to beg for minimum benefits to survive!

    The last time congress passed an extention, the week of Nov 14th, it was more than a month before the people of MA received the first payment. By that time, the utilites were off and the bank accounts overdrawn. It had been over a month since the last payment when it was passed, then another month to process it into the workforce computer system.

    There are NO JOBS in the 4 States I have gone to hoping the situation would be better!

    First MA, Boston and South Shore, North Shore. I even was looking in NH and RI. NOTHING for 9 months. The unemployment was not enough to maintain a place to live in MA.
    I ended up giving up all of my possession, other than what would fit in the small car.
    Headed to Las Vegas. NOTHING, so I headed back to my hometown LA. At least I had a few freinds to stay with, although each one of them were in foreclosure, and struggling to keep their homes. 8 months.. Looking EVERYDAY.. 1000’s of resumes, and it was the same everywhere, they received so many applicants for any and every job out there, 100’s and 100’s… No job… only 1 person of the 1000’s of freinds I have in LA had a job, and that was ONLY because it was NOT an American Company, NOPE… ASIAN Based and owned! The Masses in LA are surviving on freinds and family memebers who either have social security payments comming in, Disability, or unemployment, Oh.. and Military disability…
    So after 8 months of staying on couches.. I headed to the little house in Texas that my mom left me.. and evicted the tennants and moved in.. so I could have a place to live… NOW 9 months later.. STILL NOTHING, my professional licences are only in CA and MA… so here in TX I have been applying for ANYTHING, waitress, bartender, counter help.. Hell even the Census beauro wouldnt hire me.. Nor would Walmart,…
    YEP.. from a Good Economy of Making about .. 50K – 90K a year.. to -0-

    MEAN-WHILE Congress.. is dishing out BILLLIONS and BILLIONS to the Greedy Middle Men on Wall Street that Put the Country in this mess… Letting them take Money from the Fed Reserve for less than 1% interest… and then.. what are they doing.. not passing on the benefit to the people.. NOPE… I AM A LOAN OFFICER…. I Know what they are doing! They are advertising as if they are passing on the savings to help the economy.. But NOPE they are not actually doing it.. they will loan money.. but not at the advertised rate.. and they SHURE as hell are NOT helping the people facing foreclosure with modifications,,.. NOPE.. they say they will… BUT as Usual,, THE FINE PRINT… There is a reason and excuse.. that will give the property to the Bank at some point… Ever Hear of Forebareance… OH YES.. this is the best program to help the home owner stay in the home..NOT.. but is the only one they actully will give any one.. which simply is.. telling the home owner.. pay this affordable payment for now… but Guess what.. TRUTH.. You mr home owner.. still owe us every penny of that payment.. and we can demand it ANYTIME we feel like it and TAKE your house.. WHICH will be the EXACT DAT that the Home Prices recover…. SCREW THESE LENDERS…. The Gov should lend directly to the People if they want to help. and really help… You CANT ask the Very People who INTENTIONALLY MADE the Problems… to fix it .. On their Honor.. WHY CANT Obama see this… or maybe they do.. and just dont care.. or it is intentional.. to eventually make:
    The ENTIRE MIDDLE CLASS… Poverty stricken.. and enslaved by the Rich 3%

  15. Staci in Oregon

    April 20, 2010 at 4:44 pm

    229,083 Oregonians unemployed in March 2010.
    5,431 Available jobs STATEWIDE according to the State of Oregon site. Statewide.

    (12,800 99ers pending no more extensions.)

    Decision makers….Forget the graphs. These are the numbers. Not much more needs to be said.

  16. Thomas

    April 22, 2010 at 1:24 pm


    We need to form a letter to those Dems and Repubs who are expected to retain their positions and let them know that if we do not get this extensionVERY SOON then NO MATTER WHAT we will vote against then in NOVEMBER! I wonder if the can still retain their positions if every long term and short term unemployed vote went to the other candidate.

  17. Bizarro World

    April 27, 2010 at 3:45 pm

    If anyone is watching C-Span 3 and wondering where your houses, husbands, wives, childrens education and the dignity to have an American way of life went, you need not wonder any longer. The sad news is our Government bailed them out while now turning a blind eye to us.

    Watch as they all get more great bonus’ at the end of this year too.

    They bet against the economy all the while selling investments they swore were good. They bet your money against you after calling to ask you to take these deals as great investments. The fix was in. We could not have possibly won these bets. Sucker bets. They set us all up to loose and loose we did.

    We all lost our jobs beginning in ’08. I was one of the first to go, am over 50 and have had no interst in anyone wanting t hire me again because of this.

    My 99 weeks ran out on April 4, Congress if you are listening, please do the right thing here until the Economy fully recovers so the Over 50’s can find jobs too…

  18. Stephen Willey

    April 28, 2010 at 7:43 am

    You no what hurts the most,is this once proud and rich nation is being relegated to a state of sadness and despair for many hardworking Americans.Yes thats right the ones who helped build this country and make it strong are now just small blips on the Governments radar.The people 45 and older are becoming invisible to the Fat Cats in Washington.What a shame and what a dishonor to this once great nation.The reality of it all,unfortunately,is that they just dont care and enjoy thier large homes and gourmet dinners while totally ignoring those in dire need of assistance.I face a situation that I thought I would never be in,and to tell you the Gods honest truth,it hurts like hell.I dont think any investment in the American worker is for whatever reason is an issue that should even be discussed.Just extend the Benefits.

  19. luke

    April 28, 2010 at 10:30 am

    99er’s vote won’t count in NOV elections because the recent Arizona smoke is ‘smoke’ so Obama can step in and legalize about 15,000,000 illegals and gain for the DEMS about 10,000,000 votes.

  20. Missy

    April 30, 2010 at 2:03 pm

    For all of the unemployed in Michigan

    Considering we are in an economic state of “no longer business as usual” we could use a bit of “unusual” advocacy for the continuation of unemployment benefits.

    Come on, Granholm! You can do it! Please, to Obama and ask for assistance to extend the unemployment benefits……

    Michigan can set the precedence for a quicker economic recovery by taking care of the unemployed now and in the future.

    We appreciate your efforts.

    Thank you!

  21. Annie

    March 1, 2011 at 5:45 am

    It is so sad that there are so many experienced citizens of this country who have worked, paid their taxes and did all that was expected of them in their jobs, just to be let go for no reason but “we are downsizing.” It seemed to me that most of us were long-time employees earning a decent salary were the ones that were laid off and the younger ones being paid much less were and still working! What is wrong with this picture?

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