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David Cameron and His Party Hate Gay People

The highly anticipated General Election 2010 in which, once again, the British public are forced to decide between the most undeserving, idiotic and utterly infuriating men possible, is due to be announced by the end of today.  In celebration of this the Conservative Shadow Home Secretary, Chris Grayling, decided to alienate the very same gay community his Party are so intent on impressing by proving that The Conservatives really do hate gay people.

Only weeks after David Cameron made a fool of himself by taking part in an interview with Gay Times magazine in which he was shown to be the one thing he has maintained he isn’t.  An old school homophobic Tory.  Mr. Grayling announced that, based on religion, Bed and Breakfast owners should be allowed to discriminate against gay couple, despite it being illegal.

His stated position is that while it is illegal for hoteliers to discriminate against any person for race, religion or sexual orientation, the same rules shouldn’t apply to Bed and Breakfast owners because it is their home and they should be allowed to discriminate against whomever they desire.  Then someone with a brain rightly pointed out that if you are a racist, or a homophobe, or have any sort of prejudice then you should probably stay away from working with the public, and you certainly shouldn’t turn your home into a guest house, you would be as well surrounding yourself with other like-minded idiots…  Get a job in the Conservative Party.

Mr. Grayling wanted to make sure that everyone knows that he is not opposed to gay rights, and would not be trying to get the law changed, but he feels it is important to respect the beliefs of people with faith…  I would just like to clarify to any British readers who are hopefully planning on voting in the coming election, the Conservative party not only feel  they need to say that they won’t take away gay rights, but that they accept blind faith in something that may or may not exist, but are completely against something that does absolutely exist and is practiced by not only gay men and women up and down the country, but it is practiced throughout their church with their trusted heavenly priests who love nothing more than sodomizing children, even the Pope is in on the action…  So you can’t be a Christian and be against homosexuality, it’s a new rule that came in since the Pope was proven to be a sinner who looked the other way when he knew this was going on…  Now find something else to moan about…

Being someone who would never think things were bad enough to warrant voting for such a despicably intolerant party, I will never have a Tory vote on my conscience…  I can’t say that Labour or Lib Dem are any better, but at least Gordon Brown doesn’t hate gay people like David Cameron does, and Browns men wouldn’t go on record (whether he knew it or not) and claim that believing in something spiritual or religious gives you the right to discriminate against another human being because of their sexual orientation…  It is 2010, surely that kind of disgusting attitude is best left in the days when it was common practice for hotels and guest houses to put signs on the window stating ‘no gays, no blacks, no Irish and no dogs’…  I should point out that it was during a Tory Government that those signs were in place.

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