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Your children love Mephedrone…

I have spent the day trying to write about the growing number of kids dying because of the “new”, “lethal”, pretty much completely legal recreational drug, “on the streets”.  The problem is that it keeps turning into a mini epic about the ludicrous drug laws in Britain, and the downright bizarre media coverage that drugs receive…  Considering the reputation journalists have for consuming drugs.

Two English boys in their late teens died last week from taking a drug called mephedrone which is also known as meow, due to it’s chemical name M-Cat,  apparently.  It is known by different names all over the country, in Scotland it is called ‘moonshine’…  But there are no ‘Dukes’ style shenanigans involved in supplying the drug, you just need to order it on the Internet.  The drug mimics the effects of ecstasy or cocaine and is being taken by children who have probably never been near coke or ecstasy before, this is

because legal highs are being confused with safe alternative and kids are dying because no one is taking the time to tell the truth about drugs.   Mephedrone is illegal, contrary to popular belief, but it is only illegal if it does not have the words “not for human consumption” stamped on the pack, because as well as giving you a buzz it is also good for your plants…  It doubles as plant food and is legal for that purpose.  David Nutt, the former advisor on drugs to the UK Government who was fired for letting the public know that marijuana is illegal for political and not scientific reasons as claimed, and that riding a horse is more dangerous than taking ecstasy, told the press this week that he had warned his former employers about the inevitable rise in legal highs, only to be ignored.  Taking into account how his career with the Government ended I am curious to know why they bothered hiring the professor and his team in the first place.

When I was in high school the big new drug “on the street” was ecstasy, a girl called Leah Betts died after taking a pill she was told to be ecstasy, it obviously wasn’t, at least not completely, but that started a mass campaign in which children were given the parents choice of drug talks, that all drugs will kill you if you take them…  Well, obviously not all drugs…  The ones that really mess you up are perfectly legal, and in some cases insisted upon.  People are quick to sedate their hyper child for years, but don’t stop to think that the disgusting convenience food that your Government allows on every street corner is more likely the cause rather than some made up condition that is nothing more than a collection of letters used to sell prescription drugs and fill you with fear.

I was shocked at the level of self medicating that I witnessed in LA, every out of work valley girl was on something, usually for some made up condition that couldn’t possibly affect someone who lives in the sun and doesn’t work; stress and anxiety etc.  If you feel anxious everyday then stop popping pills and drinking starbucks…  Just some free advice.  It is no coincidence that the people who push these drugs offer no alternative…  At least the guys who sell recreational drugs usually have a list of things they can provide…  In Amsterdam they have a physical menu.

The laws regarding cannabis in particular here in the UK are so confusing that even the Police on the beat don’t know for sure if they should arrest you or give you a light.  What is for certain though is that the Government allow the production and sale of brightly coloured, sugar filled alcoholic drinks, known as alcopops,  that are blatantly marketed at youngsters, despite growing numbers of children being admitted to hospital with drink related ailments.  In some towns and cities in Britain it is completely acceptable to drink in the streets, just 5 minutes ago I saw two guys bouncing down the street laden with cans of Stella Artois, a premium lager affectionately known as ‘wifebeater’.  They will probably drink the whole lot and then jump someone because, not to stereotype, they seemed like the sort of horrible thugs that would do a thing like that…  Things are so bad here that there are some people I have met who seemed genuinely shocked when I told them booze and tobacco are drugs, and then positively seething when I compared them to drug users.  To quote a famous and passionate lover of illegal and legal drugs alike…  “Rarely is the questioned asked: Is our children learning?” No George, it would appear they are not.

Drugs have been used a lot longer than Governments have been around.  If there was a garden of Eden,  you can be sure there were some trippy drugs growing in it, talking snakes?  Flaming swords?  Sounds like a party.  With that in mind I wonder why the education on drugs is so out dated and dangerous.  It is like groups who condemn contraception at the same time they tell kids to not have sex because of religion and fail to mention the increasing number of STDs floating around because they are too embarrassed or ignorant, depending how you look at it.  God or not, kids will have sex eventually and if you give the kids bad advice they will take heed as they would with good advice, it seems like a no brainer to me.

Again I find myself rambling, it is a subject that causes me a lot of pain.  I should maybe try living in a democratic country and not just one that throws the word about to keep us impressed with ourselves.  If I wanted to eat the bark from a tree I would pick some and give it a go…  If I wanted to drink molten lava there are no laws stopping me, granted it would be high on the list of dumbest things I have ever done…  But you get my point.  If something grows in nature how can it be illegal?  Marijuana is a popular drug, almost everyone I know has smoked it at some point, most of my friends are probably high right now.  That being the case, how can a Government say anything about recession with a straight face?  You want out of economic crisis, legalise weed.  Stop the money goin to drug dealers, some of whom sprinkle powdered glass onto weed to add weight and mimic THC, as a tax paying citizen I demand more from my Government, I would rather my money was spent on the advancement of drug awareness,  rather than my money being spent on developing more intricate and horrifying ways to kill other human beings.

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7 Responses to Your children love Mephedrone…

  1. victorhugo

    March 22, 2010 at 9:21 am

    Drugs are bad…mmmkay?

    Actually drugs are not bad, its the way people consume them and abuse them thats bad! Drug awareness would certainly be a good move for the future…my thoughts have always been if it is natural like weed then its gotta be a lot better for you than chemically altered and manufactured drugs, even the legal ones like paracetamol. It wrecks your liver and ca lower your immune system…weed makes you mellow and kills pain….I know which i would rather take!

  2. sam p

    March 22, 2010 at 9:30 am

    ‘wifebeater’ !! Ha ha! that’s a new one on me!

  3. jon

    March 22, 2010 at 4:30 pm

    all for legalising weed victorhugo, but ALL natural drugs??? Opium anyone? not me thanks

  4. sam p

    March 23, 2010 at 3:54 am

    Opium used to be legal in the 19th century, it was called black drop. Byron and Coleridge and all good writers of the time loved it. But it had to be made illegal in the end as it became too messy with them all addicted and collapsing in the streets and dying and stuff

  5. victorhugo

    March 23, 2010 at 11:25 am

    Indeed all the best writers were on it! Was it perhaps being mixed with chemicals or different things when it got made illegal?

  6. sam p

    March 23, 2010 at 2:48 pm

    yeah, I think it was mixed with allsorts, it was definitely mixed with sugar and spices, who knows what else!

  7. lol

    August 7, 2010 at 10:28 am

    lol wtf, it’s not called “moonshine” in scotland

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