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Pope Protects Paedophiles

Cardinal Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland - Courtesy of Wikipedia

The Catholic Church starts this new week with yet more claims of abuse, which is funny considering they have always been so adamant that sort of thing doesn’t go on.  From high up on his bejewelled throne in his sprawling palace of hypocrisy, the Pope maintains his position that there is no sex with children, and certainly no cover ups in the Catholic Church.  Someone should tell the people in Ireland who, it was revealed this week, were abused and then forced to sign affidavits saying they wouldn’t talk to anyone about it, because I’m sure those people would love to know that they weren’t actually abused…  The Pope said so, and he wouldn’t lie to protect his priests, would he?

Cardinal Sean Brady of Ireland is being sued by a female victim of “notorious paedophile” Father Brendan Smyth who claims she was abused for 5 years.  It would appear that Brady knew of the abuse, and indeed had in his office signed statements of the abused, yet he decided not to share the information with the police. 

Despite the bad publicity for his church, and vocal calls to do so, Brady is refusing to quit, “I don’t believe this is a resigning matter.”  The “this” he refers to is his complicity in the sexual abuse of children whom his church were trusted with educating and protecting, just incase you missed that bit…  Just to clarify, he put his religion ahead of the law, and he doesn’t think it is something worth resigning over.

It took around 20 years for the church to admit they knew about Smyth the “notorious paedophile” and his role as abuser, they never fired him though, they just moved the “notorious paedophile” from place to place, sending him on a sort of world tour of prepubescent children where he found himself sampling the innocent children of Ireland, UK and the USA…  A very clever strategy.  Smyth died in jail 13 years ago, he was serving only 12 years for over 70 sickening cases of sexual abuse.

The strongest voice in the calls for Brady to resign is the Irish Survivors of Child Abuse, and their co-founder Patrick Walsh who has condemned the church, their constant state of denial and their self preservation.  The Catholic Information Office has confirmed Brady’s role as recording secretary during the secret meetings with the abused, where it is believed they were forced to sign affidavits saying that they would talk only with specific priests and not go public.

The Bishop of Alessandria, Giuseppe Versaldi, has claimed that Pope Benedict is “leading the battle against paedophilia.”  Then the Bishop went on to say that of the 3000 cases only 300 are paedophilia in “the truest sense”…  I’m sure the millions of children that have been raped by priests the world over are happy to know that it they might not have been raped “in the truest sense”.  I’m glad that he agrees that 300 is “still too many”, at least there is that…  But he also seems to imply that genuine “sexual attraction” makes it OK…  Because the creepy old, sweaty paedo priest is exactly the quality that little boys look for in a lover.

The usual argument is that if they allowed priests to marry then they wouldn’t have sex with children, which is understandable, but pretty dumb.  If they wanted to have sex with women, there are plenty of them in churches up and down the country.  The paedo priest, strangely enough, isn’t interested in women…  Changing their rules wouldn’t stop this disgusting side of the church, harsher sentencing would be a start.

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3 Responses to Pope Protects Paedophiles

  1. Scott W.

    March 15, 2010 at 1:26 pm

    Amazing isn’t it… Makes one wonder what the “holy” excuse for his will be this time..

  2. victorhugo

    March 16, 2010 at 3:36 am

    HH-brilliant article. This kind of thing is so upsetting! I say thatpart of the ordaning process would be to cut of their manhood…no chance of sex with anything then, and they shouldnt care much as thats part of their vows…bish bosh bash…sorted!

  3. henryhunter

    March 18, 2010 at 6:03 am

    Scott, i dont think there is any wiggle room for them on this one… I predict a big, big result… Victorhugo, i agree, castrations all round.

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