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Disturbing, Breaking News: Young Men Like Naked Women.

A campaign to ban so called ‘lads mags’ here in the UK, thus halting the “pornification” of society, is being led by a woman who would best be described as a hypocrite.  If Linda Papadopoulos had her way magazines such as Zoo or Nuts would not be sold to boys under 15, “sexist” billboards would be banned, music featuring sexually aggressive lyrics, and videos showing half naked girls would be shown only after the watershed..  And my personal favourite, games consoles would be sold with a parental switch in the on position and it would be in the consumers hands to unlock it upon purchase.  So it would seem Linda Papadopoulos is a saint, someone who wouldn’t promote the idea of women as objects of sexuality or desire.

In 2007 Linda Papadopoulos (pictured below) appeared as an expert pundit in a show called ‘My Big Breasts and Me’, the title in itself takes advantage of the male desire to looks at breasts…  Putting the word ‘big’ in the title was a clever ploy to take advantage of men.  I think this is disgusting, I mean, I watched the show, but I feel as if I was objectified and I know I’m not the only one because most of my friends watched it also.

Excuse me! My eyes are up here... Don't objectify me.

It is funny because just the other night I was discussing with a friend how easy kids have it these days, and how that ease is depriving them of valuable lessons.  The  Internet, as amazing as it is, has destroyed the whole concept of learning on the job in regards to sex and destroyed the mystery surrounding it.  As I mentioned before I am a product of Catholic school where sex education was basically one day where a red faced biology teacher stumbled her way through the basics of the act of coitus…  If you were lucky enough you would be passed videos, or magazines which would give you actual insight into sex, and not some thinly veiled attempt at putting you off by telling you that God, and all your dead ancestors would be looking down at you and your dirty, dirty habits.

Celebrity Psychologist Papadopoulos thinks that our celebrity obsessed society is to blame for celebrating women based on their sex appeal and appearance, with “little reference to their intellect…”  Sometimes, and I say this with the deepest love for women like this, but sometimes models only have their looks, sometimes they are as intellectual as a cheese roll…  But they are insanely good looking, should we punish them because God saw fit to bless them with perfect bone structure and long legs…  In any case, men have been celebrating the female form long before lads mags or psychologists such as Linda Papadopoulos ever existed.  Women who are smart and talented in other fields are celebrated and some of them are attractive, and some not so much…  So why is this woman complaining.  It is like moaning about women being degraded in strip clubs, when anyone who has been in a strip club knows that it is men who are the real victims, fleeced of their money on a promise of something that deep down we all know won’t happen due to reasons of legality, but we keep paying regardless.  Women like Linda Papadopoulos are mistaking Goddess-like glorification and admiration with objectification and sexism.  Her argument that advertising such jobs as strippers, or glamour models in the Job Center only adds to the problem, doesn’t hold water…  Strippers can make more in one night than I clear in a month, so who is really being taken advantage of?

The time to take a moral standpoint on the pornification of society has long since passed, with the introduction of the internet it is possible to look at a plethora of things and as nature dictates, young men gravitate towards the dirty stuff…  It’s not society falling apart, it’s a mixture of puberty and bad parenting…  Trust a psychologist to suggest it’s anything other than that, it’s never simple with them.

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2 Responses to Disturbing, Breaking News: Young Men Like Naked Women.

  1. victorhugo

    February 26, 2010 at 8:02 am

    Prostitution is the worlds oldest profession, woman have used there looks and bodies to their advantage for as long as they have been on the planet. It annoys me when men wade in on this debate, because all that can be said on your side is that men like porn, breasts legs and the rest. This is all fine and well, woman were design to attract a man so it feels fitting that men enjoy to look at women. I have problems with woman being taken advantage of with regards to underage prostitution and illegal human trafficing. But as long as a woman is consenting and getting something from it (ie money) then what the hell has it got to do with you, me or the guy next door. This article proves the point that people are far too occupied by others and ignore real problem. Young boys are gonna look at breats whether its in a magazine, or a video or through binoculars, they are maturing sexually and discovering what turns them on…so what!

    Probably my biggest pet hate is the show Loose Women. This is lipstick feminism gone astray. They sit around and bitch about men, talk in detail about there sexlives and bash the male race. However they would be the first to protest if there was a male version of this show. Total hypocracy! As a woman I think its nice to be admired or checked out. It by no way makes me feel like less of a woman.

    I find it insulting that this linda woman thinks she can talk on the behalf of women. We didnt burn pur bras for nothing. We have our own voice and our own minds, and she should remember that when talking about softporn magazines, because the girl on the front cover is the one with the penthouse flat, sports car and healthy bank balance!

    • henryhunter

      February 26, 2010 at 8:24 am

      NIcely put Victor. The show Loose women pisses me off, for the Americans reading it is the same as The View. AT the end of the day this woman is desperate to be famous, and she will use things like this to get her way.

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